After going from one end of the room to another. It feels like I can finally accept this but I know that is another lie. He wants me to marry him, he has threatened to take my pack by force and do more disaster.

Im at ends here and there is only one option. My hair is in disarray, I can hear Paige murmuring about me just outside my room doors. She cannot believe that I wasn kidnapped, I, myself haven wrapped myself in the understanding of how things took place.

Finally, after going forth and back. It is clear. The sacrifice I must make is clear enough and I will not spend another minute trying to get out of it. I get out of the room, not giving myself another chance to talk myself out of the sacrifice.

Paige looks and walks towards me the moment I step out of the door. And right before she can say anything, I choose to explain how things are going to me towards her.

”I have found a man to marry. ” I say, lifting my head and trying to look as confident as I could be.

What do you mean youve found a man to marry? You left after meeting the first person and Evelyn said you were taken away by someone. I know that she did not lie! Evelyn says.

”Yes, she didn . ” But If I were kidnapped, would they release me just like that? I say, hoping she doesn have another question to counter attack this one.

That is exactly what I am trying to understand. What exactly happened to you? Paige asks.

”I was taken by someone who sought my hand. He is not so good at proposing and when, I got to meet him. ”I realized that he is of good intentions and he is jaunt who exactly our pack needs.

Paige looks at me like she is not buying a word that Im speaking but she has finally gotten the answer that she has been asking.

What? I want to believe this…what is his name? Paige asks.

”Um… ” I say because I dread even pronouncing his name but I deceive Paige with a smile as I walk around her.

”Alejandro. ” He has magnificent packs, scattered all over the country. He is not thirsty to own our pack for himself, he truly just wants an alliance. He is the kind of person we have all been hoping to find.

”Aunt, no other pack will dare to come against us as long as we have him. ” Our pack will be very safe until we get stronger, strong enough that we will not need alliance to stand anymore.

”I just can believe this. ” Paige says as she unfold her hands.

”A moment ago, you hated the idea of getting married to someone for alliance. ” And today, you are thinking far and above.

Isn this what you asked of me? Im the heir to my parents pack and I have to do everything to protect it.

”You do not have a reason to worry about me. I will make sure alliance works and you won have to force yourself to sleep at night anymore. ” I say.

My attention deviates when I see Evelyn, it looks like she is back and I walk away from Paige to meet her. Paiges eyes follows me. She cannot believe that Im the same person who is being submissive to the idea of getting married for fortifying our pack.

I whisper to Evelyn and we head together to my room.

”You were kidnapped. ” Evelyn whispers to me the moment I enter into the room.

What the hell happened? Where did they take you to? She asks and I make sure the door is locked before answering her questions.

”Its Alejandro. ” I say to her.

Evelyn shakes her head in unbelief. She does not want to believe that it is the man that we both spoke about just the moment before we got ambushed.

You mean the Devils spawn? She says to be sure we were talking about the same man.

Yes. He is powerful and he wants our pack. I say to her. I rush towards the window of my room to lay my concern and Evelyn reaches for me.

You are going to marry him? She asks, it is the most important question despite all of that.

I may have to. You said it yourself. He comes after packs and forces alliance. ”That is the exact thing that he wants to do to us. I cannot risk putting everyones life at risk. ”

”We may come up with an alliance later but we are just too weak. ” I have to get married to the person that our pack needs protection from. I say to Evelyn.

”We…there must be something we can do that about it. ” You did not tell Paige, how would she know that we are in a deep mess.

”It is my burden to carry. ” I must carry it alone. I say to her.

No, you mustn ! Evelyn says.

What can I do? What can anyone do? ”Even if I tell Paige, what would she even do about it? She would freak out. ” The guards would try to fight and it would cause nothing but bloodshed.

”I must keep my silence and when I can strike, I will but at first, I have to follow with this plans. ” I say, accepting it and hoping that there would be a time to strike.

But at first, I must know him. I must know what he is after. Why does he want my pack? If it was compared to his, our little pack is nothing. I must find out what it is that makes him want to attain the packs.

”If I can know the reason, it could surely be his weakness and it would be the key to turning all of this into the greatest mistake he has ever made in his life. ”

Im quiet at this point, talking to my obscure mind. I was supposed to use this moment to shake the weight off my shoulder being the last day of having a normal life. And even that, I couldn have.

I might just forget about ever having a normal life. It went down when my parents left me alone to take on the pack. I was just about to start high school. It was supposed to be the best time of my life, the best of heartbreaks but the only thing I got was heartbreak indeed.

I couldn even go to school like a normal person because my aunt feared that those who opposed me as the ruler of my pack would come for me. I had to be homeschooled, missed every high school ball and eventually, withstood the pain.

Right now, I feel like I cannot continue to withstand the way my life takes the wrong turn.

How could I ever have foreseen this? I knew that I would be married to someone I hardly know but it wasn supposed to be a threat, or to a person with starved eyes and unknown personality.

The vengeful gaze of his eyes alone reminds me that Alejandro isn like other men. It didn do me any good that he was a different kind of man for I could read the thought of other men but his was covered in webs that made my curiosity defenseless.

I always thought that I would be able to protect what belonged to my parents but right now, it felt as if I was losing it. Slowly, losing it and it will take more than hope to keep her sane.

What is left for someone who has nothing to protect? My pack is all that is left from my parents death and it would take more than his threatened words to get my hands off it.

”Only if he knew that I, Kira of the Thunder pack was far more than a heiress. ” I have the blood of a hybrid coursing through my veins and my stubbornness is far greater than what he thought he is signing up for.

”It is in this time that I made the promise to myself of what I was going to do. ” I was going to make him fall in love with me. I would change his nature and cause him to depend on me for his every breath.

”And when he has put all of his believe in me, his last drop of trust, I will cause him to rue the day he ever met me. ” The only way I could put myself through this alliance is with a plan up my sleeve, a plan that doesn require wolves that are willing to fight or lay down their lives for me.

It would be one that a wolf like him would never be able to detect. As I have made this promise to myself, I would not rest until I trap the Devils spawn.

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