Mr. Fierce CEO

Meet a proud man

Part 1.

This morning, I woke up late again, Mama knocked three times on the door, but didn hear anything. Because the focus is on preparing breakfast, so Mama doesn know that I haven left the room yet.

”Ma, why didn you wake Clara up anyway? ” my voice startled Mama, who was cooking my favorite fried egg.

”Oh, you
e still in the room? Mamas already in the bathroom! ”

With hasty steps I immediately grabbed the towel beside the bathroom door. Byurr … byurr … the sound of running water was heard continuously from the bathroom.

Because he was annoyed, even taking a bath was like the sound of a duck falling in a pond. A moment later, I was out with a towel wrapped around wet hair.

”Wow… the shower is really expressive, Cla! ” joking Brother Roy. He was already sitting on the dining chair with neat clothes.

”Let it go, ” I said curtly.

Ignoring Brother Roys chatter, I entered the room while closing the door quite firmly. Last night I went to bed late to finish my homework.

I can bring my campus assignments to the office. Where there is time to complete them. If the chief admin finds out, it will be hit law. Ive only been working in the office for a month as an administrative assistant.

I got the job from a friend whose sister works in the office. Mis Caterine, who was kind enough, pledged herself so that I could work here. Because his sister named Misel is my classmate in college.

At first the HR department was hesitant to accept me as an administrative assistant. But I can convince them by successfully answering all the questions given. By undergoing the training period for three months, I was required to comply with all the rules in the office.

My thoughts were shattered when Brother Roy poked my shoulder. ”Breakfast when you
e daydreaming anyway! ” Mom scolds.

”Cla! You want to go with Big Brother, don you? ” asked Bro Roy as he took out his old car.

”No need, Sis! Ill just ride a motorbike! ” I said. It can be chaotic later if Brother Roys car breaks down on the road.

”Oh-yeah, already, Big Brother goes first! ”

Not long after I followed out to warm up the engine. Then go back in to say goodbye to Mama.

”Be careful on the road, Cla! Don speed and

don forget to read the prayer before leaving! ” he remembers. This advice I always hear every day before leaving.

”Yeah, Mom, ” I said, kissing Mamas cheek and the back of her hand. Then go with your favorite automatic motorbike.


A year ago, when Papa was still around, he also smirked at me. Because I know that if I take the motorbike it can be slow. Until the whole house was surprised to see my brave nature.

Like a tomboy girl, if you carry a motorbike you can be calm. Always driven by adrenaline to be fast. But that was before Papa had an accident due to colliding with a truck.

Since then my guts have

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