My name is Kira Paxton and Im a hybrid.

In werewolf terms, that is a wolf whose DNA shows signs of vampirism. But in this case, neither of my parents were vampires.

My mother is a fairy who changed into a human and married my father who was an Alpha of Thunder pack, our pack. And as their only daughter, I have to join alliances with any neighboring pack to fortify the stronghold of my pack.

These were the hard times.

My father always told me that there would come a time when I would need to join an alliance in blood and marriage to protect the wolves in our pack but I still cannot believe it.

It has been two years since my parents left me to take control of the pack that they built together and I just think it is surreal. The pain of losing them in battle was still fresh and I am nowhere near, committing to a marriage.

Words have gotten out to several wolves in the city of how vulnerable the power in my pack has become and in any time, any wolf could barge into our territory and contest to fight me.

”If they succeeded in defeating me, they would become the next Alpha and take the throne that my parents created with their blood and sweat. ” I can let that happen and this is why, I have invited several wolves from all over the country to court me.

I need a husband, and a leader who will lead my fathers army of wolves. I am searching for a man, the one I ought to bear children for and as scary as that sounded to me, a twenty year old girl…

It is my reality.

I don have the time or pleasure of doing the things that girls my age did. I had a great responsibility on my shoulder and it gets heavier each second.

I look at myself in the mirror and I huff to the dark circles under my eyes. Evelyn, my best friend, opens the door and she is carrying a warm bowl of oatmeal.

”I hope you didn bring me that to eat. ” I say to her as she places it on my bed.

You know how consistent Paige is! Its normal that you won have an appetite when you are about to bind yourself in a marriage that would rest in the future of our pack.

But she can seem to understand that! Evelyn says.

If you
e furious, think about how I must feel?

”Im so scared. I just wished things were different and that I didn have to rush this. ” I say to her and adjust the light, blue gown that stopped above my knees.

Im sure there would be someone that you can connect with? Evelyn says as she places a hand on my shoulder.

Its not about the romantic connection! That is the last thing Im searching for.

”I am looking for someone who no one would be able to challenge but I am scared that, once I court him, he would take over and push me away from everything my parents created. ”

”Im not enough to hold our packs power and everyone knows this about me. ” Its just a matter of time. I say to Evelyn and I can see the reflection of the oatmeal from my mirror.

Well, its almost time.

”We picked twenty men and eight of them are from other countries, Paige says. They are the most eligible and I just hope it will work out. ” Evelyn says.

I nod my head and head over to the window where I see only a large landscape and nothing present in it. I remember when I used to run through it when I got back from school.

I was in high school back then and I thought I had forever to grow up. I didn think I would lose my parents, nor give up on college and marry someone I know nothing about in-order to keep the power of my pack and family.

My relatives have been my biggest support ever since my parents passed away; but sometimes, I feel as if they do not understand me.

After staring at the landscape, I see that the guests have begun to arrive. I can see different expensive luxury cars entering into our Packs estate and I exit my room to have a look from upstairs.

”Truth is, Im a sucker for meeting new people, I always judge people harshly and today is just going to be worse. ” I take a deep breath and head back into my room, I will wait for Paige, a relative from my moms side to invite me in.

As much as I didn want this to look ceremonial, she did everything in her power to make it exactly that! The light, blue, beautiful dress, my curled up hair, the makeup on my face that makes my eyes seem siren and my skin

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