Hi I m Dylan Bliss. I own the most richest and biggest business group of Rowoon city. QD group, yeah I know thats not mine but my dads but I m running this group ever since I was 15, I gave my 13 years in this company to get to the position where I m right now. This is a story of messed up life of some people who wanted to rule the modern world but end up doing things they shouldn . I m not saying I did nothing wrong, yes I did and maybe thats why I end up hating love. Yes I Don believe in love neither in relationships but things went south when I met Celina Niar in the Rośe la rose restaurant. When I met her in the restaurant I knew that it was not the first time I saw her, 10 years ago I saw a similar girl like her in my mothers funeral but wasn sure whether the girl was Celina. You might be thinking how I m sure now that the girl was Celina, well its because she was wearing my mothers pendant that my beautiful mother got from my father when he purposed her. Well our life is messed up but it was fun to see Ms Savannah get arrested, yeah Celina is bold, shes really fearless but I didn know that my curiosity towards Celina will lead me to the path from where I can get back and things will mess up in the extent that I would not be able to handle it.

Celina arrested Ms Savannah and was taking her out of the restaurant when Dylan came out running and manager Jo was shocked.

” Excuse me ” He said.

” Mr Dylan, whats going on here. I didn hurt anyone, please help me ” Ms Savannah asked in a sobbing voice.

”Whats your name ” Dylan asked Celina while making a puppy face.

”I-I–I wa– ” Ms Savannah couldn say a single word ,maybe she noticed that Mr Dylan Bliss is not going to help her anyway .

”Celina Niar, Special Crime Unit. ” Celina continued ”and right now I m literally busy. I don have time for introduction. ”

”Dylan Bliss, the CEO of QD group, heres my card ” Dylan tried to continue the conversation.

”Yeah, heres mine ,have a good day. lets go Ms Savannah ” Celina ended up the conversation with a single sentence and Started her car, and left the site with Ms reporter Savannah.

It took them around 34 minutes to reach to the police station where Ms Savannah was about to get investigate as a suspect of attempting murder of Worlds most famous singer Ryan and his manager Jo. The silence in the investigation room made Ms Savannah nervous, very nervous that she had chills.

”Shall we start ” Celina said after entering the investigation room.

” I did nothing wrong, I didn tried to kill anyone. I m innocent, call my lawyer right now. ” Savannah screamed.

”Don try to be over smart, and keep your bloody mouth shut otherwise you won be able to speak from that mouth ever again. ” Celinas sour words hit Ms Savannah really hard. Everyone get scared of Celina because of her rudeness during interrogation, so seeing Ms Savannah getting scared was common for other detectives.

Ms Savannahs lawyer arrived and he thought of being rude but as soon as he saw Celina , he knew that he can do anything but to keep his mouth shut and open his mouths shutter only when its the right time.

”Can I get some time to talk to my client if you guys don mind. ” Ms Savannahs lawyer asked.

”Can we start a bit later? Ms Celina Niar ” The detective in chief asked for Celinas permission.

”Yeah sure, lets start after an hour ” Celina replied.

The funny thing here is Celina is junior of detective in chief but he had to ask for her permission to stop the interrogation made others think about Celinas position in Special crime unit. Of course shes the head of SCU but still shes only 21years old.

While the lawyer was talking to Ms Savannah, Celina came out of the police station and stand right next to a railing and looked up in the sky. It was 11:30pm now and the Mega performance of Ryan was ruined today. She looked up to the sky and saw the bright full moon.

”Ahh!! its full moon day today. Why I didn realize earlier. The moonlight is so beautiful, no actually the moon is so beautiful ” Celina was murmuring to herself. After a while she looked straight to the shop across the road. It was a tiny shop right opposite to the police station and she saw someone standing there, it was Ryan. As soon as she spotted Ryan, Ryan called her.

”Are –you o-okay ? ” He asked.

”Ye- ” clearing her throat ” yes i m ”. she answered.

” dinner? ”

” Not yet ” she continued ”what about you ”.

”not yet ” both of them gave a awkward smile but nobody knew what was they both were going through.

”Don worry everything will be fine ” Ryan said to Celina.

” Will everything be fine ” Celina said while changing the hands to hold the cellphone.

” I heard Ms Savannah is the suspect and you arrested her. Of course things will be fine isn it?? ” Ryan said while giving his puppy face smile.

”Ms Savannah is not the one who tried to harm you ” Celina said something really shocking.

”wa–wait, wh—-wha-t ar-e you saying ” Ryan sluttered a bit.

”Thats right, Ms Savannah is not the real suspect ” .

”And you arrested her when you know the whole truth, but why ” Ryan was confused.

”Because I need everyone to think that Ms Savannah is the real criminal ” she answered.

”Yeah, but why? ” Ryan gets even more curious.

”Because the one who tried to kill you is someone whos really close to you, and right now I don know who did it. Making everyone believe that Ms Savannah is the criminal ,I m trying to get some time. ” she answered in her soft voice.

” What about Ms Savannah? Her career, her life will be ruined if this news come out through media. My fans will torture her to death ” Ryan gets little worried for Savannah because shes innocent.

”I know thats why I m not going to let this news out in the media, the same way I did to your fathers case. The real reason why he died and how he died ,I didn let anyone know about it. You don have to worry about it. Ill try my level best to, no Ill stop the media from covering this arrest news ” Celina said and a tear rolled down her cheeks.

”You are not the one who killed my dad I know that ” Ryan asked her about his fathers death ”How he ended up dying there? You know the truth right. ”

” The person whos trying to kill you right now is the same person who killed your dad, no actually hes the reason you dad died ” Celina answered.

”And whos that? ” Ryan asked in a serious voice.

”I don know his real name but his code name is Marcus ” Celina answered.

”Marcus… where can I find him ” Ryan asked in a serious note.

”Ill make sure he gets on his knees when he first meet you. I promise. No matter what Ill make sure to present him in front of you ” Celina answered while looking at Ryans eyes. They both stared at each other for some time before detectives in chief disturbed Celina.

”Lets start the interrogation if you don mind ” He asked.

”Yeah sure. Lets go ”.she replied.

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