I woke up at 9 in the morning with my eyes wide open. Something I didn expect is in front of me. I was sleeping with Celina Niar the head of special crime unit which is a private institution famous all over the world. Celina Niar is a tall 21 years old beautiful young lady having a pale face and pinkish lips with a beauty mark right above her lips. Startled with the unexpected events which happened last night and dummy me who isn able to recall it, I was feeling so dumb and I was blaming my foolish memory. Celina was looking so gorgeous while sleeping in my bed. For a moment I forgot who she actually is and her identity. While looking at her I felt something that I shouldn , I fell in love with her but thats not possible in Celinas world. Even if I want to marry her and keep her by my side its not possible. I was lost in all thoughts thats when I heard a beep sound. My mother was at my door Front pressing the keys of password to enter in my house. I run hurriedly and locked my bedroom so she doesn get in, but while taking care of Celinas clothes and stuff I forgot to take care of her amazing high heels of red colours which she occasionally wears. My mom entered the house with lots of stuffs with her. Baskets of fruits and pickle jar.

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