Locked Freedom

Ronald\'s POV (2)

Enough is enough ! . I will not suffer anymore. I will book a ticket to go… Where will I go ? But I have to go somewhere tomorrow after I get my results I will go and b… Ronald come at once or you will never get your breakfast again! Oh shit !. I forgot that its 10 and if I don go I will not be able to go out.


I am eating my breakfast when my youngest brother john came down. I will not eat this digusting thing ! (He always do it)Come on john if you eat it then l will give you a chocolate.( Mom always says it and then forgets to give him the chocolate)

I have two brothers one is victor and another one is john. I have to do something or he will not eat it today

Come on john ! Or else I will not give you new shoes which you want .

You will give me new shoes brother ?

Yes I will , now eat your breakfast.


Joys POV

Now jo, you only have to do all the things that I have told you ONLY, nothing less or more. (Sighing)I know dad.

I am on my way to a meet the man to whom I don want to, but I have to, sigh.

Hi ! I am Joy Roberts and here is my card.

I am Vincent Down, its nice to meet you. He has a grave voice and he looks easy going, hope so it is true.

So, what do you want to say, for the fault of your company ? (Are you questioning me that I have done something by the attitude in your voice) Sir, I know that its a fault, but we can give you a second report ?

Why should i take it ?

Sir, with the report we are going to give some discount.

What will l do with your discount ? I don need the discount of your company !

Nope ! he is not easy going. More like an attitude person who doesnot care about anything and insults other. I have to do somethin

Then, we will give you what you want

Really ?

(Again with this mocking voice. I want to crush him, if not for this project) Yes sir ! We will.

Ok then i will see to it.

(Thank god he doesnot goes on with his atitude. But what does he want) So… Sir what do you want ?

That, I will talk to your dad.

Sir, you can tell me as my dad will be busy.

So he doesnot want this project ?

Now he is getting on my nerves if l don end this meeting then dad will again nag me, and he will not tell me, God, what do l do ! And what is he trying to do by saying this mocking not want the project (mimicrying in my mind)

A-a-No sir ! that is not what mean to say !

So then, I will talk with your dad . Thank you for the offer.


I glared at him till he is seen no more .Aaaaaaaaaaaa! (screams in my mind) What will l say to dad, God save me !

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