Lia is a spy of Taes rival gang. She didn wanted to do this all but the boss of the rival gang threatened her that he Will kill her family if she doesn follow his orders. She is a nice girl in reality but she was just forced into this. She even loves Yn so much. Yn and Lia were now like besties…

Tae was back from his new mission and hopefully it was successful and their members weren hurt badly..Just some small injuries that were normal for them. And For Yns safety he gave her a job in his company. So that he can keep an eye on her and Yn also didn had any problem so she agreed. The other members treats Yn like their own little sister. And right now Tae was resting on the couch watching tv while Yn and Lia were in the kitchen. Suddenly the door bell rang. One of the maids opened it.

???: Excuse me, wheres my Tae baby??

Maid: Sorry but who are you?

???: Oh just shut up I don wanna talk to some maids….

The girl came inside pushing the maid aside.

Maid: Maam!! Maam!!

Hearing the maid shouting Yn and Lia wonders what happened..

Lia: Don worry, you continue making this.. Ill check whats the matter.

Yn nodded and Lia went out to check.

Tae: Yaah!! why are you shouting??

Maid: Sorry sir, this lady barged in without permission.

Tae; Who the he- Ryuna??

Ryuna: Oh baby i missed you!!

She was about to hug him while he pushed her slightly.

Tae: Why the hell are you here??

Meanwhile Lia came and seems confused about whats going on. She told the maid to go and immediately called Yn and she hurriedly came and stood there confused.

Ryuna: Come on…i know you missed me too, right baby??

Tae: *chuckles* Baby? My foot!! I hate you!

Ryuna: No baby..see i came back just for you!

Tae: OH JUST STFU! And stop calling me Baby!!

Ryuna: Why bab-

Tae: Get out before i do something i shouldn do…

Ryuna: Please listen-

Tae: GET OUT!!

Everyone flinched by his sudden yelling and death glares.

This was the first time Yn saw him angry.

Lia: *whispers to Yn* I think this girl is his Ex…

Yn looks at Lia with emotionless face.

Ryuna suddenly hugs Tae. Yn was boiling in anger while widening her eyes.

Lia: Control Yn.. control..

Tae pushed her harshly and she backed off.

Ryuna: Baby..i know i hurted you but it was just past.. lets start a new journey together. Lets forget everything, okay baby?!

Tae: Just stop this drama you cheater… Im warning you the last time!!

Ryuna: *smirks* I know you still don have any girlfriend..

Tae smirks back and called Yn. While Yn was just froze on her spot.

Lia: Yn!! Go!!

Yn came back to reality and comes near Taehyung. He quickly holds her by waist and face towards Ryuna.

Ryuna: *scoff* who the hell is she??!!

Tae: Mind your words!! shes my girlfriend!

Yn looks at him by hearing that.. taehyung signals her to play along. Yn smirks and hugs him from side like a protective girlfriend.

Ryuna: This…this girl is your choice?? *laughs* OMG taehyung…Hey girl so how did you seduced him??

Lia: I don know who are you…but you surely are a bitch and it doesn mean everyone else is like you!

Ryuna: You-

Tae: Absolutely right.

Ryuna: Ughh!! And you!! can you speak??

Tae: Yeah she can speak but we have our love language. So you don need to be worried about my choice or my life, get that! Now leave!! And Ill not even compare her to you..bcz shes far far…better than you. Shes the best choice of my life.

Ryuna: I don believe you.. give me proof if shes really your girlfriend or not.

Tae: Well I don need to explain you..bcz you are no one to me!!

Ryuna: See see, shes not your Gf you
e just saying it to get rid of me!

Tae: Yo-

Before Tae could say anything Yn pecked him in lips while Tae was frozen like what just happened…And there was Lia who was happy like a little kid. Yn couldn bare her so she just did what was on her mind. And now she was red like a tomato. Ryuna couldn bare their insults so she left from there slamming her feet on floor. Lia came and clears her throat to gain their attention.

Lia: I guess i shouldn disturb you both Bye…

Yn was about to go with her but Tae stops her and gripped tightly on her waist.

Tae: What was that??

Yn bites her bottom lip and avoiding eye contact with him. He pushed her on the couch and hovers over her fragile body.

Tae: *smirks* Were you jeolous??

Yn: (thinking) Stop being shy Yn!! Hell suspect you…and why tf i did that.. Im dead now for sure..Gosh don lean closer..

Tae: Just nod as a yes or no..

Yn: *looks down*

Tae: I know its a yes *smirks*

The moment Yn looks at him he smashed his lips on her…After some seconds Yn couldn resist and Kissed back. They were just lost in that kiss.

*Meanwhile Lia and Maids*

Lia:Oh my poor eyes…

Maid: They look so good together.

Maid 2: Yeah i agree.

Maid 3: Aww..

Lia: Lets not disturb them..lets go back to our works.

After a minute they broke the kiss and stared at each other.

Yn: *did hand signs*

Tae: What does that mean i don know..

Yn pushed him and ran from there as fast as she could before he can catch her.

Tae: What does This sign mean?? Better ask Lia later…*he remembers the kiss and blushed* Oh my goodness Im blushing?? Aishh..this girl driving me crazy..*chuckles*

Yn ran to her room and blushed hard..She touched her lips and her cheeks were like tomato again.

Yn: (thinking): OMG!! Aaaaahh!!! Is this real?? *she pinched herself* Oww!! Its real…Did he really kissed me??? He even introduced me as his gf Infront of his Ex…I know that was bcz of the situation..but still he couldve chose Lia too but he chose me that means…he also likes me??? Aahhhh!! i tried hard not to fall for him but I can but fall more and more… Thats why i did that signs..but unfortunately he can understand *sigh* its okay at least i confessed..*smiles* Eomma, Appa..Your daughter is going crazy..

*Time skip dinner time*

Everyone were eating dinner but Yn didn even glanced at Tae bcz shes too shy..While Tae was continuously staring at her.

Lia: (thinking): Im feeling like a third wheeler right now..I should give them some space.

Lia: Ah Excuse me..*she went to kitchen*

Yn quickly finished her dinner and tae spoke.

Tae: Yn lets go to a date tomorrow.

Yn finally looks at him.

Tae: please don say no.

Yn slowly nodded as a yes.

Tae: *smile* thank you…Good night, sleep well.

Yn smiles and went upstairs and Lia also came back to dinner table.

Tae: Uhh Lia..

Lia: Yes sir?

Tae: uhh… Actually Yn did said something to me in sign language but i couldn understand so can you translate that??

Lia: Yeah sure..what is it?

Tae did the exact signs to Lia while she couldn help but to smile widely..

Lia: You
e gonna be so happy if you know what does it means..

Tae: thats why Im asking what is the meaning of this??

Lia: Its very awkward for me to say this to Ill give you a hint.. Its the three magical words.. Bye.

With that she quickly went towards her room.

Tae: Three magical words?? Is it…I love you??

He was happy af. He was smiling widely looking cute with his boxy smile.

Tae: She confessed to me and i didn understood… Aishh… Don worry Ill say that in my style tomorrow..wait and watch my dear Yn *smirks*

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