Ivy couldn help the nervous feeling she felt as she stepped into the APEX FUSION, a nightclub Amy had persuaded her to attend; dressed in a sequined little black dress that complemented her skin tone and a beautiful pair of Louis Vuitton red bottom stilettos- a gift she had received from Dan for her twenty fourth birthday. Her beautiful ginger colored hair fell around her shoulders in wavy curls- something away from her everyday straight hair look as suggested by Amy.

As she squinted her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting of the room, Ivy struggled to maneuver her way through the frenzied crowd packed together like sardines in a can- with Amy right behind her. The girls sighed in relief upon sighting the bar ahead of them, and quickly made their way towards it, ignoring the catcalls and hands they felt on their backs.

”Hello ladies, 10 bucks says its your first time here ”! A slender lady, most likely in her twenties with blonde hair that looked too fake, making her look like a character from an anime show, called out to them..

”Hmm-hmm ” they both nodded, each flashing her a grin as they bobbed their heads to the excessively loud music blasting from speakers placed in strategic positions in the club.

”Your first drinks here are on the house then ” the bartender who later identified herself as Danny said, after finding them the perfect sitting positions, facing the performing musicians directly

” Thank you, we like your club already ” the girls said in unison, then went ahead to scream jinx, a habit they had carried with them from highschool whenever they said the same thing at the same time.

Danny shook her head with a smile on her face as she watched their interaction. ”What should I get you girls ”? She asked, making her way back to her work station

”A virgin mojito for me, and whiskey for my friend ” Ivy replied.

”Heres your drink ” she said placing their glasses in front of them, after a moment. ”Its not everyday I get to see pretty ladies, and one who drinks whiskey at that ”, Danny continued, determined to make conversation with the girls

” Well, here you have us now ” Amy said in her usual singsong voice.

”What brings you both to Vegas ”?

”My friend here got her heart broken, lets just say we
e here to make her forget her sorrows ”. Amy volunteered after a brief moment of silence

” Amanda ”!!!, Ivy gasped in surprise….she only calls her by her actual birth name when she doesn agree with her ”Thats private information ” she continued with a blush creeping up her neck.

”Aw, don be shy love, I think I have just the right remedy for your sorrows ” Danny said smiling

Ivy smiled self-conscious ”what do you mean the right remedy ”?

” Theres a matchmaking event going on in the VIP section ”

”Ermmm ” Ivy muttered, unsure of what to say

”Sounds like fun ” Amy said excitedly, just as Ivy threw her a glare

”The event is the talk of town here, I could get you free passes ” Danny said

”Im excited about this already ” Amy said with a smirk

”That sounds like suicide, theres no way I would be a part of that ” Ivy scoffed

”Girl!, do something spontaneous for once in your life ” Amy replied

”Alright girls, I think a vote would settle this ” Danny interrupted

”A vote ”? Ivy had barely gotten the words out of her mouth when she heard Dannys voice echo through the speakers

”Hello everyone, these beautiful ladies are here for the first time and are confused about taking part in the matchmaking event. What say you??? ” Danny announced, causing everyone in the room to turn towards their direction as shouts of ”yay ” ”partake ” ”welcome ” filled the room

Ivy smiled nervously wishing she could just disappear as she looked to her best friend who was grinning from ear to ear

”Im going to slap that grin off your face ” Ivy said to her

”You can turn down their request now ” Danny smiled

”She obviously has no choice now ” Amy said, supporting Danny

”What do you mean she ”? Ivy asked Amy, turning towards her ”We should partake in this together, you showed more interest after all ” she emphasized

”You see that gorgeous human specimen on the table to my right ”? Amy said smiling

”What has that got to do with us ” Ivy asked trying to understand what her friend was getting at

”He just showed interest in me, and you know theres no way I would miss an opportunity with this handsome god for a matchmaking event ” Amy said with a mischievous smile on her face

”I hate you ” Amy was thinking of what she had gotten herself and ways she could get out of the situation. ”I think I have a migraine ” was on the tip of her tongue just as her phone beeped….and guess what!!- it was a text from Dan; it read ”Can we talk ”?

Amy could feel her blood boiling, she was so enraged and all she could see was red ”How could he ” she thought; how could Dan toy with her this way, she felt like a football that he kept tossing about in whatever direction he pleased. Although late, she could see it all now- everything her family and friends told her about Dan- he was an unreliable, arrogant son of bitch, who thought of no other person but himself. She had given him so much- her time, her love, her affection…and all she got in return was a breakup via a text on her wedding day; and now, barely a day after the failed wedding, she gets this annoying and insensitive text from him….just when she should be healing

”I love you too ” Amy said laughing, bringing Ivy back from her thoughts

”Hmm-hmm ” she grunted in reply to Amy who had already vanished before she could tell her about the text she had just received

”I think I need that ticket now ” Ivy said, turning to Danny

”Oh! and another glass of drink ”

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