”Master, are you okay? ” Zacky comes toward Daniel while the other men are greeting him with a bow.

Era looked at those men in confusion. Mostly at Zacky. Master??

”How are you master? Do you know how l was worried last night? l couldn even find you anywhere. ”Zacky started to talk nonstop as after a long time he has been apart from his master for this long and also he was worried like crazy for his master.

And Zackys this anxiousness is not giving Daniel any chance to talk.

”Who is he? ” Suddenly Era asked Daniel. She is looking confused.

But before Daniel could say anything again he was interrupted. ”Who is she? ” Zacky ash the same question to Daniel as well.

Now both of them are looking at Daniel with confusion.

Daniel left a big sign. He wasn expecting Zacky to be here that fast. Now how he could handle both of them together?

So, after a long battle with his own mind, Daniel decided to answer Era first as he can take care of Zacky later.

”Actually, he is the boss of the company where l work in, ” Daniel replied with a smile.

But not only did Daniels answer surprise Zacky and the other guard confused but also the smile make them equally scared. Because they never saw their master to smile so sweetly before.

”Mas….. ”Zacky is about to say something to Daniel when Suddenly Daniel gave him a look that was enough to make him quiet.

”then why was he calling you master? ” Era asked.

Daniel smiled again, ” Actually l am his assistant, and as l am a very punctual man and so l want to do my work very perfectly and on time. And maybe he become so impressed with me that sometimes he calls me master. Right boss? ” Daniel said and looked at Zacky.

Zacky blinked twice. What was his master talking about?

Then Daniel again tilted his head as if saying him to say yes.

”Ahh, yes yes. l mean he is right. ” Seeing the look Zacky immediately agreed with what his master said. Then he gives an awkward smile.

”Really. ” Era smiled, ”Which company do you work in? ” Then she bands a little bit and came close to Daniel and whispered in his ear. ”Your boss looks very decent.

Before Daniels mind could work, he answered, ” Mak hotel and corporation. ”

”What ?? ” Era flinched and stand up. ” He is that mysterious boss of Mak corporation? ” Saying that Era started to bow in front of Zacky.

”Nice to meet you, Mr… no…master ….no boss. ” Then she looked at Daniel and whispered again, ”What should l call him? ” She asked anxiously.

This time not only Zacky and the guards but also Daniel becomes confused thinking about what she was doing. He is confused more than the other boys in the room.

”Aa…you can call me Zacky ”, Zacky said.

”No, how can l call such a big tycoon by his name? ” Era said, ”Please forgive me that l didn stand up earlier. ” Era again bowed.

”You don have to do that, ” His time Daniel stopped her middle way . ”l mean my boss is a very friendly person so don need to devise around him. ” He said and again looked at Zacky.

Zacky is still unaware of what was happening to him and why his master was introducing him as the owner of Mak hotel and corporation which was supposed to be him.

”Yes, yes he is right, ” Zacky said and started laughing awkwardly without any reason.

Actually what else he can do without laughing when he has zero idea what was happening around him?

Era also started to laugh seeing Zacky laugh. She also doesn know why she was laughing but doing this because he was doing it. Aaa.. awkward moment.

Daniel shakes his head seeing both of them like this.

”Boss. l think you should go now. l am fine and l will join you after l get better. ” Daniel couldn see both of them like that and so he decided to then them away first.

Oh, okay, l take my leave now. Zacky said because he also Doesn want to be a part of it anymore.

Era also stopped laughing here that.

”By the way, may l know your name Ms? ” But at least Zacky can know her name first might so that his curiosity could be decreased a little bit.

”Its Era Steve, sir. ”Era replied.

”Oh, nice to meet you, Ms. Steve. Hope we can meet in the future. Now l won bother you guys anymore, ” Zacky said and looked at Daniel with a smile then left with the guard.

Daniel knitted his eyebrows. Did he just give me a taunt? Daniel asked himself.

”Woah, what a lucky day today is! ” Era said while still looking at the door.

”Why is that? ” Daniel asked.

”Why? l got to meet with the most mysterious men in this country. ” Era replied with a smile.

”Not only that l also got to know his name as well. ” Era said with an excitement. ” Everyone knows how mysterious the owner of Mak hotel and the corporation is. He never goes to any parties and his identity is also kept hidden from everyone. No one knows who he looks like. But see l got to meet him today. ”

Daniel is smiling seeing that excitement. ” Are you a fan of his? ”

Then Era think for some time and then replied, ” Not really. Actually there is a rumor that the owner of the Mak hotel and corporation….. ” then she looked left and right and then came a little close to Daniel.

She whispered, ” that he is a mafia and Mak hotel and corporation is just a show and nothing else for his hidden identity. And in reality, he is a very dangerous person and thats why he doesn come in the public often. ”

Daniel frowned hearing her.

Then Era straighten herself and said again, ” But meeting him today,l can tell that all those things are really rumors. ”

”And why do you think that? ” Daniel said.

”Because mafias are all very scary people but look at him, he is so nice and friendly. No, he can be a mafia, ”Era replied.

”What if he really is, ” Daniel Suddenly asked in a serious tone.

”Then l will seriously regret meeting him today. ” Era simply replied . ”Why asked? Don …don tell me….. ” She couldn finish her sentence.

” Don worry. l was just asking out of the curiosity. My boss is a very nice person. ” Daniel said.

”Really. ” Era smiled in a relief.

After that, they started to talk randomly but not for too long because Era works to do it and so she started to leave when she turned back to look at him.

”Hey we have talked for so long but l forgot to ask your name ”, Era said with an apologetic smile.

Daniel smiled . ” It l tell you my name, will you be my friend? ”

Era chuckled and said, ” Of course, why not. ”

Then Daniel paused for some second looking at her face. ” Daniel Makenzi ”.

After that Era finally left the room. and the mone t she left his smile broke.

”Zacky ”, he called in a very low voice.

And hearing his name, Zacky came out but not by the door but from behind a room divider.

Zacky has come back into this room a long time ago after he left the room with the guard. But no one knows how he got back here.

Even if Era was here she couldn even guess how he come out from the room divider which is placed a way far from the door

Just because Daniel knows Zacky well and so he knew that no matter when he comes back in the room which he always does.

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