Amy was a sucker for punctuality, and one of the quickest ways to get on her wrong side was not keeping time.

”Oh…okay, ” Ivan said as he exhaled deeply and turned to look at Kevin, who was a few meters away and had nodded in encouragement.

”Will you be my girlfriend? Sorry, please be my girlfriend, ” Ivan asked as he looked Steph directly in the eyes.

He noticed her hazel eyes grow big in shock, her well-drawn eyebrows rose in shock, and her mouth flew wide open.

After her initial shock, she burst into a fit of laughter until she started coughing hysterically.

Ivan rushed to her and slowly beat her back until she was okay.

He then slowly let go of her, and despite the scare she just had, Steph couldn help but start laughing again.

Ivan thought she had a good hearty laugh, and Steph looked at Ivan, expecting him to join her in laughing. Hadn he just said the funniest thing on earth?

”Oh my goodness! I didn know you were that funny. You don come across as one, ” she said in between hiccups.

Ivan continued staring at her blankly, and Steph continued talking.

”Maybe you should do comedy shows. Goodness, is there something you can do? ” Steph asked in a curious tone before realizing that her statement would boost Ivans already inflated ego.

”What do you think? ” Ivan asked in a harsh tone, and Steph stopped laughing as she ran her well-manicured nails through her waist-length black hair.

”Im waiting for your answer. Will you be my girlfriend? ” Ivan added in a serious tone, and Stephs heart beat so fast and loud that she feared Ivan could hear it.

Her throat went dry, and her mind went blank as all the vocabulary in her mind disappeared.

”W…What? Wait? Are you serious? Are you drunk or something? ” Steph managed to ask in a low voice that was barely audible.

”Be my girlfriend, ” Ivan repeated in a loud and serious tone that sent shivers throughout Stephs body.

She felt goosebumps all over her body and wrapped her arms around her body.

”Have …you lost your mind? ” Steph asked, not comprehending what in the world was going on.

How was it possible that Ivan, the girls boy, was asking her out? Little known her.

She had barely interacted with the boy even though they were in the drama club together, and yet he was asking that she be his girlfriend.

”Im sorry. I can make sense of what you
e saying. I…I would have assumed you
e drunk, but you look pretty sober to me. I have to go, ” Steph said as she hurriedly turned away.

The wind blew into the room through the partially opened window and blew her long hair to partly cover her face, making Ivan look at it in admiration.

He moved fast to hold her hand to stop her from walking away, and Steph felt a rush of electricity all over her body. She found herself shutting her eyes to numb that feeling.

”Please, ” Ivan asked in a pleading tone as he removed the hair from Stephs face.

They had eye contact, and it felt like they were getting lost in each others world.

Aren eyes the doors to other peoples souls?

They were so close to each other that they could feel each others breath.

They could hear each others fast pumping hearts, and though they both wanted to get away from each other, they couldn move.

”What… what of Chloe and Camila? Aren they your girls? ” Steph managed to form the words and ask. Ivan let go of Steph, and she felt empty and hollow.

What was wrong with her?

”Uh, them… mm…forget about them, ” Ivan said as he ran one of his hands through his hair. He was biting the fingers of the other hand, and Steph could tell that her question had made him uncomfortable.

”Just don say no to me, please. You
e my only choice, ” Ivan asked in humility and desperation, and Steph realized for the first time that Ivan was desperate.

Something must have happened. Something that pushed him to the wall, and I must be his only option, but what could that be? Steph wondered.

She felt an irresistible urge to walk up to Ivan, hold his hands and tell him that everything would be okay, yet she also felt it would be wrong to say so when she didn know what the problem was.

At that very moment, Steph had loud footsteps approaching, and she knew it was Amy.

She always thumped the ground as she walked.

Before she could move a step further from Ivan, Amy had reached the room.

Upon seeing how close Steph and Ivan were and how empty the room was, Amy cleared her throat, and with her cheeks pink from blushing and embarrassment, Steph took a step back.

”Ill be waiting for your response, ” Ivan shouted at Stephs receding figure.


As Steph and Amy walked to Amys car, each was lost in their own thoughts.

Steph was hoping against hope that Amy doesn ask what the hell was going on because she couldn even answer that question herself.

”Such a long day. I just want to get home and sleep, ” Steph said as she threw herself on the seat next to Amy.

She heard Amy clear her voice, and she turned to look at her friend, a plastic smile plastered on her lips.

”What was that about? ” Amy asked, her eyes straight on the road.

”Beats me, ” Steph answered as she shrugged.

”Really, Steph! You can do better than that, ” Amy almost shouted as she stepped on the brakes, and the car came to a sudden halt.

”The **! ” Steph said as she hurriedly adjusted her sitting position, her hands on her chest as though the act could calm down her fast-beating heart.

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