*Next day*

Yn slowly opened her eyes when suns rays hits her face and she quickly sat up straight regaining her memories of last night. A drop of tear falls from her eye. She stood up and went downstairs when suddenly Tae blocked her.

Tae: Bae, relax i talked to Jin Hyung and he said Lia is physically completely fine now she can discharge.

Yn Hugged him tightly hearing the good news.

Tae: But shes still ill mentally.

Tae pulled out from the hug and holds her shoulders

Tae: But don worry shes strong enough.

*Yn smiles nodding*

Tae: *smiles* Now go and take a bath bcz *whispers near her ear* You smell stinky.

Yn pouts and lightly hits him.

Tae: *giggle* Now go or else Ill also join you *smirk*

Without hearing his full sentence she immediately ran towards her bathroom.

*Time skip after they reach hospital*

Yn taps on Jimins shoulder indicating hows Lia.

Jimin: *sigh* Shes okay now but she keeps asking about Yn and keeps apologizes to Yn..

Tae: But why she apologizes to Yn??

Yn: *shrugs off*

Tae: Did yall find out about anything suspicious?

Everyone: No.

Jk: But Hyung the number you sent to us yesterday was from Busan.

Tae: Busan??

Jimin: Yeah and the call duration was about 10 mins and if we calculate the time she went to her room till i found her in the kitchen then everything makes sense that the person who called was deff very sus.

Tae: Hmm..Suga and Hobi Hyung will go to Busan today to find the location the call was exactly from And Jimin and Jk you two keep informing me every details you find okay?

Jimin and jk: Okay

Suga: Well go now.

Jin: Stay safe guys.

RM: Be alert!

Then suga and Hobi went out.

Tae: Yn, you can go inside to meet Lia now.

Yn: *nods and went inside*

RM: Taehyung, Did you know about Lia well before you gave her the translating job?

Tae: Well Jimin and Jk already gave me info about her.

Jk: Yeah shes the same age as Yn. Likes to read books and is a polyglot ( a person who knows several languages) including the sign language too. She has a lil brother and leaves with her mom and dad and loves them so much thats it.

Jin: Is there any lover of her or anyone that likes her? maybe someone could be blackmailing her..

Tae: You
e right some one is blackmailing her but the thing is why shes sorry to Yn??

Jimin: Umm..maybe bcz she unfortunately ruined your date???

RM: That is not a valid reason..A person who just tried attempting suicide would say sorry for being guilty to ruin someones date by her action?? hell nahh.

Tae: Yeah..It must be a big matter bcz the first thing she said after waking up was a sorry to Yn…

Jk: Why don we ask her ourselves!

Jin smacked jks head after hearing what he said.

Jk: Yaahh!! Hyung!! why would you do that..

Tae, Rm and Jimin: you deserved that!

Jk: Waee??

Jin: Pabo if we could ask her straightly like that shouldn we have already asked her?? Dumbo Shes mentally weak don you understand that we can pressure her for anything and thats also when she tried to end her fking life. ITS VERY SERIOUS!! *Jin said in his intense angry rap*

RM: Shhh!! there are other patients too..

Jk: *jungshook* aishh mianhae mianhae(sorry)

*Meanwhile in Lias ward*

Yn: *sobbing* ”pabo how could you even think of such silly things ”

Lia: *weakly smiles* Is my bestie mad at me?

Yn: ”MAD?? Im totally disappointed with you! ”

Lia: Oops looks like i have to try very hard to get your forgiveness.

Yn: ”pabo ”

Lia: Sorry Yn.. Your Lia is very weak she failed to prove her and isn strong enough…

Yn: ”It must be a very serious reason that made you think like this ”

Lia: *sobs* Im really very sorry i don deserve your love.. Im a failure..

Yn: ”No, Don say like that..i know the pain you have been through..at some point i also wanted to end my life and wanted to be free from all the pain but see life is truly unbelievable! God made me met taehyung and the other members who made me feel wanted and I don wanna die anymore in fact i wanna live more to experience more things. Its okay if you fall but don worry and stand up again with more strength and don let the world break you. ”

Lia: But Yn Im really guilty for a sin i made..and i bet youll be also disappointed with me after i say what i did.

Then tae came with the other members.

Tae: knock knock may we come in ladies.

Yn: *nods*

Lia *thinking*: if i confess that i risked yns life Infront of him then Im surely dead rn but i have to tell them i can continue to be fake.

Tae:what happened are you okay now?? you seem very nervous..

Lia: Uhh..yeah.. actually i wanna confess something to you both..and the other members too..

Tae: Go on Don be afraid.

Lia: I- I want to say that i am one o-of the people of y-your most wanted r-rival…. Jack.

Just by Hearing his name taehyung clenched his jaw and his fist fuming in anger. Jimin immediately tried to calm him bcz everyone knows that taehyung will not think twice to destroy the whole world if someone tries to harm his loved once.

Yn also came near him and told them to take him away bcz he was boiling in anger that time. Anyone would faint if they look into taehyungs eyes when hes angry.

Yn: ”Lia don worry Ill deal with him and will explain to him everything ”

With that she also went outside.

Lia: *sighs heavily* this is the thing i was mostly afraid of..

*No ones pov*

Jack: I got the news that Lia tried to suicide?? That lil piece of shit was not useful either..aishhh now theyll deff come for me anytime.

???:what are you gonna do now?

Jack: Kill His lover before he can come for me…*smirk*

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