Era woke up early this morning even after it was a weekend. She is very excited today as she is going to meet her animal friends or….. She is going to meet Daniel and thats why??

So she quickly comes out of her room to freshen up and have her breakfast as soon as possible so that she can go to the zoo to meet Daniel as soon as possible.

But when she comes out of her room, suddenly….

” Pooo~ ”

” Happy Birthday my love, ” Suddenly a person jumped out from the couch and hugged Era tightly.

Era startled seeing that.

” What are you doing here in this early morning? ” Era asked.

” What do you mean by what l am doing here? ” That person moved from Era and asked. ” Of course, l came here to surprise my baby. ” She said while squishing Eras cheeks.

” Really? Did you wake up this early just to surprise me? Even on the weekend? ” Era asked Sia with a shocked face.

And in reply, Sia just nodded while puffing her chest in pride as if she is very proud of herself for waking up this early morning.

” Aww~ ” Era again hugged her best friend with a crying face.

” Okay, now tell me where you want to go. Its on me. ” Sia asked Era.

Sia Clark is Eras only best friend who has been with her for a long time now. She is one of Eras closest people who has helped her no matter what problem she has faced in her life financially and physically. Her father is a retired police officer but right now Sia is not doing anything because she wants to be a writer but is out of inspiration right now.

” Sorry, Sia but l have already made plans. ” Era replied apologetically.

” Really? With whom? ” Sia asked. ” With your boyfriend? ”

” Sia!! l don have a boyfriend. ” Era replied shyly. ” He is just my friend. ”

Sia scoffed. ” And you are asking me to believe you? ”

Hearing her, Era didn say anything but pouted.

And seeing her reaction, Sia said, ” Don … don tell me he hasn proposed to you yet? ”

” Stop it. ” Era stopped her and said again, ” We are just friends. ” She said a little sad.


” Uncle, where did you get this car from? ” Ryu complained while sitting in the back seat of a baby seat.

” Why? Whats wrong with this car? ” Daniel asked who is sitting in the driving seat.

” l have never seen this kind of car before, ” Ryu said while roaming his eyes around the car. He is eating big chocolate.

” Zacky bought it. ” Daniel simply replied.

Ryu scoffed, ” Zacky uncle has a very bad taste. ” Then he lowered his voice and said secretly, ” Maybe its because he has stayed with uncle Dan for a long time. ” He laughed.

” Did you say anything fatty? ” Daniel heard what he said but still asked.

” Nothing uncle. l was just thinking why we are here? ” Wouldn we be at the zoo by now? ” Ryu changed the topic and asked to divert his uncles mind.

” We are here to pick someone, ” Daniel replied and smiled secretly as he knows very well that Ryu has asked this question to save himself.

” Oh, you mean that girl. For whom you told me to act like a normal boy? ” Ryu said but didn get any reply.

Before Daniel could say something to his nephew, he saw Era come out of her building and so he get out of the car leaving Ryu alone in the car.

” Daniel, why are you here? Didn we agree to meet in the zoo? ” Era asked.

” l… ”

” We came to pick you up, Aunty. ” before Daniel could reply Ryu said to Era.

And when Era look at the sound, she saw a cute little fatty boy trying to come out from Daniels car with his little little chubby legs who are struggling to get out from there.

” Nice to meet you, Aunty. My name is Ryu. ” Ryu bowed to Era after coming out from Daniels car after a lot of struggle and bowed to her.

But Ryu couldn bend much because of his fat belly and so he gave up midway and said again with an awkward smile. ” You can call me Ryu. ”

Era laughed, ” Isn it what your name? ” Era patted Ryus head. She finds him very cute.

Daniel scoffed seeing Ryu like that. ” When he becomes so polite to people? ” he said to himself.

” By the way, he is my nephew. His mother is busy today and so she left him with me. ” Daniel come to them and said.

” Oh, is it? ” Era smiled. ” Then would you like to go with us to the zoo little boy? ” Era bends a little bit to match his height.

” Of course, aunty. My uncle has already told me and l am really excited to go there with you aunty. ” Ryu said sweetly as if no one is as sweet as him here.

But only Daniel knows from here who the real Ryu Vinzo is. Like he is the most naughty boy in this whole world and if Era spends one day with him, she will also come to face it for sure.

” Era, lets go. We gonna be late. ” Saying that Daniel takes Era to his car leaving Ryu alone behind.

” Uncle, wait for me. ” As no one has invited him to get into the car and so Ryu ran behind them himself again with a lot of struggle, he sat back in his baby seat again.


” Aunty, look monkey, ” Ryu called Era to show her a monkey.

And seeing Ryu call her, Era run to him to see the monkeys in excitement and Daniel followed her behind.

” Look what he is doing. ” Ryu laughed seeing two monkeys fighting for food.

” Yeah isn he looking like you? ” Daniel taunted Ryu to which Era laughed.

And still hearing him, Ryu ignored what he said and started to come closer to the bar and started saying, ” Hey monkey comes here. l have more food for you. Come here. ”

However, the monkeys didn give any attention to Ryu and kept their fight with each other.

” Hey come here. ” Ryu still keep saying that as these monkeys were not listening to him. ” Uncle Dan, why don they listen to me? ” Ryu gets angry seeing someone not giving him any attention which may be less happen in his life and so he is losing his mind to some monkeys now.

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