This was Sophias first time seeing Daniel Hoyd. She had to admit that Daniels image was somewhat beyond her expectations.

She had thought that Daniel would be a bad-looking, fierce-looking man, but he was very handsome and had an excellent figure.

However, this only made Sophia loathe Daniel even more. With Daniels appearance, it was not difficult for him to find a proper girlfriend. The fact that he had embarked on the path of crime just showed how twisted his heart was and how perverted his personality was!

”Let go of my daughter! ”

Sophia said coldly. The couple who were about to get married seemed more like mortal enemies.

Daniel knew that Sophia would not forgive him easily, so he made preparations before coming.

”Alright, ” he said.

He nodded obediently and placed Allie on the ground.

”Mom, whats wrong with you and Uncle? Did you quarrel? ”

The sensitive Allie walked to Sophias side, grabbed her leg, and asked timidly.

”Be good, Allie. Mommy didn fight with him. Mommy just … ”

Sophia did not know how to continue, and her voice was a little choked.

”Sophia, you
e wrong. Although Daniel raped you, and although Daniel has an antisocial personality and mental illness, he is still your husband and Allies father. ”

George walked up and said jokingly.

”You see, Allie is so close to him. After all, she still has Daniels genes as a rapist. ”

George seemed to be trying to mediate, but his words did not stray from Sophias sore spot.

Allie looked at George in a daze. At the age of three, she found it difficult to understand what George was saying.

”Shut up! Don say this in front of Allie! ”

Sophia covered Allies ears and angrily rebuked George.

”Even a dog wouldn complain about its house being simple and crude. If you can give birth to a bastard like Allie, why can you let her know what kind of person her father is?

Besides, your family will be living together in the future. You have to let Allie know the truth of life, right? ”

George said with a smile. His goal today was to humiliate Sophia and make her the laughing stock of the entire New Orleans City!

The next moment, a loud and clear sound rang out in the banquet hall.

Daniel picked up a handkerchief and wiped his hands.

Just now, he had slapped Georges face!

George staggered a few steps back from the slap, and half of his face was red and swollen.

”You … You dare to hit me? ”

George covered his face and stared at Daniel in shock.

”Why would I not dare to hit you? You said it yourself, Im a criminal, a bastard from Angola Prison who committed all kinds of evil. ”

Daniel had a cold smile.

Georges body trembled, and he hurriedly took a few steps back,

Thats right, he had almost forgotten that this was an evil person with an antisocial personality.

”Listen, Sophia is my wife, and Allie is my daughter. No matter what kind of person I am, Ill only take care of my wife and daughter. No matter who you are, if you dare to bully them, Ill make you pay a painful price! ”

Daniels sharp eyes swept across the crowd as he spoke in a deep voice.

Sophia looked at Daniel in astonishment. She couldn imagine that such words would come out of his mouth.

Even though she hated Daniel to the core, she still felt extremely cool.

”Bastard! It seems that you have to learn the rules of the Jones family first! ”

Albert angrily slammed the table and reprimanded.

He and George had decided to marry Sophia to Daniel, not only because of Daniels notorious past, which would embarrass Sophia but also because of his disagreeable personality and mental problems, which would likely hurt Sophia. In their opinion, this was killing two birds with one stone.

However, Albert could not accept the fact that Daniel had beaten up George.

”Tie him up! ”

Albert snorted coldly as he called out.

The next moment, the bodyguards in the banquet hall pounced on Daniel.

There were about twenty bodyguards, and their suits were bulging from their strong muscles.

The guests in the banquet hall let out a burst of exclamations, and the scene turned chaotic.

Allie looked at the group of fierce-looking bodyguards, with her face full of fear.

”Don be afraid, Allie. Uncle promised to protect you. ”

Yet, in the face of the group of bodyguards about to pounce on him, Daniel had the leisure to stroke Allies head and talk with a smile.

The next moment, he stood up and walked toward the group of bodyguards.

Daniel lowered his body and dodged a fist. He then elbowed a bodyguard in the lower abdomen.

Suddenly, the tall and strong bodyguard was sent flying and smashed into a table.

Daniels body was strong and vigorous. He kept dodging the attacks of more than 20 bodyguards, and no one could touch him!

On the contrary, every punch and kick of his could make a bodyguard fall to the ground and never get up!

A few minutes later, all the bodyguards were on the ground, wailing in pain, unable to stand up!

Everyone looked at this scene with wide eyes and slack jaws. What kind of grandson-in-law had Albert found for himself?

Most of the bodyguards of the Jones family were retired soldiers. They were not comparable to ordinary commercial bodyguards. All of these bodyguards were not even a match for Daniel Hoyd!

After he had knocked them all down, he didn even have a drop of sweat.

Daniel Hoydes military merits were earned from piles of dead bodies. A mere 20-odd people was just a piece of cake for him.

”Uncle is so powerful! ”

Allie shouted excitedly, Breaking the silence in the banquet hall.

”Then, Uncle will always be by Allies side to protect you, okay? ”

Daniel said with a smile.

He did not reveal his identity to Allie rashly. His original plan was to return to Allies side as her father. However, when he saw the group of children who kept bullying Alice with the excuse that her father was a rapist, he changed his mind.

He didn want Allie to feel uneasy and nervous about his existence, so he decided to take things one step at a time and let Allie slowly accept him as her father.

However, Sophia picked up Allie and stared at Daniel with vigilance.

According to the information, Daniel had mental problems and a hostile personality. He was also very skilled. If he wanted to hurt the mother and daughter, who could stop him?

Within the banquet hall, all of the guests were carefully looking at Albert.

It was bad enough that they fought at the wedding, but the Jones familys bodyguards were no match for Daniel Hoyd. How was Albert going to deal with this?

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