As I was in daze about what happened, fire burnt in my eyes as I was made to lick a womens feet and thinking about me voluntarily licking her feet made me ashamed.

As I was pondering about my taste in fetish, Sheena appeared back without stockings wearing white crotchless panties and sexy white bra and made me float in bed and removed my pants and shirt and made my limbs bound to the four corners lying naked on the bed

”What are you doing fairy? ” I asked in shock

”weren you watching BD** porn, I am making your fetishes fulfilled ” as she stood on the bed pressed her leg on my balls and my junior wiping away all the messy cum due to footjob and brought her feet to my mouth and told me ” lick it clean ”

I am not falling for the same trick twice, in the state of post orgasmic clear, i wasn horny enough to lick my cum of girls feet and twisted my head, closing my mouth tightly

She nudged her feet into my mouth, but i firmly clenched my teeth not allowing her to do so, She stopped nudging after trying a few times and removed her feet back

I turned my head to look at her, looking at me with a mischievous grin, she flipped me in the bed, making me lie on the stomach and made my stand up, with my body lying in arc shape

She kneeled between my legs, and i wasn able to see what she was doing only to feel a soft tickling sensation around my butt

I widened my eyes and shouted ” What are you doing ” and was about to turn my head, but unable to do so, locked by the fairies spell

She started to rim by puckered hole and and started fingering it with 1 finger, unable to hold the prostate stimulation my dick became hard again and started to twitching

She took hold of my erect dick and started milking it like cow and increased her speed of fingering my hole

I was unable to contain the pleasure caused by double attack and was about to cum when she stopped jerking and gripped my junior hard and did a snap, I was unable to cum, only to stuck at endless loop of peak of orgasm unable to ejaculate

”Please make me cum, don stop it ” I whimpered through the gap between my pillow and face

”Is it then you should do what I say ”, then she flipped me made me lie on my back and stood over my head with her legs apart, showing her bald glistening pussy, she started to lower her ass slowly bringing her pussy to my mouth and told me to lick it

Hmm I started licking her pussy without a second thought and started to greedily suck her pussy juice, It was sweet, fruity and addictive, I was unable to move my head away, focusing my all pleasuring her pussy with my tongue

She stated to grind my face and took hold of my hairs and started to lock my face between her supple thighs, and continued rocking my face for few hours without noticing the time passing away easily

My mouth started to ache and my tongue became sore and started to wonder how long will she keep it up, my dick still was twitching for few hours, unable to contain the extended period of pleasure Started to pain, when the fairy increased her grip on my hair and rocked faster, started to orgasm

before she started to ejaculate she commanded my to ” drink it all up ” and divine nectar started filling my mouth, it was very sweet and addictive as I started to gulp fluid continuosly till my stomach became full with it

she stood up with her legs still apart, showing her glistening pussy, looking me below with a victorious smile and took her feet and started to rub it over my junior and snapped her finger

After enduring hours of pleasure, unable to cum I started cumming in instant with her touch, splattering my mess all over feet

Now with her feet covered with my cum she brought her feet next to my mouth again and told me to lick it clean

I, who should have been in post orgasmic state, losing all my lust should have refused her request but something in me, made me follow her commands and I started to lick all my cum from her feet starting from toe and her soles cleaning my mess completely

Not commenting about the taste of my cum, i wondered why was I following her commands while licking her feet

after cleaning the mess completely, she wiped my saliva over my face and looked at me with a smile

When I was about to ask her question, she started Shrinking in her size and became a miniature version of herself with size of my palm

”What happened fairy?! ”, I asked in shock

for which she replied ” I have lost my energy after giving it to you and turned into miniature version ”

”When did you give me energy? ”, I asked her, she responded me ” check your system interface ” still flying infront of my face

I looked in front of me to check the system interface

[ Name : Steve

Age : 16

HP : 100/100

Qi : 50/50


STR : 12

STA : 5

INT : 14

AGI : 7

VIT : 6

LP : 1000


LUCK : 6

Buff :

Divine nectar of fairy Sheena ( duration:1M)

– Makes the host to follow the commands of the females (or help them) who he deems as a beauty

– Increases the Qi of the host by 50( permanent)

– Increases the cultivation speed by twenty times ]

I was shocked by the buff effects of her nectar, specifically where I would listen to command of my females command for 1 month

I grabbed the fairy in my palm and asked ” what is this? ”, to which she only said ” remove your grip and kneel ”

I was forced to kneel and my hand let her back, she floated in my face and gave a kiss on cheek and said ” this is just the side effect of my buff, anyway there is no harm in it, so as I have lost my energy you should work hard and breakthrough in cultivation, breaking your seal bit by bit ”

I nodded in understanding and was confused a bit and asked her ” how should I cultivate ? ” , to which she responded ” use your lust points in systems store and buy a cultivation method ”

to which I re examined the INTERFACE and found a [ STORE ] option and found many cultivation techniques

-Heavenly devouring cultivation technique (100,000 LP)

-five elemental cultivation technique ( 80,000 LP)

– Yin-Yang cultivation technique (1000 LP)*discount offer #recommended



– Basic Qi circulation technique (500 LP)

I stopped searching for other cultivation technique and choose the as it was on discount offer and recommend to me, and other cultivation techniques were either too costly or not eye catching

after choosing Yin-Yang cultivation technique my body entered a state of trance and absorbed the divine nectar in me and my head started to fill with various information about the technique

Sheena looking at Steve smiled in satisfaction and disappeared into his body as Steve was in state of enlightenment.

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