Lucky Tom



I thought it was me who makes the girl this way

( I thought it was me) – I came to find out shes like that every day.

Few more lines after.

Show her that the B-I-V was damn good, understood? I never had my boat rocked like that before, YO!

A lot of lines after.

…got me straight, and I was ready to go, yeah! B!


(yeah..) B!


Not this crazy song playing when Im trying to get some peaceful well deserved sleep before my shift begins at Old Berkleys Rentals. My eyes stare at the dusty light bulb hanging on the ceiling, probably watching sleep drift to wherever it goes when it isn of use. Oh! What to do? I need to sleep.

I face the other side of my room, deciding to engage in the process that conjures sleep, paying rapt attention to the silence my sensation was trying to produce. Victory was nigh, I could almost smell it, and just like that, it was snatched. The damned music cornered my efforts and overtook my hard-to-come-by self-induced silence.

The anger rejuvenates my body propelling me off my bed, venting blows and kicks at the blank space in front of me.


The mug on my reading table stopped my inaudible tantrum. Its contact with the wooden floor had me frozen in shock, till it stopped stumbling and rolling around. The remaining tea in it spilt.

” Tea got spilt when I was not even thirsty. Haha! ” I laugh dryly at my self-made joke.

Its a miracle the mug did not break into bits. I believe now what mum always bellows about mugs being the strongest among all cups.

Mother would have fed my eyes to the chickens if such had happened. I pick the mug

setting it down on the nightstand mentally noting to return the mug to its original abode; the kitchen street.

That old bachelor had better stop playing those old and sexually alluring songs this early morning!

Eyeing the sugary liquid that was slowly finding its way to the bathroom. I went for the mop stick beside my wardrobe and put its journey to a permanent halt.

” Tom! ”

Mama called. Urgh! She didn have to shout that loud in this small house. I can even hear her whisper in here.

” Are you playing dead on me, boy? ”

She appears in the doorway. This should be no surprise since it happens all the time, but Id always jump in fright whenever she comes to all scary HEYA at my doorway.

” Uhm. Mama, you spared me no chance to return your call. What do you need me to do? ” I reply, smiling.

Her gaze wandered around my room for seconds before stopping on the mug. For a moment, my heart skip a beat. Was there a crack on the mug? Did she notice? I know for a fact that mothers eyes could find the missing x in an algebra, without applying any formula. She had the eyes of a hawk.

”Could you run an errand for me, boy? I need you to get some loaves of bread on your way from your shift. ” Mother requested turning to leave, ” Take some from your paycheck to get em breads. ” She added, her voice echoing down the hallway.

I feel relieve as silence took over her company. I check the mug, thanking my stars no crack was evident. The generational mug cannot be destroyed by my hands.

” This mug is older than you, Tom. It passed through your great grandmother, your grandmother, myself and now you. Im so proud to have borne the precious boy that broke the long line of females. ”

Mothers entry words coloured my imagination. It feels as though, I just watched a clip of her relaying those words. I feel lucky to have my mom by my side always, supporting and motivating me always.

Old Arnolds music had stopped, he must have turned it off when Mama was here. Walking to my wooden wardrobe – I whistle the melody to Mr Arnold`s song to keep me company, in my defence, it was the first thing I heard today – everything in this crampy house is made of plain wood; come to think of it, the mug was intact cause this material somehow saved the day. Okay, maybe the wood is that one good thing about this house.

I pull my khaki shorts and faded blue T-shirt from the wardrobe; will probably pair it with the worn-out white converse I got last year – perks of living in a town where you know everyone, no one to impress.

As the thought of having a bath start crossing my mind, I can feel the automatic frown lines gathering on my forehead; the bathroom is my least favourite part of this abode. My head now automatically bows after several bumps. I wonder what my dad was thinking when he chose it. I pick up my toothbrush, smear it with Dr Mac`s toothpaste and brush my teeth as I stare at my reflection in the aged mirror. I give the tub my usual look of disdain before climbing in.

Stepping out of the bathroom I dry my body with my apricot-coloured towel; Wore my favourite BBL grey boxers and threw on my already selected outfit.

All geared up and excited to leave the house I take one more look at the cracked full-length mirror where two Toms stood – Tom one showed the expected result; a six-foot blond lanky young man, with sea blue eyes carrying a hint of grey, a slightly crooked nose, and lips shaped like that of Brad Pitt. All coming together to form a sufficiently handsome male. Tom number two was decapitated because that part of the mirror fell off three days ago when I was dancing to an upbeat song old Arnold was playing.

The reflection of the mug on the nightstand caught my eyes, I immediately pick it up and dash out, heading towards the kitchen.

Opening the top cabinet, I safely tucked it in a corner.

” Mum, I will be back late! ” I bellow as I walk out of the house.

” Okay, be careful ” she responded.

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