Emma: majesty new 5 places are clear

Akira: good, how much do you need to reach level 4

Emma: majesty, tomorrow can be reached when we clear new 10 places if we monster number is the same

Akira: if nothing changes then it will be the same now rest well for now

after going placing new towers I start to see other things which needed

Akira: I needed new weapons which are arrows and bows and eating problem now I needed to by all the time for them but I need to renewable source also but these things will only have two restrictions first test second level, so stable sources will be not now and weapon only I can buy now are bronze level but at level 4 I can buy silver level

Akira: I will wait for silver both bows and arrows will start production, lets go sleep

Again like the previous system sound comes, which woke me up

[ congratulations, players for working good and clearing new territories ]

[ congratulation to player Armstrong for becoming opening ranking list ]

[ all the players needed to be on the ranking list to participate in trails ]

[ for those who are not on the list they will not be able to be eliminated ]

[ Hoping all of you will be working hand ]

after telling these I open a chat

[ ** all of us need to be on the list I am only level one even now ]

[ idiot what are you doing in the previous two days ]

[reacking level three can be done easily as one even reach yesterday ]

[ but how he reach for level three troops needed to be 30, which can be only be done by today, by calling troops number reach 30 ]

[ only he can tell, we can only guess ]

[ well, lets go today we can also reach if all troops are safe ]

closing the chat I open notifications

[ territory under you 15 reward: 1500 points ]

[ reaching level 3 reward: 4 ice towers ]

[ your hero Emma reaches level 3 reward: 500 points ]

Akira: well with these ice towers I can increase defenses

After going out doing breakfast and clearing new places

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