After the final race of the World Rally Championship, in Spain. A British driver named Nekomi Fujiwara is resting in the service park. In this championship, they got fifth overall in their class which is quite impressive for being his first year in this competition. Next to him sits his German best friend and also his co-driver Mason Freudenberger who they knew each other since they were kids.

Nekomi was interested in motorsports since he was a young little boy, but he was a troubled kid growing up, being born with autism and constantly being bullied in school, only Mason is able to keep him company. He once even had a mental breakdown that made him have headaches from time to time, and forgot most of the things from his childhood. Things were so bad that Nekomi changed his name just to try and forget about the past, only Mason and his family still call him by his original name.

They are now just one step away from being a professional WRC driver, but somehow Nekomi seems to be a bit lost, passion for racing is not as much as before. Hes quick but he is slowly losing his purpose. Only one strand of a memory of a blue haired girl kept making him go racing, Nekomi can remember much about it but it always makes him motivated and happy, however as this is the only thing keeping Nekomi wanting to be in the competition, this makes Mason feel worried from time to time.

They are now sitting on a sofa , drinking coke while watching the news. The television shows that there is a weird phenomenon going on across the world where flashes of light suddenly appear in garages and car parks, which made cars move without a driver, it seems they were sentient. This has been happening for years, yet scientists around the world still have no clue on what is going on, while people who believe in supernatural phenomena start making different kinds of theories regarding the situation.

”Breaking news, a local Ford is running around without a driver ” The reporter on the TV said. This is the first time that both of them actually heard news of this kind and they are both weirded out by what they just heard. Mason then looked towards Nekomi and said, ”Hey Morven, what do you think is going on with those cars? ”

Nekomi thought to himself for a while and replied, ”I honestly don know man. But in my years of driving, I do feel like some cars are more than just machines. ”

”What do you mean by that? ” Mason then continued to ask.

”I have driven some cars where you can somehow feel that it has its own soul, it has its own mind, and even it feels like its alive. ”

”I guess its just you being so good at driving that you have an emotional attachment with some of the cars you drive. By the way, if you don crash that much, we already have gotten first, and some big team is gonna find us and let us partic

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