Marythelia, soon to be Queen of Korgenyegia, was with Cam and Otreg playing a game when Zargis walked into the room, reading a message. She smiled at him, happier than she had ever been in her life.

He walked to the kitchen and leaned against the counter, a frown on his face. Otreg glanced at the king too then shrugged, finishing his turn.

After five minutes, Zargis looked up and caught Thelias eye, gesturing for her to go over. She excused herself and went, hugging him when she did. ”What is it? ”

”I just got a message from Kesar. You remember him? ”

She thought for a moment. ”Hes the one who has a twin, right? Hes one of your best soldiers? ”

Zargis nodded. ”Hes bringing home a human girl, said he wanted you to help her. ” Zargis gave her a dark look. ”She was apparently a slave. ”

Thelia furrowed her brows. ”Of course Ill help. But why is he bringing her here? ”

”He bought her. She doesn know that yet, but he also doesn want her more afraid of him than she already is. ”

”Why? ”

Zargis gave Thelia a knowing look. ”For the same reason why I wanted to bring you here. The same reason Otreg brought you here even though you fought. ”

Thelia smiled. Zargis told her what he was to her, the reason he chose her instead of Unda, instead of the plenty of other women in his kingdom. ”Does she know about him? ”

”Highly doubt it, ” he said softly. ”She hasn even talked since they helped her. ”

”Poor girl! Do they know her name? ”

Zargis shook his head. ”Maybe you and Cam can help her and get her settled. ”

”She can have my old room, ” Thelia said, then kissed him and returned to their friends.

Zargis was lost in thought. He was happy for his friend, but was worried about his brother. Einnig was known for getting jealous over whatever Kesar got. He threw temper tantrums, got into a rage and hurt people, never apologized. Kesar would need to be careful with the girl if she was to be his.

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