My Best friend To My Lover

The secret I hold inside.

Exactly a week from now there will be a field day planned. I am ahead of the planning committee so I have to ask people what they want for the theme. I wanted to be extra and plan an outing outside of campus the same night. I texted in the school group chat with many students on it to see their ideas. Some people suggested for the event to take place inside, others outside. The majority suggested indoors, leaving the event in the big school. In class yesterday I heard someone saying they wanted to do a dark hide-and-seek game. I thought that was so clever so I asked the team If we could figure something out. It Was a tradition for only juniors and seniors to attend the field day. Of course, the lower classmen were sad that they couldn attend. I understand because when I was a lower classman I was also sad when I couldn attend the field day. All day people have been coming to me and giving me advice for the field day event. They come to my class, follow me to the bathroom, and meet me at the parking lot. I didn know I was such a big deal this year.

When I arrived home I decided to call a decorating company so I could ask them To decorate the school next week for field day. I was excited to hear that they would gladly decorate the school for us. I had to let the school know of the price before I made anything official so I just decided to do it tomorrow at school. When I finished writing down the details and the prices, I immediately took a shower. I want to wash off all of the pressure I received today. After I finished washing up I started taking care of my hair for the night. When I walked out of my bathroom, I sit on the edge of my bed. I could hear My parents talking to someone in the living room. I hurry and put on some clothes Just in case someone comes into my room. Right before I put on my shirt and pants, Ty walks into my room. I decided to not make it weird because Ty has seen me in my underwear before. He continued walking in with his eyes covered by his hands. I ask Ty if he had finished his homework for Mrs.murphys class. Thankfully he had finished it, so I could get his answers. He told me that got in a fight with his father the other day so he wanted to stay the night. Even though his dad doesn live with his mother and him, his father loves to control their lives.

I turn on my tv so that TY could play a game or watch a show. I Got under the covers and laid down. Ty did the same after grabbing the controller off of my desk. I plugged my phone up on my nightstand. I turned around to face Ty, ” do you have anyone to take to field day, ” I asked He looked me in the eye and told me that he had someone he was taking, In my mind, I felt a little disappointed by his response. ” Who is the lucky person, ” I asked not letting my disappointment show. Ty looked at me with a serious expression before laughing at my previous question. ” Who else would I take other than you, ” he said with a smile on his face. He asked me If I had anyone in mind, and I told him that I didn . In my heart, hearing Ty say that to me made me happy. I moved closer to him wrapping my arms around him. I looked up into his eyes and he looked back. ” Why haven you gotten yourself a girlfriend yet, ” I asked with curiosity. He turned back toward the tv and shrugged his shoulders. He claimed that he had someone in mind but he didn want to make any moves at the moment. I decided to not ask any further questions. I laid down and watched Ty play his game before going to sleep on his chest.

Friday came very slowly. Nothing was going on this week. It was just a routine of school, homework, and sleep. I decided to get a job before the summer arrives because I would have sports after then. The clothing store I will be working at next week is an easy job to maintain because all I have to do is restock the clothes and attend to the cash register. I will be paid 12 per hour. I work 4:00-7:00 and also have to close up the store.

When I arrive at school I wasn feeling so well. I walked into Mrs.murphys room to inform her where I was going so that she wouldn mark me as skipping class. As soon as I leave the room I get a text from Ty asking what was wrong. I told him everything He kept asking me questions but I ensured him that I would be fine. The nurse claimed I wasn feeling well because I haven eaten since yesterday. She told me that I might have an eating disorder because of my low appetite. She gave me a pass to go home and called my parents. When I walk to my car I began to feel worse than I was before. I sat in the car for a while before leaving the parking lot. When I got home I talked to my parents about how I was feeling and then went to my room. As I entered my room doorway I had the urge to throw up. I sat there at my toilet for at least fifteen minutes. I lay back on my wall and closed my eyes hoping I would feel better. I feel the vibrations of someones footsteps in the hallway behind my bathroom. I keep my eyes closed ignoring it. As I drift asleep I could feel someone grab my body lifting me off the ground. I wanted to see who it was but my body was too tired to stay awake.

When I woke up I was in my bed with a wet towel over my forehead. Ty sat at my desk with the computer open working on something. He was on his phone talking to someone. ” Have you told her yet? You can keep it from her forever. ” The person had a masculine voice, and it sounded like Tys best friend Dominic.

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