”Open beginners gift! ”

[Command accepted]

[ _ Host has gained 500 years of normal cultivation

_ Host has gained charisma of True Immortal God

_ Host has gained Supreme Stage I physique – Indestructible Jade Physique

_ Host has gained Supreme affinity with Swords – Infinite Sword Heart

_ Host has gained Supreme grade spirit root – 9 Spirit Sovereign

_ Host has gained profound knowledge about cultivation

_ Host has gained Supreme grade Sword – 9 Heaven Slayer (sealed)]

Hey system? Are you sure this wasn a mistake?

Mu Chen looked at system panel with dazed expression and wasn even able to comprehend just what had happened

[I assure you that I haven made any kind of mistake, Im here to assist you to become lord above all existence in universe

This much can be done with no trouble, afterall Im your first friend here]

System…. you are so kind! I promise to be with you for my all life! Lets get married!!! ”

Mu Chen immediatly bowed in front of system panel, and shouted in loud voice

[Although Im impressed by your feelings but sorry to break to you but Im not into mens, and Im straight guy…]

”Ahem!!! Don take it seriously! It was just my way to show gratitude, so what shall we do now? ”

Mu Chen stood up with embarrassed face and asked system while clearing his robe he was wearing

[I recommend you find river or pond here, when the cultivation will imparted on you, you will be completely covered in smell worst than pig…]

”Say such thing first!!! ”

Mu Chen immediatly shouted and started running inside the forest with absolutely no knowledge of world or direction

[You are in wrong direction master!!! The water is that way, on the left side!!]

”How do you know? ”

[I have map for such things, you can be assured I have more functions than just giving beginners gift

I have map of all locations in this world, ofcourse I don have maps for ruins or cultivation related places, just general maps available to mortals]

”You are too good my brother! ”

Mu Chen gave system a thumbs-up and started following systems directions, system made grinning emoji on its panel

In just matter of minutes Mu Chen arrived in front of a small river stream

”Finally!!! ”

[Now please remove your clothings, if you don want them to smell like shit]

”Ok!!! ”

Mu Chen immediatly removed his robe and jumped in river naked, Mu Chen had absolutely plain body, nor too fat neither too slim, he had long black with dark blue shade hairs that reached his waist

”System Im ready! ”

[Then please be prepared Im imparting normal cultivation of 500 years, you already have gained profound knowledge of cultivation, use that to fully absorb all of it!]

”It does seems like I gained some weird knowledge, whatever! System you can start now! ”

[Here we go, on count of three…

One!]. ”one! ”

[two!]. ”two! ”

[three!]. ”three! ”

[Start!] Yeah! ”

And then suddenly a lot of energy, that can be called as Spritual Energy rushed inside the body of Mu Chen

Is this colourful thing my spiritual energy? Its warm… warmer and more comfortable than anything I felt in world

Mu Chen had his both eyes closed and both hands in front of his belly button, and then something that looked like gas started forming inside his body

It gathered in Mu Chens dantian and could be felt right behind his belly button, Mu Chens body felt various changes

Mu Chen grew at visible speed, his figure reached perfect tall size and his facial features became very detailed and an aura of absolute dominance and authority formed all around him

His face looked smoother than jade, glowing in sunlight, his hairs that didn had any shine before were shining like sea of stars

His body became hard as diamond, with smooth curves, his body gained 8 pack in stomach and tough broad shoulders and chest

Muscles in his arms also became bigger and detailed, filled with smooth curves, totally visible to naked eyes

Mu Chen stood in water stream in same position for 2 hours, time passed extremely slowly, Mu Chen was busy making sure that every inch of his body was perfect

The meridians inside his body also became broader and stronger, to be able to handle pressure of powerful attacks

Then suddenly all the spritual energy in range of 10km suddenly started sucking inside Mu Chens body

Mu Chen at that moment was like bottom less abyss, sucking all that energy continuously


And then suddenly out of nowhere Mu Chen released a huge white beam towards sky

[Breakthrough to Martial Apprentice stage 1]

But he didn stopped just there and continued to make breakthroughs as if firing machinegun

[Breakthrough to Martial Apprentice Stage 3]

[Breakthrough to Marital Apprentice Stage 7]

[Breakthrough to Material Apprentice Stage 9]

[Breakthrough to Material Master Stage 1]

[Breakthrough to Martial Master Stage 4]

[Breakthrough to Martial Master Stage 8]

[Breakthrough to Martial Master Stage 9]

[Breakthrough to Martial Grandmaster Stage 1]

[Breakthrough to Marital Grandmaster Stage 5]

[Breakthrough to Master Grandmaster Stage 7]

[Breakthrough to Marital King Stage 1]

[Breakthrough to Marital King Stage 3]

Then all the energy he had gathered turned into 9 balls of different colour of size of marvel balls used by kids

Two more balls separated from each 9 balls and grew to same size as previous one and like that 27 balls of 9 different colour gathered at dantian of Mu Chen

After 30 minutes Mu Chen finally opened his eyes, his previously brown eyes were now blue in colour, with indescribable shine

”Fuu~ I guess with this all of them reached perfect stage ”

[Congratulations! On reaching Martial King Stage 3 at perfect state]

Mu Chen looked incredibly handsome now, even idols from his previous world looked no more than snakes in front of true dragon

On hearing systems voice he tilted his head and with astonishing sweet voice he said with confusion on face ”What? ”

[Oh! Ah sorry I didn explained it right? This worlds cultivation is divided into 9 levels, there are more levels above that but for now you don need such knowledge

Martial Apprentice

Martial Master

Martial Grandmaster

Martial King

Martial Venerable

Martial Emperor

Martial Transcendent

Martial Saint

Martial Supreme

And each level is divided in 9 sub levels but their exists 10th sub-level in each level known as perfect level

And each sub level is divided in four levels begining, intermediate, peak and perfected state

And you have reached perfected state of all sub levels and reached 10th hidden sub level, perfect Level! in all main cultivation levels!

Most of Cultivators don even reach perfected state in sub levels let alone find hidden sub level in main cultivation level!]

Mu Chen made amazed face and clapped on systems explaination and questioned again

”It sure does sounds amazing! But are there are any benefits of such achivements? ”

[Sure there are many of them, first of all the cultivation level of person who had completed such things doesn falls because of any injury or any other cause

The strength of person who has achieved perfected state is usually above the person of same state and someone like you who had reached perfected state in all things is already 2 times more stronger than any Martial King in this world!]

Mu Chen clenched his fist and waved his hands in water, as he waved his hands inside the water, the whole water stream got divided into two parts leaving him naked for a second

Next moment the water returned to ground but the stream was now in chaos, Mu Chen was washed in water again

Mu Chen stood their dazed and looked at system panel

”Im strong? Too damn strong… ”

[Of course you are, now get ready, I had already transferred the spiritual root inside you before, now Im installing the physique, charisma and affinity]

”You already sent the root huh… thats why I was feeling all elements very clearly as if they were following me like ruler…

Ok Im ready now, but before that let me grab my clothes!!! ”

Mu Chen muttered to himself and wore his cultivation robe, and just then

[Im starting the process~]

Mu Chen nodded and then all the aura he had got strengthened hundreds of time, now he looked like God from heaven that came to world of mortals to enjoy life

If any mortal saw him now, they will immediatly bow to him and start worshipping him

The spiritual aura around Mu Chen danced around him like it was enjoying it, and just after this

Mu Chens aura which was filled with charm and dominance suddenly became like sharp sword, his eyes glowed brightly

Mu Chens whole body was covered in various colourful aura, this was aura of true immortal who reached peak with Sword

Suddenly a thought stuck to Mu Chens mind and he closed his eyes

Sharpness with no edge, brightness with no edge,

intent piecing 1000 worlds, the sword rivaling entire Heavens

[Breakthrough to Martial King Stage 5!]

[Congratulations! On awakening Absolute Sword Intent!]

Damn I look strong as hell right now~

[Hmm with addition of Indestructible Jade Physique, Infinite Sword Heart and 9 Spirit Sovereign Spirit root, you are at least 5 times stronger than normal Martial King]

Mu Chen grinned and said ”Then shall we go and begin our journey right now, I bet it will be fun now~ ”

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