Yn was a mute girl. She lost her parents when she was 3 years due to a bomb blast. Her uncle and aunty refused to raise her as they thought of her as a burden. So they sold her to an orphanage. But unfortunately that orphanage was illegal where they sell Girls once they become adults. After knowing the truth of this orphanage she tried to escape many times but got caught Everytime and they torchered her as punishment. Now she felt hopeless because today it was her turn to be sold. Two ladies were dragging her to a car. The car door opened and it was a Man who was staring at her smirking. Yn felt disgusted by the way hes looking at her. She wanted to disappear from that moment. But she didn lose her hope and gathering all her courage she pushed one of the lady and slapped the other lady and without wasting anymore time she started running like her life depended on it. Immediately the car also starts following her. She turned into a narrow area where theres not much space for a car so the Mans bodyguards got off the car and starts chasing her. Yn was almost out of breathing while running so much but she didn stopped and kept running. It was a Do or Die situation for her.

After running for almost half hour she thought to hide somewhere as she can run anymore. Luckily she saw a Hospital and quickly went inside. She went to the 5th floor and looked out of a window to see if they left. But she saw one of the bodyguards was coming inside of that hospital. She searched here and there and found a doctors uniform. She quickly wore that with a mask and spectacles so that nobody suspects her. She saw a bodyguard coming and she hurriedly went inside a ward and hides behind a curtain.

???: Are you the doctor? But…why are you hiding there?

Yn Got startled hearing a male voice. She came out of the hiding place and sighed in relief seeing hes just a patient.

???: Miss, if you
e the doctor then please treat my wounds.. Im dying in pain…

Yn (thinking): If he suspects me and calls security then Im doomed..

Yn looked at him and scanned his wounds.

Yn (thinking): They are just cuts and wounds which are bleeding a little i can treat this wounds easily..i have more scars and wounds than him..

She slowly came near him and starts treating him while he hissed in pain.

???: Thank god you
e the doctor..i thought you
e spy and will kill me *chuckles*

She removed her mask and spectacles while he admires her. After sometime She was almost done with the treatment.

???: Well i don like to talk to strangers..but as you are my doctor and healed my pain..Uhh Hi myself Taehyung. And whats your name?

Yn (thinking): This Dumbo.. shut your mouth Im here just because of the situation..or else I wouldve smacked your head for irritating me.

Tae: I guess..you don like to talk much..okay. *suddenly he noticed her coats name* oh so your name is Elena. Nice name..

Yn (thinking): What? *looked at her coat* oh so its someone named Elenas coat..*she nods while looking at him*

Suddenly someone did an announcement.

”Please everyone stay wherever you are because a police officer came here and told us that theres a criminal here. She is mute and escaped from Lockup and hided here in our hospital. So if anyone sees the girl inform us. ”

Yn was now terrified because now everyone misunderstood her as a criminal. But its not her fault. They came as fake police officers.

Yn looked at Tae and he was already looking at her.

Tae: I already knew something is fishy…so you
e the girl who escaped, right?

Yn: *shooks her head as a no*

Tae: And how can i believe you?? You can do anything if you
e a criminal. You can even pretend to be a mute girl. So I can trust some stranger..

Yn shook her head continuously. She looked here and there and found a Cutter. She took it and went near him.

Tae: what? are you gonna kill me with this?

But surprisingly she did cuts on her arm and collarbone to make him believe.

Tae: *chuckles* They are just some small cuts..even I won scream in that.

Yn was now frustrated. She showed her long nails to him and digged her nails deep in her skin while tears falls from her eyes.

Tae was feeling guilty to see her like that.

Tae: Okay… its confirmed that you
e mute.

Yn smiles happily and nods.

Tae: But i still can believe if you
e actually a criminal or not.

She again searched here and there..she gestures him to give her his phone.

Tae: No!! what if you hack my phone?

Yn asked him again with pleading eyes begging him.

Tae: Aish…Take it..

Yn took his phone and start typing in the notes. Tae was looking at her typing fast. And after typing everything she gave it back to him. Tae takes it back and starts reading.

Tae (Reads): ”Im not a criminal. And they aren police officers. They are the real culprit and Im the victim. Actually my orphanage is illegal and they sell girls just to pleasure Men. And today it was my turn to be sold but luckily i ran for my life and hided here. Now they even chased me till here..Please i beg you don call the security or else my life would be hell.. My life is already a hell. I escaped from there not to get caught here.. Please help me! ”

After reading every word..he looks at her.

Tae (thinking): I don know why..but my heart says to believe her but my brain thinks something else…but she looks innocent though..I have to find out myself whether shes right or wrong..

Suddenly they heard a knock on the door.

Yns whole body starts trembling..she was crying and bend down in his knees begging him. Tae couldn see her like that.

Tae: Get up and go hide in the bathroom.. Ill handle everything. Just go!!

Yn nods and immediately went to the bathroom. Tae slowly stood up and went near the door and opened it. There was a man standing there wearing brown suit.

Tae: Yes?..

Man: Did you saw a girl she looked like this. *shows a picture of Yn*

Tae: No.. whos she?

Man: Didn you heard the announcement? She is a criminal so you better inform us if you find her.

Tae: Well i know a girl who ran for her life till here just to be safe from someone like you.

Man: Oh hello mister!! W-we are police officers..

Tae: oh really? But surprisingly her name is also Yn.

Yn was silently listening to their conversation.

Yn (thinking): This dumbo head why did he told my name?!! i shouldn have trust him..Great now my life is gonna be hell. Its better to die than being someones slave.

Man: What?? Wheres she??

Tae: But you were searching for a girl who is a criminal right?

Man: But i think she fooled you by telling stories.

Tae: *chuckles* The one who is telling stories is you.

The man knew he was hiding something so he pushed Taehyung aside and barges inside the room.

Tae: Yo-

Man: *Puts gun on taes head* I know shes here…

Man: Yn!!! YN!! If you don come out right now then say goodbye to this young boy. Baby girl don be afraid of your master.

Yn was afraid after hearing his word. She didn wanted to harm anyone because of her.

Tae: Don Come out!! Yn stay there!!! this jerk won do anything!!

Man: Haha!!! Yn!! I am counting to 3 if you won come out then say goodbye to your saviour.

Yn (thinking): No no I can let them happen..but once i come out my life will be a hell..but that boy shouldn suffer because of me..

Tae: Yn!! I beg you don come out.. believe me nothing will happen to me.

Man: 1…2…3

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