left over on it, so she grabbed it, tossed it away, and sat down.

Xiao set down her bag and took a book out from it. She read for a while until a tray was set on the table.

”Oh, that was quick, hey, Yue- ” She started, but as she looked up, it wasn Ling that stood in front of her, it was someone she didn really know. They were familiar, but she couldn put a finger as to where she had seen this person before.

”Oh, can I help you? ” Xiao asked.

”Xiao Lin, right? ” The man asked.

”Mhm… Need something from me? ”

The man took a seat just across from Xiao, wearing a smug smirk on his face, ”So, Im sure you
e aware, but my family is quite rich, and I get everything I want, ”

”Who are you exactly? ”

”Xiang Luoyi, pleasure to meet you, now, lets cut to the chase, I would like to bring you in as my wife, with you at the top of the school, wed be unstoppable! ”

Xiao stared into his eyes for a little while before looking down at his tray, ”Can I take that bread? ”

”Of course, ”

”Thanks, ” Xiao replied as she took the bread, stood up, and met back up with Ling in the line, leaving Xiang sputtering at the table, ”Sorry, no luck finding a good table, Ill wait in line with you, ”

”Oh, hey Xixi! Thats okay, we can eat this outside! Oh- we
e at the front now! ” Ling blurted out, ”One mint cone and one vanilla cone, please! ”

Xiao moved to take something out of her pocket, but Ling stopped her, ”Don worry, Xixi, this is my treat, Ill pay! ”

Xiao shook her head, ”No no, I couldn let you do all that, ”

”Nah, its all kay, I saved up enough specifically to treat you on days like this! ” Ling snickered, ”Lemme pay, ”

”Yeah… Alright then, thank you very much, ”

Ling paid for the cones, took them, almost dropped one, and handed the vanilla cone to Xiao, ”Tadah! Your favorite! Plain vanilla! ”

”It isn that plain… ” Xiao murmured, walking to the exit with Ling.

”Xixi, try some of mine! Its so good! ” Ling teased, ”You gotta try it! ”

”Alright, ” Xiao said, taking a small bite from Lings ice cream, she was surprised at how good it was, for mint, that was, ”Its good, ”

”Ah, it always freaks me out that you can just bite into ice cream like that, ” Ling joked, ”Its honestly one of the most intimidating things someone can do, ”

Xiao opened her mouth to speak but was cut short by a loud yell coming from the door, ”Xiao Lin! I, Xiang Luoyi, will have what I want! ”

Xiao took the bread from before and tossed it back to him, ”Sorry, I remembered Im on a no bread diet, bad for the waist, you know? ”

”Eh? Whos this? Hes kinda creepy honestly, ” Ling whispered to Xiao.

”Yue, be nice, this is Xiang Luoyi, hes a strange businessman around our area, ” Xiao explained, ”He gets what he wants, you know, ”

Ling glared daggers at Xiang, ”Xiang Luobi, what do you want from my Xiao Lin? ” She asked, glooming over Xiang like a mother after their child has done something bad.

Xiang backed off for a moment, ”Oh uhm… I just wanted to let her know she dropped her pencil, but I think I had the wrong person, goodbye! ”

Xiao giggled, ”Thank you for that, Yue, have some of mine, as a reward, ” She said, offering Ling some of her ice cream.

Ling jumped at the opportunity and took a bite of Xiaos ice cream, ”I was wrong, it isn so plain, its got a sweetness to it! ”

”Yeah, thats why I like vanilla, ” Xiao replied.

”That isn why, ” Ling remarked, ”But youll get it when you
e older, ” She teased.

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