Thelia woke up to the girls arms about her, a bit surprised by how quickly Jose went to her as soon as seeing her. She couldn believe Jose crawled the way here, two limbs broken! But she was grateful.

”Jose? ”

Jose opened her eyes, blinked at Thelia.

”You didn have to stay. Im just going through a hard time. ” Not a lie, but a major understatement.

Jose shook her head.

Thelia smiled at the girl. ”Kesar will be looking for you. ”

Again the girl shook her head.

Thelia shrugged and left the subject. She got up and helped Jose onto the couch, then went to the kitchen and grabbed juice for them both. She handed one glass to Jose and sat down. ”Do you want to know what happened? ”

Jose shrugged. Thelia might have taken that as a sign of not caring, but after the long day before, she had gotten to understand her.

She told Jose about Switch, told her of how he wanted to show her something down below, but that she didn want to risk getting anyone hurt or captured.

Jose listened, paid attention to every word. She heard the terror in Thelias voice, could relate. She wanted to help. Thelia had been nice, had helped Jose learn to communicate.

Jose asked for materials and once she had them, she wrote, ”Help. ”

Thelia smiled sadly. ”I wish there was a way to help, but I wouldn want you getting involved. ”

Jose glared, making Thelia laugh.

e still injured, Jose. I can ask anything of you. ”

Jose couldn find the words to express her need to help the queen. She just knew that she had to do something. She wanted to repay the debt owed.

”Thelia Jose learn. Jose Thelia run. ”

Thelia read the words and felt a new wave of tears overflow her eyelids. ”Jose- ”

The door to her chambers opened and Zargis, Otreg, and Kesar entered. All three looking like they wanted to kill something or someone. Even Kesar, which was unusual. ”Thelia, Otreg has something to show you, ” Zargis said softly. Otreg handed over a scroll. When she unrolled it, it was a map with names of dragons that have been captured and their locations.

Jose looked at the map too, pointing to a small town called Bullarida. ”Thats where you lived? ”

Jose nodded. Thelia continued to study the map until Joses finger appeared again. She gave Thelia a questioning look. ”Thats Chetia, ” Kesar answered.

Some dark emotion spread over the girls face, and Thelia wondered at it, but Jose couldn figure out a way to explain herself, so everyone left it alone.

Otreg said, ”We have most of the dragons here, but there are plenty not here. Do you think you can work with it? ”

”Yes, ” Thelia said, thinking about a book in the library she had flipped through.

”Don worry about anything else, ” Zargis said. ”Let us do that. ”

She smiled at him. ”No promises. ”

Jose tapped Thelias arm and asked for the map. She handed it over and stood, walking with Otreg to the kitchen. ”Hey, well catch him and lock him up, ” the male said.

”I know. Im just having flashbacks. ”

”About what? ”

Thelia looked at him and Otreg immediately hugged her. When Zargis saw, he went over and whispered lightly into her ear.

It was a few moments later, after she had calmed down a bit, when Kesar called them over. ”Jose seems to have something. ”

They all looked at the girl, who I return blushed and showed them a bunch of lines on a blank piece of paper. They all blinked in confusion.

”What is it? ” Zargis asked.

Jose drew a few more figures then turned it back around. Thelia grinned. ”Underground, ” she gasped.

Jose nodded.

”Where though? ” Otreg asked, looking between the picture and the map.

Jose shrugged. She looked at Thelia with apologetic eyes. ”Its alright, ” the queen said. ”This helps a lot! ”

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