class, ” Xiao said, ”Those are still at my house though, I forgot to bring them, ”

”Ah, thats fine, probably wouldn look at them anyway, thanks for the help anyway, Xixi! ”

”Well, what do you wanna do now? ” Ling asked, ”Could watch some TV, oh! Theres a new drama Ive been watching a bunch of recently! ”

”Mm, if youd like, we can watch something on the TV, ” Xiao responded, ”I didn really have too many other plans, ”

”Great! Ill get some snacks! ”

The two had watched various TV shows for a while, Ling eventually laying on the couch, using Xiao as a pillow while Xiao just continued to stare at whatever show was playing at the time.

”Hey Xiao, you ever think about the future? ” Ling lazily asked.

”All the time, where Im going to school, what Ill do as a career, stuff like that, which you should also be thinking about, ” Xiao replied.

”Mm, I was getting more at the romance aspect of it, where do you see yourself in like- ten years? Marriage in the plans? Or have you not thought of it yet? ”

Xiao thought for a moment, ”Mm, haven thought of it too hard, ” She said, beginning to stroke Lings hair, ”But I guess its something I don really have to think about just yet, we
e still young and all, so that sort of thing feels real far off, ”

”Yeah, I suppose so, ” Ling said, looking up to Xiao, ”I just find it kinda hard that no guys have straight-up come and confessed to you, if I were a guy I don think Id be able to keep my eyes off you! ”

Xiao giggled, ”Id like to think the same, youve got many qualities that any man would instantly fall in love with, ”

”Thanks for coming to check up on me, Xixi, it was a real nice surprise, but make sure you don get sick too! ”

”Ill be sure not to get sick myself, Yue, Im sure Ill be fine, ” Xiao replied, ”Make sure you get plenty of rest and drink the juice I brought you, it helps, ”

”Will do! ” Ling exclaimed, ”See you at school, Xixi! ” She giggled before closing the door.

Deciding to finally go home, Xiao wandered back across the street, ”Mm, was there almost three hours, time really flew by… ”

Xiao entered her house. Her mother was cooking something in the kitchen and her father was in his office doing something she wasn sure of.

”Ma, Im home! ” Xiao called out.

”Welcome home! ” Her mother responded, ”Im cooking dinner, sit down at the table, its almost done! And get your father! ”

”Can do! ” Xiao again called out, taking her shoes off, slipping into her indoor shoes, and walking off to her fathers office.

Xiao knocked on the door, ”Ba, dinners almost ready, I came to get you! ”

”Alright, Ill be out in a moment, ” Her father said, followed by the sound of rustling papers and keyboard clicks.

Xiao then retreated to the kitchen, ”Anything I can do to help? ” She asked.

”Oh no, thats fine dear, you can just get some rest, for now, Im sure your day was busy and all, ” Her mother said.

”Mm, I could use a bit of rest… ” Xiao murmured.

Xiao wandered into the living room and collapsed on the couch. She didn realize how tired she was until just then.

”Mm, ” She heaved a sigh before accidentally drifting off to sleep.

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