It is raining heavily. Some men are standing outside a big mension careless of the rain. They all have guns in their hands. Maybe they are guarding the mension.

From outside the mension, looks like it belongs to the king of this country but from the inside….. Aahh, still it looks like the kings mension but…. the Mafia kings.

Inside the house, some sort of crying could be heard from the hallway. A man is kneeling on his knees and both hands are tied up with a rope. And in front of him, six to seven men are standing with guns pointing towards him.

There is also standing another man in front of all these gunmen. Maybe he is the leader of these men. He is looking at that kneeling man like a beast who is ready to prey on his target the second his master will order him. But he has no gun in his hand. Maybe, his bare hand is enough to take him to hell.

” Who are you? ” The kneeling man asked. His voice is cracking seeing his surroundings. ” Why did you take me here? ”

Suddenly some footsteps could be heard from upstairs. A man is coming down from the first floor like a king. His aura is much worst than the leaders.

And hearing those footsteps, all the guards become more alert with their appearance. But it didn make much difference to the leader. Even his urge to prey on his target increased more and so he started to growl.

” Zacky, ” The man called in a very deep voice to the man who has stat to growl.

And hearing this one word is enough to calm down that man whose name must be Zacky.

After that, that man come down and sat on the luxurious chair placed in the middle of the room. And seeing him, every guard standing there bowed their head in respect including Zacky.

” Master, ” Zacky who is the leader of the gun squad called the man sitting on his throne. His eyes are all sparkling looking at his master. Maybe he wants his master to quickly finish his judgment so that he could play with his prey.

” Who…. who are you? ” The kneeling man asked in hesitation because he never saw this man before and seeing his aura, he can tell that he might be a very big person.

That man is having a bad feeling about what kind of big person he could be. Because of how the master is looking at him as if he gonna eat him alive in no time. But the question is why?

Who is that person everyone is calling master and why did the master take him here? He is just a regular office worker who never did a bad thing. Or… Maybe he did….

” Why did your man take me here? l didn do anything. ” that man said again.

” Are you sure Mr Jonh that you didn do anything? ” Finally master talks about that man in a harsh voice.

” l don even know you then how am l supposed to do something to you. ” Mr Jonh replied. ” There must be a misunderstanding. ”

Suddenly the master started to laugh. ” Yeah, you are right. You didn do anything to me. ” Master replied which made Mr Jonh sigh in relief but not for too long.

” But you have touched the most important thing of my life. ” Suddenly master stopped laughing and said in a serious voice.

” Wh…what? ”

”You know what, you are right. How can you know a mafia-like me? You are just a normal office worker who works hard from 9 to 5. When do you have time to gamble with us? ” Master said.

The master stands up from his luxurious chair and comes near that man. ” But you know… there are some mistakes which you make just once but can cost you your life. ”

Mr Jonh started to shake in fear seeing those brown eyes which is looking more red than brown so near.

” What…what are you talking about? ” Mr Jonh asked again.

” Don you

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