At one night a man of around 30 years with clean shaved face was driving his car from his office to home suddenly he saw a advertisement running on huge screen and many youngsters watching it, the advertisement was about top university of country and the main star of advertisement was Mu Chen the youngest professor and genius scholar.

Seeing that advertisement all people watching had admiring eyes as they said…

”Professor Mu is really extraordinary ”

”The admission for XX University is starting soon ”

”Professor Mu is really a genius he knows how to handle arrogant students ”

”I have watched one of his lectures, all students keep silence even rich students don dare to argue with him and sit like obedient puppy ”

Hearing all this that man in his car just made mocking smirk and said ” What genius professor? What genius scholar? I was just a loser who couldn say no and went with flow of others. You don know how much I regret not enjoying my life and running after fame. Those cultivation novel bastards really do enjoy their lives to fullest ”

Yes! He was the hero of all talks around education field the genius professor Mu Chen, after sometimes he parked his car besides a convenient store and went inside..

”Give me a pack of cigarettes and some soft drinks ”he ordered the employee there

”Here that will be 20 Yuan ” employee replied with business smile

He gave the money to employee and left the store and stood at pathway

After drinking soft drinks, he lit up his cigarette and started smoking, suddenly a truck lost its balance and rushed towards him, but Mu Chen avoided it by jumping to sideways

”Phew I almost died there! ” the truck hit the building of convenient store and suddenly a block of brick fell on top of Mu Chens head

”The hell, does heaven really wants me dead, then at least make me powerful in next life lik

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