chapter three

The bell sounded as it was time for break I messaged Astrid to meet up at the cafeteria I wanted to introduce her to max she had a thing for Koreans i mean we kinda both did since we kinda not crazy but kinda obbsesed with the band called BTS

”So now where to? ” He asked as he walked beside me falling step in step with me

”Well we have a two and a half hour break well eat then Ill show you around okay ? ” He smiled adding a nod

”Your beautiful you know that ” he said his Korean accent mixing with his soft melodic voice

I blushed ”yeah well this beauty comes with a lot of mental issues so back off ”

”Okay okay but that warning is only lasting for about another minute then Im going back to admiring you ” i smiled as we walked up to the cafeteria I saw Astrid sitting with three burgers in her tray she probably already ordered our food

We sat down as Astrid mouthed ”Im horny now ” I laughed as max turned to me one eyebrow up

”Something wrong ”

”No uh Astrid this is Max Young his from South Korea and Max this is Astrid the pain in anyones ass around here ! ”

She smiled ”nice to meet you ”

”Pleasures all mine ” i took two burgers from her plate and passed one to Max as I unwrapped mine

”So uh Ria didn wanna make her move on him ? ”

”Oh she did but I swear my eyes were already some where else ” he answered as he turned to look at me

”Awww but if you break her heart I break you ! ” She yelled causing me to roll my eyes

After lunch me and Max walked around the school as I gave him a tour as we walked in the hallway I saw Leo and his gang standing against some of the lockers his eyes locked onto mine as he then turned and looked at Max who was busy blowing his hair out of his face

I gulped as I looked away from him

He walked up to us putting me and Max in a dead stop

”So baby girl whos this guy ? ” His deep Italian voice sending shivers up my spine

” The names Max Young ” Max said as he went to shake hands with Leo but as the jerk was so big of a jerk he just pushed it one side

”Leo Aris boyfriend ” Max turned to me his beautiful brown eyes widen

”No Max this is Leo Hernandez my ex lets go ” i grabbed onto his hand as I tried to walk pass Leo

He grabbed me by my free hand

”No no no your not going anywhere ” he then looked at Max whos face was stone cold

”Touch her ” Max said his voice cold it was melodic but the way he said it … It was so so cold no emotion in it

”What!? ” Leo yelled basically standing in Maxs face

”Touch her ” he said again

”Pst looks like someone grew balls ” he said to Max as his gang started laughing

”Nah you see the only person who hasn grown balls yet in this place are you and your friends ” he pointed at Leos gang who now was stepping forward

”What ! ” Leo yelled as he went to grabbed Max by his neck but had his hands flung way as Max pulled out a knife and grabbed Leo by his neck pushing him on one of the lockers as he held the knife to his throat

”Call them off or Ill kill you ! ” He yelled in Leos ear

”Stand back ”Leo yelled as everyone stood back

”Now youll apologize to her now ” Max yelled as Leo turned to me

”Im sorry ”

”Tell her your sorry ! ”

”Im sorry okay ”

”And ! ”

”I won talk to you again ” Leo snarled

”Now Leo boy I was trying to be nice but you pushed my buttons no one treats a lady like that especially HER ”he looked at me as he looked back at Leo

”Leo I can have everything removed from your name everything …. I might be new to this school but Im not new to America ” he said as he let go and pushed his knife in his back pocket turning to me with a warm smile on

”Well shall we ? ” I gulped so much for calling me mental we walked in silence

”So uh what business do your family do ? ” I asked him as I was waiting for the last buzzer to go I needed to meet up with Astrid because of the appointment we had with the doctors later we were gonna go tell her parents about the news which was scary cause all I wanted to do was make them proud considering how much they did for me

”Lets skip all those introductions shall we ? ” He said smiling at me

I smiled and nodded mentally smacked myself along

”So your know as the play girl ? ” He asked me causing me to raise my eyebrow

”No ” I said bitting my bottom lip

”So then from what I heard your the girl taking a different guy home every day ”

”What ? ” He smiled looking at me in a way it made my stomach flutter but part of me wanted to punch his beautiful face

”You heard me and look im only asking cause Im interested I wouldn bother if i won ”

I nodded casting him a deadly stare

”Im only like that because of my parents and no guys don be interested in me its just that they take advantage of me for my issues ” i turned around not daring to make eye contact with him

He placed his palm onto the back of my palm i turned to look at him to find his gaze on mine his brown eyes intriguing my soul


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