Military Lord Released From Prison

Chapter 4. I\'m here to protect Allie

Daniel had expected that Sophia would reject him, so he was not surprised.

”Lets go in. Don let Allie wait in the house alone. ”

Daniel nodded and said calmly as he walked into the house.

Sophia frowned and fell into deep thought as she looked at his back.

From the looks of it, this guy didn seem to have a mental problem. At the very least, other than beating up George and his bodyguards, Daniel was very calm in front of them.

”Sophia? ”

When Daniel saw that there was no movement behind him, he turned around and shouted.

”Im coming! ”

Sophia snapped back to reality and walked into the house.

In front of Allie, Sophia always wore a smile on her face.

For the past three years, she had always protected Allie. No matter how hard it was outside, Sophia would always smile when she returned home.

”Mom, Im hungry. ”

Allie said and looked at Sophia with eager eyes as she rode in her toy car.

”Can Uncle go and make some good food for Allie? ”

Daniel asked with a smile.

Allie looked hesitatingly at Daniel as if she was doubting if he knew how to cook.

”Uncles cooking is delicious. He can make whatever Allie wants to eat. ”

Daniel said as he grazed his finger across Allies nose.

”Then Uncle, Allie wants to eat steak! I want to eat salad! ”

Allies eyes lit up as she said loudly.

”Okay, Uncle will make it for you. ”

Daniel walked to the kitchen.

Sophia frowned and followed him into the kitchen.

”Get out, Ill do it myself. ”

Sophia lowered her voice and spoke in a deep voice.

”You don believe that I can cook? ”

Said Daniel casually as he put on an apron.

”Yes, Im afraid that youll poison us to death. ”

Sophia coldly said showing no mercy to Daniel.

”Then Ill let you guys eat it after I try it, okay? I promised Allie. You don want Allie to be unhappy, do you? ”

Daniel looked at Sophia helplessly. He acquired a lot of skills when he was at West Point, and one of them was cooking.

In the past four years, Daniel had obtained a special chefs certificate for a mission and became the private chef of the head of an enemy nation. In the end, Daniel successfully assassinated the other party and returned quietly.

Sophia hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she didn stop him and walked out of the kitchen.

Soon, the sound of oil sizzling could be heard in the kitchen, and the fragrance of butter spread throughout the living room.

”Mom, it smells so good! ”

Allie sniffled and shouted.

Sophias fingers, which were on her phone, paused. She had just ordered a takeout steak and salad from a two-star Michelin restaurant nearby.

She didn trust Daniel, so she ordered takeaway in advance. If Daniels food was hard to eat, then Allie would not have to go hungry.

”Allie, don have too high of an expectation for his food. ”

Sophia shook her head. It only smelled good, but it may not taste good.

How could a rapist who had been in prison for several years have any decent cooking skills?

Twenty minutes later, Daniel walked out of the kitchen with a plate of steak and salad.

Sophia looked over subconsciously and her eyes widened.

Allies steak was well-cooked, and the hemoglobin was firmly locked in the cut of the steak, looking very elastic and making someone drool.

In the salad, the chicken and vegetables were evenly mixed. The salad dressing and the egg yolk were carved into white flower petals by Daniel on the chicken and vegetables in a flower bag.

”Waa! ”

Allie jumped down from the toy car and exclaimed in surprise.

”Mommy, Uncle is so awesome! ”

Sophia came back to her senses and looked at Daniel in shock.

She had to admit that her cooking skills were far inferior to Daniels.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

”Whos here? You guys start eating, Ill go and take a look. ”

Daniel placed the steak and salad on the table and walked out.

Sophias face turned red. If she had known that Daniels cooking was so good, she would not have ordered take-out in advance.

Of course, Sophia still did not let down her guard.

”Allie, this is the dish that Uncle worked hard to make. You have to let uncle eat first. ”

She definitely wouldn dare to eat it before Daniel tried it himself.

A moment later, Daniel walked in with a large plastic bag and looked at Sophia with a strange expression.

”Sofia, why do we have a takeaway? Whats going on? ” Daniel asked as he opened the plastic bag and took out the lunchbox.

”I was afraid that there wouldn be enough ingredients in the refrigerator, so I bought some extra. ”

Sophia said, a little embarrassed.

How could Daniel not know that Sophia disliked the food he made? He only smiled and did not say anything.

”Then lets try both. ”

Daniel opened the lunch boxes for Sophia and Allie and placed them in front of them.

”Uncles cooking looks better! ”

This was Allies favorite restaurant, but at this moment, Allie was looking at it with a look of disdain.

Sophia had to admit that the steak made by Daniel looked better than the one made by this two-star Michelin restaurant.

Food is meant to be eaten. Just because it looks good doesn mean its delicious.

Sophia told herself in her heart. She was still unwilling to believe that a person with such a bad track record could have so many good points.

”Try it and see how it is. ”

Sophia picked up a fork and took a small piece of steak from Alices and her own, respectively, and placed it on Daniels plate.

Daniel didn mind and directly put it into his mouth.

Sophia was relieved to see that there was nothing wrong with Daniel.

”Allie, lets eat. ”

Sophia said with a smile.

Allie couldn wait any longer. She picked up a small fork, picked up a piece of steak, and stuffed it into her mouth.

Then, Allies eyes lit up.

”Mom, Uncles steak is delicious! ”

Allie shouted, her face filled with joy.

Sophia looked at her hesitantly. Was it that delicious? Even when they went to a three-star Michelin restaurant for a meal, Allies reaction had never been so exaggerated.

Sophia picked up a piece of steak and took a small bite.

The chewy beef fibers were directly broken by her teeth, and the beef seemed to be bouncing in her mouth. As she chewed, the juice splashed out from the tip of her tongue!

Sophia was completely stunned. She dared to say that this was the best steak she had ever eaten!

”How is it? ”

Daniel asked Sophia with a smile.

”Its alright. ”

Sophias expression was a little stiff as she casually replied.

However, the steak that Daniel had made was quickly cleared out by the mother and daughter, while the steak that she had ordered from the restaurant remained untouched.

Just then, Sophias phone rang.

Sophia wiped her lips with a napkin and took out her phone.

When she saw the name on the caller ID, she frowned.

Jacob Jones, Georges son, and Sophias older cousin.

After hesitating for a moment, Sophia picked up the phone.

”Cousin, congratulations! Im guessing that with brother-in-laws perverted personality, you guys can wait to have sex when you get home, right? ”

Jacobs teasing voice rang out, and Sophia hurriedly covered the phones speaker.

”What are you trying to say? If theres nothing else, Im hanging up! ”

Sophia said in a deep voice, her tone cold.

”Oh, I wanted to tell you that Grandpa arranged for me to be the manager of the business department in your company. By the way, Im also in charge of the three big orders you negotiated a while ago. Younger sister, you should just stay at home and be lovey-dovey with Younger brother-in-law. ”

Jacob laughed proudly.

Hearing this, Sophias face turned pale. She held her phone tightly as if she was going to crush it.

If not for the fact that Allie was still beside her, Sophia would have cursed out loud.

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