Life Goes On Without You

Loaded Statements

The breath had left my body.

I needed to breathe properly again but it was like my whole system shut down, I felt tears prick my eyes. It was one thing to call me a freak, a nerd, a midget even.

But to insult me by giving into the media-portrayed ideals of what Islam was, a terrorising religion primed to burn everyones precious freedom, that was something else entirely.

Insult me all you like, drag my name through the mud, punch, pull and scratch me do whatever you want but do not, disrespect my religion.

An entire belief system that carried the lives of millions, no billions of people was not something to mock.

”Excuse me, ” my voice was deathly quiet and so it seemed was the rest of the school. It was hurting my head and my heart that not a single other person said a word. I couldn blame Cheery for being dumbfounded, I couldn stop the words from slipping from my mouth.

And I couldn get over the looks of shock on their faces.

”You heard what I said, Terrorist. Now go back where you came from and leave my boyfriend alone, ”

I was stunned, completely unabashedly floored by the audacity of this girl.

Clearly the notorious Ruby Reed, It girl and the certified word I can say without feeling guilty about it, but Im sure your imagination can fill in the gaps.

”Your boyfriend was the one who came up to me. I don care who you are or what you say about me, as long as you don drag my entire religion. I really didn think ignorance had a look, but if ignorance was a person it would most definitely be you, ”

”And you
e saying Im the racist one, ” she barged forward between Felix and Marcus her sharp nails dipped in red polish gleaming as she reached out to me grabbing my arm and tugging me forward, her sickly sweet perfume invaded my nose, making me feel light-headed, but not more than the nails that were digging and breaking my skin.

I hiss slightly, ”You just made an assumption based on my skin. You think just because Im white Im ignoring you p- ”

”Don you dare say what I know you
e going to say, ” I thought for a moment that the words had come from my mouth but in the shock of the century the words had fallen from none other than Zacs lips?

His girlfriend turned to him, her face alight with fury, ”What are you talking about Zac,? ”

”I knew what you were going to say and you can say that shit. You may not realise but there are consequences to stuff like that. Some of my dads best friends are from Pakistan and that sought of language isn right, Rube, ”

”Are you serious? You
e taking her side- ” she jabbed a finger in my direction but I was so very confused and surprised that I didn even care.

”No, Im not taking her side. But Im not taking yours. We were making fun of her sure, she was hiding under a bench for Godsake, she was practically asking to be picked on, ”

All respect I had for that sliver of a moment for one Zac Last Name I have no idea of so Ill settle with Malfoy because he seems to have that sort of complex.

”I wasn asking for anything, but thanks. ”

If I was anything I was fair.

”I don need your thanks, Midget, its the principle of it. Not you, don get the wrong idea. I still don like you, and Id be careful if I was you. ”

”Threats, ” Cheery seemed to have regained her ability to speak, she gave me an apologetic look that said, sorry I didn intervene earlier, I was too dumbfounded by their idiocy.

”Thats all you guys know how to do, ” Cheery was steamrolling now, ”Well at least you did one decent thing. Knew you had it in you, so proud Zac Valentine I really am, but you, ” her eyes zeroed into the pale grey of Felixs his golden skin contorting into a frown, ”You have some nerve. Calling us midget and dwarf because you are so unoriginal and your head is so far up your arse all you can think about is how to mock someones physical appearance, well I think its time for you to get a taste of your own medicine. Mr I need a whole jar of gel to make me look even the slightest bit attractive and I still fail at it. ”

”Listen here you- ”

But once more, Cheery was not done, ”And you Marcus. I am disappointed. You make such good points in the debate club about inequality in the migrant experience. You are like a totally different person there. Articulate, kind at a push. Passionate about the Windrush Generation having the same opportunities as others. And here you are mocking someones religious dresses. Its all equality until its for someone you don like for whatever deluded reason. I expected better from you. ”

”And Ruby get a life, stop being so superficial, its tacky and classless, ” Cheery sure did know how to hit where it hurts.

”And you Zac, you have a brain and somewhere under all that ice, you have a heart, use it dumbass, do some good, with all the confidence, all that power you all have. You could make a damn difference but no you just decide to be… ”

She searched for the word but couldn find it so I provided it for her.

”Bullies. ”

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