Its the very morning when Daniel wakes up from bed and after freshening up he is ready to go downstairs. So when he opened his bedroom door the first thing that comes into his vision is Zacky. He is standing in front of his room door waiting for his master to get ready.

” Good morning master. ” Zacky bowed and greeted Daniel.

In reply, Daniel just nods to him but didn get surprised by his moves at all. Because now he is used to it. Not only in the morning but whenever Daniel wakes up from his bed or comes out of his room, he always finds Zacky standing in front of his door.

Its not like Daniel has ordered him to do so or its their family tradition. Nothing like that but only Zacky knows why he does that. He always appears in front of Daniel whenever he needs him.

Zacky is like a shadow of Daniel. No one knows when he sleeps or when he does his necessary stuff. He has always stuck to Daniel as if he is some kind of treasure or something.

”Why there is so much noise? ” Daniel frowned hearing the noise which is coming from downstairs.

” Little master has come, ” Zacky replied.

Daniel stopped hearing little master. He paused for a second and sighed. Then again started to walk.

In the downstairs…



” Aaah~ ” ( someone falls on the ground )

It seems like some people are fighting with guns downstairs.

” Oh, you still haven died? Tommy attack. ” A little boy is shouting with a fake gun in his little little chubby hand.

He is sitting on Daniels luxurious kings chair. And beside him, sitting on the floor is Tommy.

And after hearing the little kid, Tommy jumped in excitement and ran towards those men who were playing with the little master.

” l will give you even worst death. ” That little chubby bot said and hearing him, Tommy become more excited and started to run faster behind those guards.

” ROAR!! ” Tommy roared in excitement.

” Little master, we have already died with your gin shots then why are you leaving Tommy behind us? ” One of the guards said as they all are standing over a big window in that living room to save themself from Tommy.

These guards always stay away from Tommy because don know when this giant tigers move becomes worse and he eats them all in real. He is not less scary than his master.

” Tommy!! ” Suddenly someone called the white giant tigers name and recognised the voice Tommy quickly stopped and ran towards his master like a little baby.

Daniel smiled and pat his head where only white fur could be seen. And seeing that other guards sighed in relief that their master saved them today from this so-called pet of their master.

” Uncle, why did you stop Tommy? l was having so much fun. ” The little boy complained as his uncle ruined his game.

But without saying anything to him, he looked at the person sitting opposite the kings chair.

That person was sitting there from the very beginning when that chubby boy come to Daniels house. Maybe she has come with him. And when this naughty boy was playing with the guards, she was drinking tea while scrolling on her phone. She doesn even care if her son has burnt this house or killed some of these guards.

Maybe that is how things work in a mafia family…

” What are you doing here? ” Daniel asked while sitting on the other sofa as this chubby boy has no intention of moving from Daniels chair.

And in this Makenzi family, only this little boy can dare to sit on this chair except for Daniel.

” Happy Birthday Dan. ” The woman smiled and said.

” Happy birthday uncle Dan. ” the chubby boy wished as well. ” Where is the cake? ”

Hearing him, Zacky thought who is standing behind Daniel, Aren you supposed to bring the cake?

” Why don you go and ask the butler to give you some? ” Daniel said to that boy.

Heard his uncle that chubby boy ran towards the kitchen as if some kind of treasure has hidden there.

Daniel chuckled seeing his nephew run towards the kitchen. Now there going to be a little peace for some moment.

” By the way, l came to leave Ryu here for today, ” Diana said.

” Are you kidding me? How can l take care of fatty for the whole day? ” Daniel asked his sister.

” Why? Whats wrong with my son? ” Diana frowned and asked.

” Its just…. ” Daniel paused. ” Your son is too troublesome. l can handle him all by myself. ”

Hearing Daniel all the guards standing there nodded their heads in agreement as since he came to this mansion their life has become hell and if he gonna stay here they don know what gonna happened to them.

” Uncle, you are such a liar. ” Ryu comes back from the kitchen. ” Butler told me there is no cake in the kitchen ”, he complained.

But so what if there is no cake? He has brought two big size chicken legs from the kitchen which he is holding with his both chubby hands.

And those two drumsticks are almost his hands size which is making him even cuter.

” Tommy eats, ” Ryu called to Tommy and he ran to Ryu to take the chicken happily.

” l have a lot of work to do today. And l can leave fatty at home alone. ” Daniel said again.

” Uncle stop calling me fatty. l am the future mafia master, don you know?? ” Ryu said proudly while biting on his drumstick. He is now riding on Tommys back and having him on his back, Tommy becomes a little bend for his weight.

And hearing him, everyone paused for a second and in the next second, they all decided to ignore him and again start their conversation.

” You have an appointment? ” Diana asked while sipping her tea and Daniel nodded.

” Where? To the zoo? ” Diana asked again.

Daniel looked at Zacky who is standing behind him with an angry face because he knows if someone has passed this information to her then it will be no one else but Zacky.

Seeing his masters angry face Zacky gave him an apologetic look to keep surviving in this world. What else he can do? Because both brother and sister are equally scary.

” Take Ryu with you too then, ” Diana said.

” Wow, Zoo? ” Ryu get off Tommys back and asked in excitement. ” l was becoming bored to play with this tiger anyways. ” He said and again come to sit on Daniels chair.

” ROAR~ ” hearing him, Tommy roared in sadness and started to go into the garden while lowing his head.

And seeing Tommy and Ryu like that, Daniel pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

His date gonna be ruined today.

” Okay, so its decided that Ryu gonna be with you today. ” Diana stands up in happiness that finally she has succeeded to hand over her son to someone for a day. Now she can enjoy her shopping fully today.

Daniel signed seeing what is happening around him. It was supposed to be a great day for him. Not that it was his birthday today which he never cared about but it is Eras birthday and today was supposed to be their date.

” Oh, by the way, l would love to meet that girl one day. ” Suddenly Diana stop at her pace and said out of the blue with a smile and started to leave again.

For some time, Daniel was looking at the way Diana left for no reason. And then decided to go upstairs to get ready for his date.

” Uncle can l play with a real gun? It is not fun to shoot with the fake one. ” Ryu said innocently while looking at his uncle.

” Do whatever you want fatty, ” Daniel said and stop in midway. ” Oh yes, shoot Zacky first then. ”

Saying that Daniel left all the guards and Zacky alone with Ryu where Ryu is giving them an innocent but not-so-innocent smile. And hearing Daniel, every guard started to shake in fear.

Is today gonna be our last day in this beautiful world??

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