He was getting impatient. He knew this agent, in particular, kept to no ones time but his own, and under normal circumstances, he would condone this behavior based on the agent in particular. But the circumstances are far from normal.

The man behind the desk seemed quite normal. Averagely tall although his face could not be seen in the dimly light room. He wore a hat pulled low over his forehead and if not for the distinctively dangerous aura about him then no more would have been saying for him. However, the boss was not one to be played with.

Finally, it seemed, the double brass doors swung open and the low click- clank of a pair of shoes indicate someone had just entered. The boss looked up and smiled- a truly nasty grin.

The man who entered brings about a feeling of misled calmness into the area. He was also rather tall but the lighting of the room revealed nothing more of his appearance, except however a large silver rifle held loosely in his hands.

”Your late Sniper ”

”The last operation ran late ”

”Successful Im sure ”

”Always ”

The boss nodded slowly to himself before speaking again, his voice is lower than before.

”I have another mission for you ”, he waited as if expecting the Sniper to speak. When he doesn , he goes on, ”There is a man… I need you to observe him for as long as possible, if need be kill him ”

The Sniper nodded, ”Do I get a name? ”

”The man you observing is the Moonlight Murderer ”

With that, the Sniper turned around and walked out.

Last Call; AH Airways boarding gate 3A. Last Call

Why do some people wait till the last call before they begin to run? Anyways, she was running alright. The last flight home, she couldn afford to miss it- literally, her bank account couldn afford to miss this flight. She made it in the nick of time and entered the plane.

If only Louella had missed that flight.

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