Little Cry From The Moon

5: Arcanum (Second Part)

In the New Calendar of 729, Arcanum was said to be found through physical manifestation. It was not widely circulated how the scientist found out about this substance, but the government acknowledges its very existence.

The government told us that it was a substance without a beginning and an ending. It has always existed with us and also shows us the record of relics in the past of scientists who found similar existence.

During that time, people celebrate and welcome its strange existence since the 15th century marked the beginning of the Enlightenment era. There was no one who thought that humans could finally explain and understand the existence of God.

However, in 1012, the government banned all research on Arcanum, stating that it was dangerous and would put any nation at risk. It was also during that time that the newspaper was invented. That information was circulated to many countries and the rest of the nation also took similar action.

This, of course, caused a public outrage. It was not rare for the government to forbid activity, but since Arcanum had been accredited at the beginning of men being measured of all things, it was a big deal. People thought that the government was limiting them from their right to know, like how the Church did in the Dark Era.

A memory floods into his mind. The Dark Era was a period between 300-700 of the New Calendar. It was known to be an era full of violence, but there were not much recorded of that time.

There was not much known prior to that, but it was said that the riots happened all over the world.

This was when things got strange. When the clock turned to 6 oclock on 1st May, and the bell rang and was heard throughout the city, the existence of Arcanum was suddenly forgotten by these rioters.

These rioters stood in front of the municipalities confused. They did not remember why they were there. The police who were supposed to subdue them also forgot the reason why they were there. It was as if everything related to Arcanum was being removed to the world.

Of course, not everyone has forgotten. There were people who were unaffected and remembered the Arcanum. They tried to explain, but you couldve guessed the reaction of those who had forgotten.

Those who remembered tried to prove its existence. But because of the publics reaction and the government, they soon be branded as cultists and captured. Arcanum is then considered a taboo; the knowledge of devils.

At that point, Fang Rui stopped the notebook Archies explanation in the notebook and asked, ”How did you know all of this? What are you? ”

That reason had something to do with the favor I want to ask you. I will tell you once I finish explaining about the Arcanum, the notebook Archie answered.

Fang Rui agreed and held back his question about the notebook Archies origin.

In my memories, I recalled that I found a record written by a man during that time, who retrained his knowledge about Arcanum.

He described the horror of seeing his friend forget the memories about Arcanum. But on his next record, he said that his friend did not actually lose the memories about Arcanum. Whenever he mentioned the word, his friends gaze would turn foreign, it was as if someone was using his friends body to look at him.

The author was horrified, but he also wanted to save his dear friend. So he began to experiment things; but his record stopped here. All the records about his experiment disappeared along with the authors trace, like the memories of those people that were lost.

Perhaps, the government knows something. Perhaps, they simply perceived this kind of incident as something else, but the government had created a division and called them The Watcher.

”Currently, whoever researches Arcanum, will be hunted down by the Watcher. People of a similar circle, who are pursuing knowledge related to Arcanum, are called the Arcanist. They too, are also subjected to the same, even if it was a pure curiosity.

”What would happen if the government caught you? ”, Fang Rui asked. This had been in his mind since Archie had explained to him about the government.

I don know, Archie wrote. However, there was one thing that we know. A voice recording had circulated this early year.

”A voice record? ”

The recording had a trace of Arcanum and through certain means, this was confirmed. Its content stirred the hidden world that was pursuing Arcanum.

This caught Fang Ruis attention. ”What did it record? ”

Archie did not immediately reply. Then, it wrote a sentence on a new page. It recorded on how to torture a living being that had a trace of Arcanum.

”Torture… ”, Fang Rui hissed, and immediately aware something was off, ”The government brand Arcanum as a cultist but is also carrying out their own research! ”

This meant that Arcanum was not entirely the knowledge of devils; but the government saw a benefit of it for something else. Otherwise, they shouldve destroyed all the evidence instead of studying them.

Archie agreed with that conclusion. That is what the secret world believed too.

A sinking feeling weight upon his chest. Because he had a trace of Arcanum in his body, would he also be hunted and tortured by the government?

Then, another thought came into his mind. Judging from this, the notebook—Archie—was likely also suspected as a human. Even though Fang Rui did not have a means to know whether Archie was a human, it at least had the consciousness and intelligence of a human. From this perspective, the reason it was asking for help was because it did not want to be caught by the government. It needed to hide from them while searching for a certain person.

Is this why it had appeared before me instead of escaping away? But it could have escaped from the madmans watch anytime with how he suddenly appears. It could also find someone else to help him. Was there a restriction to his ability or did he have another reason to seek my help instead of another?

”Why me? ” Fang Rui decided to ask.

Because of the Oath, there was a high chance Archie wouldn lie to him. However, there was also a chance Archie would not speak the truth. He had never seen the backlash of going against the Oath too. But he thought, he would not experience any loss by asking, when he had nothing at all.

Because of the trace of Arcanum in you. It is the same as any other trace that I have seen—in me, and in others. But it was also different. I couldn look into it.

”You couldn look into it? ” Fang Rui did not have the knowledge of Arcanum. Everything he knew came from the notebook. During their conversation, Fang Rui had tried to search through his memories about any mention of Arcanum, but he could find nothing—save for the fact that it was simply known as a myth.

Before Archie answered, the siren of firefighters could be heard nearby. These were people who had been dispatched after Fang Ruis report to the police station.

”Lets find a better place to continue, I will answer your question again, ” the notebook wrote, ”You likely already get a gist that it won do any good being caught by the government. It won do us good to stay here any longer. ”

”Alright ”, Fang Rui shared a similar opinion.

Less than thirty minutes before three oclock in the morning, Fang Rui returned to Ethel Kingsleys home.

Ethel lived in a small apartment in a middle class district. His apartment was on the 2nd floor of a 5-floor building. In order to avoid leaving any clues, Fang Rui had taken small roads and alleyways through the memories he had, along with the notebook suggestion.

Closing the door to block the cold wind from the night, Fang Rui looked around. The apartment had a simple decoration without much personality shown.

During his journey back home, Fang Rui combed through any relevant memories about Ethel Kingsley. He figured out some of the basic information. Such as that Ethel was an undergraduate student, currently in his 3rd year. He lived with the support of his older brother. His parents had died earlier in an accident. He majored in Media and Communication and wished to become a reporter. He did not have many friends. In short, he didn have a trait that stood out.

So how did Ethel involve himself with the madman? Fang Rui realized that the memories prior to that were blank. This suspiciously made him wonder if he was experiencing the disappearing memories incident like how the notebook had told him, or was there anything to do with his transmigration.

”Would that be enough to shake the governments trail? ” Fang Rui asked. He was talking about the road they took.

Fang Rui had read enough fiction, and combined with the information Archie told him, he knew that the government most likely had its own way to track down or detect people that were related to Arcanum. Otherwise, it wouldn explain their hunting.

”It won , ” the notebook wrote. ”At most, it would buy us some time. At this point, the government had likely tracked down the telephone booth you had used to call the police. ”

Fang Ruis heart dropped. Although the distance between the telephone booth and Ethels apartment were not close.

”How did the government track people involved? ” Fang Rui asked, half curious and also half wary, as his mind stimulated all kinds of imagination of him running away like a fugitive.

At that point, Fang Rui paused and lamented.

When a character transmigrated into a different world, they would usually be at the height of the world—as a noble, a princess—or at the bottom of the world, where they were bullied and lived a horrible life. Regardless of those two, the character would at least receive some sort of cheat code tos survive and work their way out from their problem.

But what about me? The moment I was thrown here, I have somehow become a half-criminal that is running away from the government. I was almost killed without knowing a reason, and now I am making a deal with a notebook.

The difference was too large!

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