Melody the series

season 1 episode 1

(The episode opens with a teenage girl who has long black hair, brown skin, wearing a white lab coat, pink shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes named Melody using a screwdriver to screw a bolt in for a metal circle)

(Once the circle is down, a hand puts a seed in the circle, a green glow lifts the seed)

(Melody puts on goggles on her face, then the other person is revealed to be a woman who has long straight brown hair, brown skin, blue headband, wearing a lab coat, dark blue work dress, and heels named Rayme has goggles on her face too)

(Rayme and Melody sees the seed grow, then the glow grows too)

Rayme (high fives Melody): Experiment complete

Melody (writes in her notebook): Fantastic

(The green glow turns into a white aura that looks like the wind, and as that happened the seed turned into an egg)

(Rayme and Melody looks surprised)

Melody (with one eyebrow raised): an egg?

Rayme (scratches her chin): It seems the race that left this behind had a good sense of humor, and advanced technology.

Melody: So, does this prove the existence of aliens?

Rayme (holding the egg): Maybe. Maybe. I couldn find a match from any known species.

Melody: What do you think is inside?

Rayme: Probably not a creature that we would recognize

(phone rings)

Rayme: (gives Melody the egg) Scan the egg, Ill take the call

Melody (salutes): Got it.

(Rayme goes to the phone and Melody goes by a machine that looks like a giant backpack with mechanical arms)

(Melody put the egg on one of the mechanical arms)

(Once the egg enters the machine, lights start flashing)

Rayme: The experiment was fine, of course, she will be home in time.

(Melody sees a line of paper coming out of one of the mechanical arms finger, and the egg comes out and shows it has two legs)

Melody: Legs? (Picks up the egg) Its hatching (looks at the eggs) Nope, I don recognize these legs.

Rayme (looks at paper): Of course not, according to these readings show that this doesn creature exist on Earth, but some of its DNA, has been picked up at

(Rayme race to her computer and Melody follows her)

(Melody sees on Raymes screen, the name S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Melody(holding the egg): You
e hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D. I thought you wanted nothing to do with it.

Rayme: I don …but, they may know something about this, since im tracking this DNA from their ships.

Melody (eyes widened): Oh

(The eggs started glowing)

Rayme: It must understand me, and it wants to find its mother.

Melody (looks at the egg): Should we let it go? Or should we kill it?

Rayme (looks at the egg): It doesn appear to want to hurt us, it must be scanning us.

(The egg lands on Melodys head)

Melody: I think it trusts us, well me specifically.

Rayme: It appears so (looks at the paper) It also seems that our scanner seems to hacked S.H.I.E.L.Ds computer files and it appears that this species is called a Nomin, and looks like its (confused) part unicorn, dragon, and has antennas.

Melody: Thats insane.

(The egg shakes on Melodys egg and the egg shells fall off her, Rayme drops the paper and looks shocked)

Melody: Well, what does it look like?

Rayme: Well, Ill tell you, (rips the paper) this paper is trash.

Melody: That doesn answer my question.

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