My Billionaire Hero

What Is Your Dream?

Since childhood, I had a dream. When I was five years old, my mother asked: ”Amy, sweetie, what do you want to become when you grow up? ”

Immediately, I pointed at the television screen which was showing a cartoon. The cartoon character was a superhero hence my mother asked: ”Ah, do you want to become a superhero when you grow up? ”

But to her surprise, I answered: ”No, I want to become the wife of a superhero. ”

That statement shot my moms blood pressure up by 10%. All she could say was: ”Oh my! Oh my! ”

”Honey, shes young, when she grows up, shell get more matured ”, my dad tried to give her hope. What they didn know was that maturity was not a matter of age.

[When I Was Thirteen Years Old]

Mom and dad were having a discussion. They seemed to be deliberating for long over the matter. However, dad confidently told mom: ”Now, she is grown enough. I think we can ask her about her dreams. That way we can place her in the right high school. ”

Heeding to his advise, mom approached me and asked: ”Amy, what do you want to become when you grow up? ”

”A very respected celebrity ”, I replied whilst looking at a magazine. ”At least it changed this time ”, Dad whispered behind moms ears.

Mom was a little happy and went ahead to ask what she should never have inquired. ”What kind of celebrity do you want to become? ”

Closing the magazine, I smiled at my parents and replied: ”The wife of a rich billionaire. ”

I don know why, but my answer made mom and dad turn into statues. It was as if they had been frozen by the ice queen. Mom was the first to break free from the spell. ”Honey? ” she calls my dad. ”Yes? ” He responds.

”Bring me the scissors ”, she instructed. ”What? ” Dad wondered. ”I am going to cut this girls hair today. If not, then stop me before I burn our daughter alive! ” mom exclaims and chases me around the house. We had quite some exercise that day. I recall it being one of the scariest days ever in my life. However, ever since that day, my parents never dared to ask me about my dream. But this question couldn be avoided forever.

[When I Was Eighteen Years Old] [Seongdan Girls High]

My homeroom teacher was a man in his mid-forties. He called me to the College Admissions Office. Once I got to his desk, he told me: ”Amy, you need to choose the college you want to apply for. Your grades are good so I think this one would do. Study law, thats the trend now. ” he mentioned whilst showing me a long list of colleges.

”No, I don want that ”, I replied.

”Then, what do you want? ” My homeroom teacher asked.

”Umm… A college attended by cool… ” I was about to end my statement but he concluded it for me by saying: ”Cool, intelligent students. I knew it. ” He happily said.

But I told him: ”No, cool… and handsome guys. ”

”What? ” He asked looking very surprised. ”Teacher, my dream is to marry a rich, handsome billionaire who is a superhero. And since dreams are realized at the tertiary level, I need to attend one that would help me to achieve my dream ”, I replied with ease.

Right at that moment, my homeroom teachers glasses fell from his eyes. He wondered: ”How on earth could that be anyones dream? ”

All of that occurred in the past, but even now, I still have the same dream.

[Age: 28. Location: Stallion Group] [Job Interview]

The interviewer looks at my CV and tells me: ”Your profile is great, just like that of most other applicants. Therefore, let us ask you one more question. If you pass this one, you might get the job. ”

I get ecstatic about his comment and prepare my mind for his question. He asks: ”Amy, what is your dream? ”

Of all questions, why did he have to ask that?

Instead of preparing a suitable reply, moms words flash through my mind. Before the interview, she told me: ”Never mention that useless dream of yours anywhere, do you understand? ” But I was too honest.

”Sorry mom, but I can lie ”, I said to myself and proceeded to answer the interviewers question.

”My dream is… ” I start and all the judges crane their necks to hear me out. They all seemed to be having high expectations. Yet, I wasn a human pleaser. Therefore, I continued saying: ”My dream is to become a devoted… ”

Krrrr! A loud irritating sound interrupts my reply.

”What was that? ” The interviewer asks his fellow judges and soon a man in black suit enters. He reports: ”Sorry, someone mistakenly hit the emergency alarm button. ”

Soon, the siren stopped ringing. Now, the interviewer tells me: ”Miss Amy Lee, please continue. You were saying that your dream was to become what? ” he asks.

”My dream is to become a devoted… ” I start but then moms last words flashed through my mind at the speed of light.

”If you ever mention that useless dream somewhere, I will bury you alive ”, she threatened.

Hence, I ended up saying: ”Secretary. My dream is to become a devoted secretary. ”

”Wow, amazing! This is what we looking for. Someone devoted, not someone who will try to do her best. You got the job ”, the interviewer, unexpectedly acknowledges my answer and hands me the job that had over three thousand female applicants apply for.

”What? ” I ask back looking surprised.

He repeats: ”Out of the over three thousand females who applied, you got the job. ”

”I did? Arrrrgh! ” I scream with joy as if I had won the World Cup.

The Interviewer smiles whilst saying: ”This is really an odd scene. Most people try to look classy when they gain a job, but you are so enthusiastic. ” He acknowledges my euphoria.

One of his co-judges says: ”This what we need. Such youthful exuberance! Congratulations Miss Amy Lee. You can start work next week. Its best to start on a fresh day. ”

”Yes, I understand. Thanks so much! Im really grateful! ” I express my gratitude.

The Interviewer mutters: ”Of course you will be. ” He then tells me aloud: ”You can go now. ”

After I have left the room, the Interviewer rests his head on his swivel chair and spins it around.

”Ha, what a relief! ” he sighs heavily. A co-judge asks him: ”Do you think she will do a great job? ”

The Interviewer raises his head and replies: ”We have had graduates from all prestigious universities around the world. And yet, they were all fired after one week. This time, it is not about brains. It is about willpower, devotion! ” he exclaims. ”Devotion! ” the co-judge also exclaims.

The only female judge who was in the room, mutters: ”They have all lost it. How have I managed to work with these lunatics for years? ”

Outside the large company, I scream out loud.

”Hey, why are you shouting on top of your

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