Mu Chen after getting things from system started walking towards the forest with grin on his face

[Don tell me you are going like that even after gaining cultivation?]

”So how do you think I will go anywhere? ”

Mu Chen questioned system because of systems confusing comment, system replied

[You are a Cultivator of Martial King level, the country you are right now is called White Jade from Southern continent

This world had 5 continent, named as Northern, southern, eastern, western and Central continent

This southern continent is one of weaker continents and the country you are in right now is counted amongst strongest countries in this continent

But even then the strongest person in this country is only peak state Martial Grandmaster

Every Martial Grandmaster is able to use flying Sword to fly and then if you a Martial King was seen walking on ground, imagine the absurd consequences, some idiots may even doubt your strength!]

”I didn thought that much, but hey system can you hide my cultivation novel, I feel like I will attract too much attention like this

and won be able to find any student in this state , but to begin with how will I even fly? ”

[I can help you hide your cultivation level and with your aura, I don think any idiot with sane mind will pick a fight

And to answer your next question, in systems storage you have one sword, although it can be called flying Sword but with your sword affinity you won have any problem using it]

Mu Chen suddenly made face of realisation and took out Sword from storage system had shown him

”So this is 9 Heaven Slayer Sword in sealed state, so light yet so sharp… ”

[Yeah although it is sealed but you can be assured, this Sword is still strongest sword in this continent and stop showing kid in yourself its a real Sword]

Mu Chen became embarrassed, he was touching the sword like a kid, it was his first time seeing one so it was normal reaction

After that he moved his sword with help of Spiritual energy and stood in his sword

”Hey system! I feel as if Sword is alive, I can feel every movement of this sword like its part of my body! ”

[This is effect of sword affinity you have]

”This is amazing!!! ”

With this Mu Chen rode on the Sword and flew at top of forest at speed of 200km/hour and following systems directions he arrived at huge City inside the country

Hmm city is covered in huge wall, indeed it feels like ancient ages

Mu Chen smiled seeing the city covered in huge wall and small gate surrounded with gaurds and various people coming and going from the gate with their carriages and carts

[This is world of cultivation, there are many animals who can cultivate and are called Spiritual Monsters and besides that there is also danger of bandits

These walls are used to protect the peoples of City here]

Mu Chen nodded and moved towards the city gates, he could also have went directly inside the City but that would have created chaos if someone recognised him for not passing throught City gates

It was usually seen as trespassing with evil intention and Mu Chen didn even had anything to prove his identity so he chosed safer choice to avoid trouble

On the another side inside the gates, the gaurds were panicked suddenly seeing a Cultivator flying in Sword

”Leader! Leader! There is trouble here! A Martial Grandmaster is coming towards the gates, Leader!!! ”

A gaurd came shouting towards another guy who was standing inside the City gates, talking to his subordinates

As he heard screams of gaurd that came to him he also showed panicked face and said in panicked tone

”What are you waiting for? Lets go greet him, we would be in trouble of he felt offended if someone of his strength wasn greeted by anyone there!!! ”

”Yeah leader!!! ”

”Baldy come fast!! ”

With this along with his other subordinates, one who seemed to be leader of all gaurds of City rushed towards gate and looked towards the figure that was slowly descending from sky

Slowly that person who was riding Sword arrived to ground just few inches above the ground floating in his sword

Finally that mysterious cultivator revealed his face, his detailed facial features and indescribable charm left everyone present there daze

Many peoples who were walking from gates stopped there staring at Mu Chens figure

This was most perfect figure they have seen that resembled Immortal God from Heavens from their imagination

Mu Chen finally opened his mouth and said in extremely sweet voice ”I wish to enter the city because of some business here, may I have your permission good sir? ”

Hearing his voice many female there blushed like tomato and the leader was still stunned seeing Mu Chens figure

Suddenly the leader came to realise his situation and said in panic ”O… of__ ofcourse respected sir, we are blessed to see someone as graceful as you!!! ”

As he said that Mu Chen smiled, this made his figure more charming and handsome, just as he was leaving suddenly a voice stopped Mu Chen

”Um mister Cultivator? What shall I do to become strong as you? ”

It was innocent voice from 6-7 year old small girl with brown hairs, that was staring at Mu Chen innocently with her blue eyes

Mu Chen looked at girl with interested face, but leader got another idea and he said in panicked tone

”Um respected sir! Please ignore her! Shes just an orphan who lost her family few days ago because of bandits of mountain

Please forgive her for her idiotic mind and disturbing you! ”

Mu Chen looked at the leader of gaurds and other gaurds with confused face, all of them were sweating crazily from head to toe

Are they thinking I will punish this little innocent creature just for asking me such question?

Mu Chen moved his head towards the innocent girl and observed her

Shes totally covered in dirt and looks very hungry too, it looks like she didn recived much after her parents died…

Thinking all that made Mu Chens mood turn sour and he moved his hands towards the small girl

Others who were standing there looked at girl with worry, the gaurds were also sweating more

but opposite to their thoughts, as Mu Chen touched the little girl all the dirt she had was removed from her body and clothes and she looked healthier than before

And just then systems notification sounded

[Potential Disciple is founded, she has good heart and no intention to do evil even after losing her everything because of cruelty of world

Although her potential is low but with systems help its an easy job!]

Mu Chen smiled hearing system and said happily ”To become strong you need to become my Disciple, do you want to? ”

”I want to become a Disciple!!! ”

The little girl immediately replied in happy tone agreeing to Mu Chens condition without any shred of doubt

The people that were standing there were left in daze seeing such an absurd thing, no cultivator will dare to joke about thing,

Or else he might even be struck at same cultivating state because of Heavenly Dao

The little girl bowed to Mu Chen showing her obedience, Mu Chen accepted her bow and Spiritual energy around both of them surrounded them

And then a legendary phenomenon happened, all Swords in radius of 100 miles started shaking and floated in air in direction of Mu Chen as if bowing to him

”This… this is Bow of Thousand Sword! ”

”What am I seeing right now!? ”

”Since when was becoming Disciple of such master was this easy!? ”

”Im so envious!!! ”

”Her master is such a handsome and strong Sword Cultivator!!! ”

”She became Disciple of legend just like that! ”

Now even all peoples inside the City knew what was happening out side many came out of city and saw Mu Chen accepting bow of little girl

[Congratulations! For accepting your first Disciple!!!]

[Here are the rewards_

_ Saint Grade Spritual root!!!

_ Saint Grade Sword Sword of 1000 strikes

_ Saint Grade Protection technique 10 Dao Swords

_ Saint Grade Sword technique Rise of Immortal Dragon

_ Saint Grade foot technique Lightning Stride

Don expect same kind of reward next time through, its special reward because its your first Disciple!]

I don think so, this reward is good, more than enough for now, whats the strongest technique in this continent?

[Its only Emperor Grade!]

More than enough!

Mu Chen smiled brightly and ignored all the gazes and moved inside the city but the little girl was very surprised seeing many Cultivator that ignored her till now staring at her with envious gazes

As if right now she was above all beings in city, she hasn recived such treatment till now, she just smiled like a kid and followed Mu Chen

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