chapter one

As I sat on the toilet seat waiting to see if the test was positive I could feel my heart thumping in my chest I was only 18 heck I was still a kid I couldn take care of myself how was I supposed to look after a human being

A knock on the door interrupted me from my thoughts ”hey Ari whats taking you so long ? ” Asked my one night stander ”Uhm nothing I just need some time why don you grab your things and leave while its still early ” I said as I heard him sigh from the other side he was handsome not gonna lie but Im not into a long term relationship

”Its…. Its okay to be in a relationship Ari I wouldn hurt you ” he said as I replied

”Please just leave ” i said almost whispering the word leave

”Okay Ill … See you around ” I closed my eyes shut wanting to escape reality my reality in some movies theres always a prince charming saving the poor girl from her problems giving her love and protection but like I said they just movies

I opened my eyes as I looked down at the test in my hands showing two lines

My eyes widen as I ran to the box that laid on my basin I opened the instruction menu and saw

*Note : if the test shows one line you are not pregnant and if it shows two lines you are pregnant*

Tears rained down my tan cheeks I felt my throat close my heart ache my knees weak my stomach turning all this through my stupidity

I needed a job that was the first thing that popped into my head I mean the money I had gotten from my late grandmothers will was just enough for me to buy myself a small apartment it had one bedroom ,one kitchen ,one bathroom and a small open space which I had turned to my lounge I wasn to big or fancy but it was home

I grabbed my coat along with my phone texting my bestfriend Astrid to meet up at our favorite spot in the city park

hey my loveeee!

watsup youuu!

meet me in five minutes at the park ?

hmmm for you always!

Asrtid stop acting gayyy!

okay okay ! See youuu my loves

I smiled as I pushed my phone in my coat pocket and stopped at a cafe

”Hey mister Alan ! ” I said cheerfully as I gave him a side hug

”Afternoon Ari you growing bigger and more beautiful by the day ” he said as he hugged me back

I broke the hug and walked to the counter

”So Uhm Ill take two ordinary tea one sugar cube each but… ”

I trailed off as mister Alan smirked and said ”its on the house ”

I gave him an apologetic smile as I waited for the tea I decided to tell him the big news , my father wasn really a role model for me neither was my mother all I had was my grandmother and well my made up family they weren blood but they felt pain for me

”Mister Alan ”

”Yes ? ” He asked as he put the cups onto the counter I grabbed each one in one hand as I smiled and said ”Im pregnant ” his smile seemed to have reach each ear as he walked over to my side and pulled me in for a hug

”Oh Im so happy for you ”

”Huh I honestly don know how to feel about this ” i sigh as I felt my tears ready to stream down my face

”What ab- ” i cut him off because I knew what he was gonna ask and right now I needed less people to know about my sleeping around

”Uhm I have to go Ill see you later thanks for the tea again mister Alan I promise Ill bake you some of my grandmothers sponge cake ! ” As I rushed to the door

”Byeee ” he yelled

I walked as fast as I could to the park where I saw a blanket spread on the floor along with my best friend sitting down with her legs crossed her dark brown skin highlighting her perfect hazel colour eyes along with black curly hair

”My lovvveeee ! ” She yelled as she ran to me to give me a hug just as I screamed ”don youll spill the teaaa!! ”

But unfortunately clumsy Astrid tripped as she tried to stop and tripped on me

”God karma got you good ! ” I said to her as we both burst out in to laughter

She got up and held her hand to me as I took it and she pulled me to my feet

We walked to the blanket as we both sat down legs crossed she pulled out of her bag two books one titled my prince and the other love him

”So which one ? ” She asked holding both up

”Ill pass I wanted to discuss something with you ” she then looked at me to see if I was serious because I loved reading books well books on ancient animals or ancient kingdoms not now days love storys I didn believe in love my parents were an example of it

”Uhm okay go on Im listening ” she put the books back into her bag as I stared at my hands which were on my lap

”Well you see .. ”

”Oh god Ari spit it out your gonna make me nervous which is gonna lead to a panick attack or whatever that attack is that you get ! ” She said pointing at me

”Firstly its an anxiety attack and well im … Im pregnant and i don know who the father is ” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks

She then hugged me by my shoulders and laid her chin on top of my head since she was so much taller than me okay okay Im exaggerating maybe like 3 inches taller ? Well they always teased me for being shorter

”Aww Im gonna be an aunt oh no a father your pregnant with my baby !! ” She yelled as tears rolled down mine and her cheeks

”Im so … Im so scared Astrid what if I mess up I only wants whats best maybe an abortion or maybe adoption ? ” She pulled back meeting my gaze

”No … You won be getting an abortion or putting my child for adoption well get through this Im basically your sister slash soulmate Ill help you okay ? ”

I nodded as she pulled back

”How far are you ? ” She asked as she typed something on her phone

”Im not sure I only found out today because of all my symptoms ”

”Well how late are you ? ” She asked as she continued to type

”About a month ”

”Okay we have an appointment with the doctor Tommorow then ” my eyes widen

”I can firstly I can afford secondly I have classes ”

”No biggie its on me and its after classes ! ” I hugged her

”Thank you bestie ”

”No problem my loveee! ” She yelled as she smacked my ass

”Hey ”

”Well it came with a price ”

I laughed at her … We spent

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