” Hey, monkey come here. I want to feed you. ” Ryu is hanging on the bars because he is feeling impatient about why those monkeys are not listening to him.

” Ryu, be careful. You gonna fall. ” Era went to stand behind Ryu because she is worried that Ryu gonna falls from the bar.

” He is strong enough to take care of him. You should worry about yourself. ” Daniel said from Eras back.

Daniel is following Era from the very beginning of when they came to the zoo. He knows how clumsy Era is. And so he is worried that Era might hurt her in the crowd.

There is also standing…. Oh sorry hanging Ryu on the bars but still, Daniel is not even looking at him because he knows that Ryu is a very strong boy and won himself that easily.

Or….he just cares about Era only???

Suddenly the crowd in front of them increased as a group of people started to come to see the monkeys. And as Era and Ryu weren paying much attention to that crowd, some people pushed them to go to the front row which made both Era and Ryu to fall on the ground.


” Are you okay? ” Daniel asked Era.

He is holding Era on his arm and saved her from falling to the ground.

Then….who falls on the ground???

” Uncle Dan…. Don you think you should ask me whether l get hurt or not? ” Ryu asked who is now lying on the ground as he has fallen from the bars.

Era quickly ran to him hearing him and tried to get him up from the ground.

” Ryu, are you okay? ” Era asked worriedly.

” Yes, aunty. I am fine. ” Ryu replied while still lying on the ground.

Then Era gives her hand to Ryu so that he can get up but as Ryu is a fatty boy so, Era couldn able to move him more from there.

It needs a lot of effort.

” Hieeee…. ” Era is trying to get him up but Ryu is lying there effortlessly.

Daniel shakes his head seeing those two kids…. I mean one kid and one kid.

” Let me help him. ” saying that Daniel went to them.

And seeing him coming Era let her hands go and said pantingly, ” Thank you. ”

Then Daniel holds Ryus hand and gets him up in a second. ” Who told you to get on those bars? ” he said a little angrily.

” Uncle Dan, l was just trying to feed the monkeys. ” He replied while Daniel cleans his clothes.

” But did you see, how stubborn those monkeys are? ” Ryu said compliantly.

Hearing him, Daniel just smiled while shaking his head again and then Era come forward.

” Did you get hurt somewhere? ” Era asked.

Ryu smiled looking at how worried Era is looking as she came to him.

” No aunty. I didn get hurt. They are always here to protect me whenever l fall from somewhere. ” Ryu said while holding his chubby belly and moving it up and down.

Era started to laugh seeing him.

”Lets go. There are a lot of animals left. ” Daniel said and suddenly picked Ryu up on his back.

” You have walked for a long time. Let me carry you up for some time. ” Daniel said.

And hearing him, Ryu smiled in happiness.

Daniel knows very well that Ryu got hurt but to act a little cooler in front of Era, he said that he didn get hurt. And also as he grew up seeing all strong people around him in this mafia family. And so he always tries to not be a burden to them. But it is the Makenzi family who has raised him with all the pampers.

Then they visit some of the animals and finally its time to see the tiger for which Era was very excited. But maybe it is her bad luck that today there is not a single tiger because of medical issues.

And so in a very sad mood, they went to sit on a bench and Daniel went to buy some ice creams for them.

Ryu is now looking at Era with a very surprised look

” Aunty, are you really sad that you couldn get to see a tiger? ” Ryu asked Era.

” Of course, why not. I mean the tiger is the main star of a zoo. And if we can even watch that then it will be a total waste to come here. ” Era said.

” Why? Aren you feeling bad that you also couldn get to see tigers? ” Era looked at him and asked.

” No. Not at all. I am not a kid who will cry for a mere thing. ” Ryu replied with a proud face.

” Really? ” Era asked while pouting.

And seeing those sad faces, Ryu couldn hold himself but said, ” Okay, fine don be sad anymore. ”

” Why? Are you going to show me a tiger? ” Era said jokingly.

” Of course. Why not? ” Ryu said.

” Really? How? ” Era asked.

” Did you ever go to my uncles house? ” Ryu asked again.

” No… ” Era replied blushingly.

” My uncle has a tiger in his house. Don you know? ” Ryu said with a very serious face.

When Daniel brought Ryu with him, he explained everything and every rule about what he shouldn tell Era. But his uncle never mentions Tommy as if he is not allowed to talk about it with her or not.

Era laughed. ” Really? ” She thought Ryu is joking or making things up to make her happy.

” Yes, l am not joking. That tiger is not a usual one. It is a giant white tiger that is very bigger than me also. ” Ryu started to explain everything about Tommy to Era while shaking his legs in the air as if its very normal to have a tiger pet.

” Then, don you scared of him? ” Era is also taking advantage of the situation to have some fun while talking with Ryu about his fantasy story. But little did she knows, whatever Ryu is talking is all true.

” He is very friendly and especially likes to play with me. I will meet him with you if you ever come to visit my uncles house. Just call me beforehand so that you won get scared of him. ” Ryu said.

Era laughed and nodded her head. ” Of course, l will let you know. ”

” But please keep it a secret from my uncle. He doesn like to talk about this to everyone. ” Ryu said not because he thought it was prohibited to tell her but it is true that Daniel doesn like to talk about Tommy with outsiders.

I mean who would talk about having a tiger pet in from of some normal people? They gonna think that he is mad or will think that he is lying as Era. But in mafia gangs, some people know about it and so they don even dare to come to his mansion.

” What are you guys talking about? ” Daniel comes with ice cream in his hands.

” Not… nothing uncle. Did you bring my ice cream ? ” Ryu jumped off the bench and went to take his ice cream to avoid this topic.

After that, they visited the other animals when it becomes already late evening.

” You must become tired. Let me hold him for some time. ” Era said to Daniel as Ryu has fall asleep on his back.

” Do you think you can carry him? ” Daniel said jokingly and in which Era smiled apologetically.

” Then lets take a little break. ” Saying that she pointed toward a bench where they went to sit now.

Now Ryu is sleeping while his head is resting on Eras lap. And Daniel sat on the other side of her.

” Such a cute boy. ” Era complimented Ryu while roaming her hand on his hair.

” Yeah, he has taken over his mother, ” Daniel said while also looking at him.

” Really? ” Era smiled. ” By the way, how many members do you have in your family? ” Era asked.

” l have my parents and one sister who is Ryus mother and…. and a close friend who stays with me. ” Daniel simply replied.

” Really? It must feel really good to have so many people in your life. ” Era said and then looked at Daniel. ” Unlike me. I only have one best friend who cares for me. ”

And hearing her Daniel looked at her properly. ” Then what about me? Am l not your friend? ”

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