Danial is getting impatient. He doesn want to keep lying on this bed. What if that girl already left the hospital? But before he could leave his bed, suddenly he felt a heavy pain in his chest, Oh yes, he was shot by a gun last night.

Suddenly a nurse comes to the room. Daniel frowned seeing the nurse as he was waiting to see that girl only.

”Oh, you are awake? ” That nurse asked but in reply, Daniel didn say anything. ”How are you feeling now? ” That nurse asked again but still Daniel didn reply.

And so, that nurse felt a little strange. She is not getting a good vibe from him.

How can she expect to get a good vibe from a mafia king?

She can tell by the look that this man is not an ordinary person.

”How did l come here? ” Daniel asked in a deep voice.

”a girl brought you here last night. ” The nurse replied simply as she doesn want to make any kind of trouble for her.

”She…she is still sitting outside ”. The nurse added.

Hearing that Daniel looked for the first time at the nurse. His expressions are starting to get change. She is still here?

A girl is sitting outside a patient room. She is half asleep. It seems like she couldn get enough sleep last night.

Suddenly a nurse come out of that room and called Era which made her flinch.

”Miss the patient is calling you ”. The nurse said who was in Danials room.

”Me? ” Era pointed a finger at herself and asked.

”Yes ”. The nurse replied.

Then Era stand up to go to the room but was again stopped by the nurse.

”Excuse me, miss. Please be careful. ” The nurse said with a hesitating smile. ”That man doesn seem nice. ”

Era gulped hearing that nurse. She was very worried last night till now about that man. Because she has never met a man like him before. Even after being injured that man was just holding Eras hand. So this whole time till they reached the hospital and even that man was smiling from time to time looking at her.

But now that man wants to see her, so she can deny it as she has waited the whole night to see that man be alright.

So she entered the room in fear as the nurse already scared her with the warning.

Also as Era already saw that the man was shooted with a gun and so Era can assume that that man might be a bad person so her fear got doubled.

But the moment she entered the room, her eyes met with that man. He smiled at her.

Era slowly went to him.

”What is your name? ” Daniel asked Era very fast as she came a little near him. He is still smiling.

At first, hearing his voice, Era flinched not because he was sounding harsh as she thought but because he was sounding pretty decent.

”E…Era Steve. ” Era replied.

”Thank you Ms.Steve for saving my life. ” Daniel smiled and replied. And in reply Era just give a smile. ”Why don you seat here? ” Daniel said pointing to the chair beside his bed.

Without saying anything Era sat there and a small awkwardness spread in the room.

”Are you ok..like your wound? ” Era asked while pointing towards his chest. Daniel looked into his chest and then again looked at Era.

”l am fine. Thank you for asking. Its not hurting much. ” Daniel replied.

”How did you got hurt? ” l mean you were shot by a gun. What might have happened last night? ” Era asked hesitatingly.

Daniel can see the hesitation on her face and which is more painful to watch for him.

”Are you…. ” Era couldn finish when she heard Daniel.

”No . ” Danial interrupts Era.

He stopped smiling seeing those fearful faces of Era. It is breaking his heart.

He doesn know what he should tell her. That he is a mafia who got injured while fighting in a gun field? What if Era doesn like it? What if she stop worrying about him and what she was doing last night?

”l… I was about to get high jack by some people. ” Suddenly Daniel said. ”And they had guns with them and during that fight, l was shooted with a gun. ” Daniel said He just made that excuse because he doesn want Era to think that he is a bad person. Its just the beginning. So how can he snatch that smile from her face?

And hearing that the fear in Eras eyes all vanished and a worry ness started coming.

”What high jacker? ” Era becomes surprised.

”Ye…yeah. l mean l was going back to mu….home after finishing my work when they suddenly come to me. ” Daniel replied.

”Then you must fill it to the police station. Wait my friends father is a police commissioner. He will help you with that. ” Era said.

”Aaa…no its ok. Actually, l have already suffered a lot and don want more. ” Daniel replied with an apologetic smile.

Suddenly the door of that hospital room burst open. Some people started to come inside the room without knocking.

”Master. Are you okay? ” Zacky asked Daniel.

acky? Daniel frowned seeing him hearing most then. What if he ruined all his acts in front of Era? Because everyone knows how Zacky is obsessed with Daniel. So he was pretty sure that Zacky was worried about him and waiting to hear something from him and also for this master to order him then he can also destroy the whole world only Daniel has to give him one look and that is enough for him to do that.

”Master, why are you not saying anything? Just say anything and the rest of the word l will handle you know that ”, Zackys eyes were getting red like a real danger. Like he was the one from the rest of the people who should fear of.

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