Sometimes, I had always wondered how my life would be like if I was not a handmaid, not that I was complaining about my position as an omega in this position, the princess made my life a little more better but at the same time, made it worse unintentionally because the rest omegas in the pack hated me with so much passion that I feared one day, they might just decide to either poison me, suffocate me in my sleep with a pillow or stab me.

I was literally princess Anastasias favorite and it irked them badly, I knew that the day, her mate would come for her, I would either be assigned to follow her or be left behind to be abused by the others, I wanted to escape from this world so badly and I did not mean by dying, maybe, switching souls with someone of a higher rank, I yearned to know how it would feel to walk in their shoes someday because as an omega, the chances of your mate rejecting you was very high.

I tried to believe that there was light at the end of the tunnel even though, it seemed so far away from where I stood, at night, I would fantasize about experiencing genuine love from my unknown mate and even my parents which I never met, the only information that I got to know about them was that they both died during the war between Silver Heart pack and Dark Moon pack.

Ever since, I have been living under the mercy of the alpha king and my pack members, my comfort zone was basically the princess and recently, she has not been feeling so happy and it really bothered me.

I headed towards her room with the hope that she would be much better since she claimed that she needed space which everybody obeyed her, maybe, she was sad over the fact that her mate was yet to come after her Eighteenth birthday, I could understand her pains but her case was much different.

One thing was for your mate to find you, another thing was for him to either accept or reject but nobody would dare to reject a beauty like Anastasia.

She seemed flawless to me even though, she told me that she was not.

Every day, I kept wishing that my mate would actually love and nor treat me like a slave even though, I was an omega, one thing told me that my life was going to change either for better or worse, I just prayed that it would not be the former because I might loose it.

I knocked gently on her door, waiting for approval and I heard her question me in a low tone, Who is it?

My lady, it is Isabella. I answered.

The truth was that if anything happened to her, I would be the one to blame and of course, the other jealous maids would paint me so bad that the alpha would behead me without thinking twice.

Come in. she ordered.

Good thing that she did not me away.

I opened the door and found her room in a mess that my eyes instantly shone due to surprise, Goodness gracious! What happened here?

My horrible life happened, Isabella. she responded.


I forgot that she had special hearing abilities as well but what exactly was she talking about?

She was the princess, her life could not be bad as mine..

I squinted my eyes at her and kept my hands behind my back, I do not understand, my lady. Please, speak to me.

It was obvious that she was far from good and that was why I never bothered to ask her if she was, the good thing about her was that she confided in me like her best friend and not just some slave in her pack.

Take a look at what I have become, I do not even know myself. My room might be a mess but my mental health is much worse! she cried.

Her words made my heart beat rate to heighten because she sounded as if she was considering suicide as an option.

I am tired of this! I want to die! she added.

Okay, that was it, my heart almost jumped out of my chest.

I instantly fell on her knees and pleaded as if my life was on the line, My lady, please, do not say that! Death is not an option now, when there is life, there is hope. I need you to speak to me while I clean up this room.

You would not understand, Isy. she shook her head and tears dropped down her cheekbones.

Yes, I will be able to. I am willing to render help. I told her and her face brightened.

Really? she inquired with raised brows.

I nodded my head rapidly, just to assure her, Yes, my lady.

If that is the case then I am going to tell you everything, first of all, have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in someone else shoes? she asked me.

Yes, I have but I was always afraid since reality and expectations were never the same.


Who would that be?

I shrugged my shoulders in response because I did not really have a specific answer, I do not know, my princess. Anybody whose life is much better than my life, to be honest.

My words brought a smirk to her lips and it scared me even more, Do you want to be a princess for a day?

Wait, what?!

My heart skipped a beat and I froze right on the spot while my brain tried to process the offer that she just threw at me, it was really a dangerous game to play and in as much as I wanted such experience, I could not imagine what the alpha would do to me if he finds me impersonating his daughter.

I am sorry, my lady. I cannot accept such offer, I am okay with being your handmaiden. I deadpanned.

Her eyes went back to being teary and I hated to see it but it was really for the best, Please, do not cry. Try and understand the kind of trouble that I would get myself into.

Why did she want to give her position to somebody else?

What was really her gain in all of this?

I thought you were the only one who cared about me but I guess, I thought wrong… Please, leave, I do not want to speak to anybody, you all are selfish!

I just could not leave her alone, not after seeing how stressed out, she was…

I had two options, either giving into her desires or saving my self from the troubles of the alpha, I would still be loosing on both ends though…

Princess Anastasia, why do you have to put me in such a difficult position?

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