I flew for hours and there was no sign of them. Then I saw a couple of vans exactly the same.

I knew Mason and Conner were in one of those vans. I was figuring out how to get to them. Without thinking I landed right in front of the vans and they screeched to a stop. The 2 guards in the van got out right before I ripped the top off the van. Nobody was inside of it. I saw in the corner of my eye I saw the other two backing up really fast. I knew they were in the last van. I jumped over the first van. The other van with Mason,Conner and Tobias facing the opposite way and gunned it. It got a couple yards away from me before I stepped in the way. It bashed into my paw and it hurt a little. I bit the top of the van and ripped the top off. I saw them on the floor chained looking up at me as I looked at them. There were 4 guards in the van. I growled as my hackles raised. My ears were down. I bit the front of the van that the guards were in and their screams died while I crushed it. I turned into a human and bashed the locks but when I did I noticed that they were dummys. helicopters were in the air and there were a lot of vehicles. I turned into my wolf form and grew 5 times bigger than an adult male I looked around and saw a cargo plane and it was big. It was open and I saw a big cage in it. I knew I had to escape. I went straight up to the sky without hesitation. I made 4 helicopters crash as I went straight into the air. I felt at least 7 darts hit my side. I fell out of the sky and into the forest. I crashed hard. It felt like my neck might break. People surrounded me. I snapped at them but they stayed too far back. I stood up a bit wobbly and dizzy. I had to fight.

”Well well well. I see you have grown as a pup in the past couple hours. ”

I saw colbalt walking with 2 guards at her side. I growled at her and it shook the earth. She looked at her men and nodded. They all pointed their guns at me. I was so done with this bullshit. I put up my shield and took off running since I was too dizzy to fly. I ran for so long I never smelled salt. I hurdled off a cliff and into the ocean.

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