Inside the banquet hall of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Sophia, who was wearing a white wedding dress, walked in slowly.

All the guests gazes were involuntarily drawn to her, and they were amazed by her beauty.

Not only did Sophia have an extremely beautiful face, but she was also 1.7 meters tall and had a voluptuous figure. Under the wedding dress, she looked holy and sexy.

This was a woman who could make countless men go crazy for her. Unfortunately, she was going to marry a rapist.

Back then, Sophias rape had caused a huge commotion in New Orleans, and it ended with Daniel being locked up in Angolas prison.

Everyone thought that Sophia would abort the baby in her stomach, but unexpectedly, Sophia gave birth to the baby. Perhaps it was the sensitivity of human nature that made Sophia unable to bear to kill a new life.

Everyone thought that after being locked up in Angolas prison, where the average sentence was eighty-eight years, Daniel would spend the rest of his life in prison. They did not expect that after only four years, Daniel would be released from prison and would become Sophias husband!

How ridiculous was this? A victim had to marry an abuser!

No one could understand Alberts actions, but for the sake of the Jones familys authority in New Orleans, the guests all stood up and applauded.

”Miss Sophia is so beautiful! ”

”Miss Sophia, happy wedding! ”

”Mr. Albert has found a good husband for Miss Sophia. Miss Sophia is beautiful and Mr. Daniel Hoyd is strong and courageous. They
e a good match. ”

Everyone gave Sophia their blessings against her will. Sophia walked on the red carpet of the banquet hall with a stiff expression.

If it wasn for the smiles on the faces of these guests, others would probably think that they were being sarcastic. This was the only way they could think of to praise Daniel Hoyd.

How could a rapist with an antisocial personality not be strong and courageous?

”Grandpa. ”

Sophia walked in front of Albert, her tone somewhat cold as she greeted him.

Albert smiled and nodded in satisfaction.

Originally, he had high hopes for Sophia and planned to train her to become a top professional manager to manage Jones Group for his useless eldest son.

By then, most of his shares would be handed over to George Jones. With Brandon and Sophias assurance, Jones Group would be on the right track and would be passed down from generation to generation in Georges hands.

In the end, he had always regarded Sophia and Brandon as Georges tools. Thus, after Sophia was raped and given birth to a daughter, Albert did not show his loathing for her, even though he felt that she had embarrassed the Jones family.

However, everything changed a few months ago.

His useless eldest son seemed to have been reborn overnight. He displayed an amazing talent for business and even had a relationship with the military.

This change also made Albert change his mind, and he agreed to marry Sophia to Daniel Hoyd.

Little did he know that this was all a tangle set up by Lucas Smith under the orders of Daniel.

At this moment, George walked toward Sophia with a glass of red wine in his hand.

He felt extremely carefree and even felt as if he was floating in the air.

Georges contact with the militarys higher-ups told him that he had a batch of goods in his hands that he was going to sell abroad. As long as he could take full control of Jones Group, he was willing to cooperate with George and have more orders in the future.

And now, his blueprint is gradually being realized.

”Sophia, I wish you well. ”

After saying that, George lowered his voice again.

”From now on, you can just stay at home and live a good life with your rapist husband. ”

George chuckled and looked at Sophia with a smile.

Sophia couldn help but clench her fists, and her face under the wedding dress was pale.

Even though Sophia had spent that night in a coma, four years had passed, and she was still woken up by many nightmares. Now, she was going to share a room with the demon who had raped her!

”George, you bastard! ”

Amison was about to rush up and punch George.

Brandon quickly pulled her back and shook his head at her.

”Brandon, take care of your wife. I don want the two of you to be kicked out of the wedding. ”

Alberts cold gaze swept over Brandon and his wife, and then a smile appeared on his face as he walked up to the stage.

”Today is the wedding day of my granddaughter Sophia. I won hide it from everyone. After Sophia had sex with Daniel, she fell deeply in love with him. ”

As soon as he said this, the banquet hall was in an uproar.

Everyones gazes fell on Sophia. Some were filled with puzzlement, some were filled with disdain, and some were filled with lust.

Sophias eyes widened. She could not imagine that her grandfather would make up such a story about her during the wedding.

”Brandon! You
e going to let Albert humiliate your daughter in front of so many people? ”

Said Amison through gritted teeth as she clutched onto Brandons arm tightly.

”Can you see the situation? My father is planning to abandon us. If we do anything rude, he and George will instantly find a reason to kick us out of the family. At that time, we will have nothing. ”

Brandon sighed helplessly.

On the stage, Albert was still giving his speech.

”To make Sophias wish come true, to let Alice have a father, I have put down my prejudice and agreed to marry Sophia to Daniel Hoyd. I believe that under the witness of the Lord, this couple will be able to accompany each other for a lifetime, support each other, and live a happy and harmonious life. ”

Albert laughed bitterly, helplessly shaking his head.

Immediately, all of the guests looked at Albert with eyes filled with sympathy.

With these words, Albert became a kind elder who had no choice but to accept their marriage, while Sophia became like a child who was addicted to abuse.

”Now, Daniel Hoyd is already on his way to the hotel. Please wait for a moment … ”

Just as Albert said this, the banquet halls door was pushed open.

A tall figure was standing at the door, holding a little girl in his arms.

When the girls in the banquet hall saw Daniel Hoyd, their eyes couldn help but brighten.

”Mother! ”

Allie saw Sophia and shouted excitedly.

The banquet hall was in an uproar.

If this little girl was Sophias daughter, then this man was …

Instantly, everyones gaze toward Daniel turned into one of disdain and disgust.

”Miss Sophia, Im Daniel Hoyd. Nice to meet you. ”

Daniel walked toward Sophia. He, who would never back down even in the face of thousands of powerful enemies, actually felt nervous at this moment.

Sophia took a few steps back in fear as if she had seen a demon.

”Mom, Uncle said you sent him to protect Allie! ”

In front of Sofia, Allie finally revealed a bright smile and spoke innocently.

Everyone looked at her strangely, but the three-year-old Allie had long been used to such looks.

Hearing this, Sophia looked at Daniel in shock.

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