Mu Chen carried the girl on his shoulder afraid that little girl will have difficulty in following pace as he was going to fly in air to avoid crowd

Mu Chen carried the little girl on his shoulder with help of Spiritual energy, the little girl was amazed and happy being carried on shoulder and smiled innocently

And like that Mu Chens figure blurred for second and next moment he was on top of City in air

Mu Chen looked arround the city for a second and spotted a location and moved towards it

An inn, I will treat this girl some good food here then continue with my work! Wait! I forgot that I have no money since I arrived here!

Suddenly this thought made Mu Chen to be worried but he still entered the inn with little girl,

The inn looked quite grand and big filled with many peoples there, everyone taking to each other cheerfully and happy tone

But as Mu Chen entered the place, everyone turned silent and stared at Mu Chen dazed by his charm and some word came out from one of dazed female cultivator

”Immortal from Heavens…. ”

Mu Chen didn cared about those things, he was now standing in ground and his sword was floating in air besides him

Mu Chen arrived at empty seat and said ”You little creature sit here, eat all things you want that are available here, I will be back before you finish your meal! ”

Mu Chen looked at servent of inn and said ”Give this girl whatever she wants, I will be back in few minutes ”

The servent nodded on Mu Chens command dazed by his sweet voice and indescribable charm

The little girl did as Mu Chen commanded, she sat on her bench quietly looking at Mu Chen,

Mu Chen also smiled and made his way outside the inn, he immediately rode on his sword and made his way

On the city gates …

As Mu Chen left the place, the place was in chaos, many weren even able to comprehend just what absurd thing happened in front of them

Just what was that Sword Cultivator? Just his actions made all Swords here bow to him as he was God…

I still can believe he accepted that girl this easily, and he was so polite usually even those Martial Masters are so arrogant,

Even I intermediate Martial Master doesn get any face in front of those arrogant pricks

Such a handsome yet strong man, is there really such thing as perfect man in this world?

Right now the leader of City gaurds was thinking of what happened not being able to comprehend what happened and suddenly one of his subordinate shouted

”Leader that Sword Cultivator is coming back!!! ”

”Wha!? ”

Just as the leader moved his head back in shock, Mu Chen arrived in front of his face and asked

”Where are the bandits who killed the family of that little girl? ”

”They are 7km deep inside the forest in that direction, they live in caves, you can easily spot their location as their is pond in front of their caves!!! ”

Mu Chen nodded and immediatly rushed towards the direction at where the bandits were

As he left a strong gust of wind erupted in front of leader of gaurds as he thought

Is he trying to avenge that girl? Are these the benefits of have Martial Grandmaster as Master? As expected I should have asked to be his disciple too!!!

The leader made depressed face while Mu Chen was thinking If there are bandits, there will surely be some money there too!!

And liked that in just few minutes he arrived at location the leader had described

Cave in front of pond, this is the one!

Mu Chen in front of cave and gripped his sword tightly, there were two bandits gaurding the cave after seeing Mu Chens figure they shouted

”Hey stop right there!!! ”

”Do you know where you are going? ”

But Mu Chen didn gave them time to say any more words and cut their throats open and continued to move forward not even glancing at them

The cave inside was filled with bandits, Mu Chen had no intention of conversation and continued to move forward without even looking at them

Most of bandits weren even able to see the figure of person who killed them, Mu Chens Sword movements were like flowing water

He instinctively knew all the weak points of his opponents and techniques that will make it easier to use the sword

As expected my affinity with sword is very great!!!

Mu Chen smiled with his progress and next thing he knew was he was in front of 10 or so bandits and one bald guy that looked like monster with big scar on his head

”Hey! How did you came here!? ”

”Just what were those guys doing? ”

”He arrived here without even any fight! ”

”I will be sure to teach those idiots lesson!!! ”

”But since you arrived here, you can die too! ”

The leader of bandits made that comment and all bandits started emitting their killing intent towards Mu Chen

But Mu Chen just grinned to their actions and said ”Thanks! Now I won be feeling any guilt after killing you lots! ”

Hearing his words a bandit shouted ”What did ya said ya mothe….!!!! ”

He wasn able to finish his words as Mu Chens Sword has sliced through his throat

Seeing this expressions of all bandits changed while the grin on Mu Chens face became wider and he sliced his sword killing other two bandits near him

The bandits weren even able to react and Mu Chen killed all the normal bandits and only the leader remained

The leader had sweat covering his face and he shouted ”Please don kill me I will give you all my wealth!!! ”

”Thats obviously mine now~ ”

But Mu Chen didn responded according to his expectations but he still continued

”I can give you all womens you want! ”

”Do I look like some simp to you? ”

”I can help you rule the city! ”

”Why will I do such troublesome thing? ”

All his words had no effect on Mu Chen and as Mu Chens Sword was 1cm away from his neck he shouted

”Spare me!!! I have reward of 1000 golds if you catch me alive!!!! ”

Hearing this Mu Chens Sword stopped and Mu Chen said with smile ”Haha say such things earlier, you just lost your life right now, anyways guide me to where all your money is~ ”

The bandit leader never expected this to work but he quickly recovered seeing Sword besides his throat

and guided Mu Chen to a room inside cave, it was filled with golds and silvers

”Hoo ~ you got lot of it~ ”

Mu Chen said this and next moment he stored all the wealth in his system storage

My wealth and hardwork of years… gone just like that …

The bandit leader fell to ground seeing all things he collected was gone just like that, seeing this Mu Chen grinned and said

”Haa, if you react like that I might change my mind you know~ ”

As the bandit leader heard this he immediately stood up and said in loud panicked tone

”Please don do that Sir!!! I have captured many young womens, you can take them all too!!! ”

As he said he pointed at direction of secret way inside the cave, but opposite to his expectations Mu Chens expression became very angry

”Sir?…..!!!! ”

The bandit leader looked at Mu Chen but next moment Mu Chen knocked him out with his sword and said

”Bastard! To not only kill peoples but also torcher innocent womens, killing you like this is too soft on you! I will be sure to give you life worst than hell! ”

With this Mu Chen moved towards the secret room covered by a huge stone, with a slash of sword, Mu Chen broke the stone into two parts

As he went inside he saw many young girls binded in rope and mouths covered, Mu Chen bit his lips and and destroyed all the ropes with his energy

”You guys please wait here, I will be sending others to rescue you… ”

The womens nodded hearing his words, his charm also helped him to convince others

Mu Chen grabbed the bandit leader by his collar and flew outside the cave directly towards the city

In just minutes he arrived at City gates and said to gaurd leader ”Here is your bandit leader, use the reward on his head to help those girls in his cave, you guys go and help them, all bandits have been taken care of ”

Mu Chen didn stood there for another moment and flew towards the inn

It took more time then expected, its already 15 minutes since I left, that little creature may be worried…

With those thoughts Mu Chen rushed inside the inn and what he saw left him stunned

Many peoples who looked like nobles and strong and wealthy Cultivators were running around the inn serving the little girl he left

Each one of them looked like local bigshot and influential person with shining robes

”Hey! I want that too!!! Being me more rice!! ”

Mu Chen saw the little girl he left there who looked very innocent and weak some minutes ago ordering those guys arrogantly

Mu Chen silently arrived behind the little girl and said ”Do you want to each chicken too? ”

”Yaa! I want that too … eh Master? ”

The little girl ordered without looking back but suddenly noticed Mu Chen behind her staring at her like predator

She immediately changed her face and said with innocent smile and big eyes ”You are finally back master! I was good girl here! I didn caused any trouble!!! ”

”I can see that, haha~ ”

”haha… ”

Mu Chen smiled brightly but that looked like smile of Devil to that little girl as dark clouds covered her head

System how can such innocent girl suddenly be so arrogant?

[She was arrogant from beginning master, this should not forget my name

Master of Arrogant Young Master ~]

I feel like Im being cheated!

[Your imagination!]

Are you sure?

[Just trust me for once~]

Devil also says such thing



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