Nekomi suddenly woke up from a really bad dream in the middle of the night. Mason was also woken up by him and was quite surprised as Nekomi rarely makes bad dreams, or even remembers any dream at all. Nekomi then had his hand on his face and groaned.

Mason was concerned and said, ”Hey whats wrong? ”

”Ahhh… I got a headache after this dream again. ” as Nekomi then moaned to Mason.

”Is everything fine? ” Mason worryingly asked.

”Not really, I remember seeing a girl running away from me and I was screaming at the top of my lungs, asking her not to leave. But then she disappeared and I woke up from the horrible feeling followed by pain in my head. ”

”Is the girls hair blue? ”

”Yes. ” Nekomi gently muttered, ”Its that one again. ”


”I have no idea man, but there is something that I do need to know. ” Still trying recover from the sudden pain in his head

”Look, she probably won come back to you anytime soon. Besides, we are in Prague for crying out loud, one of the most historic places in central europe, how about we visit this old city so you can forget all about this girl. So sleep well and we go out tomorrow. OK? ”

”OK then… ” Nekomi then proceeds to go to sleep but still confused about what has happened and frustrated by the identity of the girl that has been stuck in his head for years.

”Man, I do wish someone could understand and solve this issue. ” Nekomi then thought to himself as he fell asleep

Later that morning, they woke up and went on a walk around this old city, seeing an entire town that kept its look since the middle ages, it just looks like being in a fairy tale. Nekomi and Mason were walking near the castle, they saw an old skoda parked nearby. Then another flash of light appeared in front of them, which was from the old Skoda itself. Then a girl wearing a witch hat approached them saying, ”You guys kept me waiting until I almost fell asleep. But as usual my predictions are correct. You, yes you come with me. ”

”Wait, was this that easy? ” Mason then said

”I already know that you will come and the purpose of your visit to this ancient city. As this is just a matter of fate, I know you will come and try and find me one way or another, also you guys won do any harm so why not just show yourself in the beginning. ” the little girl said as Mason and Nekomi followed her.

Nekomi then asked, ”So, who are you? ”

”It is I, Katerina, the Skoda 130 LR, the Porsche of the east, a master of astrology who call this ancient city named Prague home. ” As the girl said while making a pose of herself.

Nekomi and Mason then laughed at this girl for her strange introduction.

”Porsche of the east? Have you ever seen an actual Porsche by any means? Cause you definitely don look like one? ” Mason then laughed

”Having an engine in the back may be true, but astrology? Really? You believe in that stuff? ” as Nekomi also laughed at her.

”You fools, the things that you have seen on the Internet are just full of posers, true astrology can only be found in ancient cities like this one, where it contains hundreds of years of knowledge that are required to learn in order to understand the true meaning of this art. Behold as predicted your friends will be here right… now. ” As she closed her eyes and pointed at her left, while they were looking at where she was pointing, they saw Kimi, Tommi, Cossie and Clara walking with each other.

”Honestly, without this knowledge, how am I supposed to know that you all will come looking for me in the first place. ” as she smirks while waving her hair with her hand. ”Also I think its time for you to call your friends to meet up. I think they will come in exactly 7 and 9 minutes. ”

Right after 7 minutes, Seb and Pierre came, then after 9 minutes Michele, Alice and Quattro came as well.

”Yes, as I predicted, have I proven you of my ever-growing intellect you two? ” Katerina said.

Seb then asked, ”So how did you even find her in the first place? ”

”Well its quite easy actu- ” Then Mason got interrupted by Katerina who said, ”So, today as I thought this is going to be quite a normal day where I can appreciate the beautiful surroundings of my hometown. But then I have sensed destiny is calling by my name from the clear sky above… ”

She somehow manages to make a short story long which makes Nekomi, Mason, Tommi and Kimi quite bored but somehow Seb is able to be interested by the way she speaks.

”So according to the people where my father was born, they call these people chuunibyou. ” Tommi then sighed while seeing what Katerina was saying.

Seb was surprised to see that she is an actual astrologist and said, ”So by any chance can you read our futures? ”

”Alright you three drivers may show me your palm and I will go and read your mind. ” Katherina then approached Tommi and looked at both his hand and face.

”Yes, a mixed blood between two families where speed runs along the family. You and your brother are luckily gifted in terms of this sport, and I have a great certainty that you two will have a really great future ahead of you, but remember a calm mind is key to success, avoid bragging and picking fights, just keep your own cool wherever you go. ”

She then walked in front of Seb and read his hand, she then looked confused and said, ”Hmm this is strange, you seem to come from another world. For some interesting circumstances your soul was lost from another universe and came into this body. This will take time to adjust your surroundings that you have which are different from what you had before. But you can be sure that you can feel at home in this world and you will be sure to have a peaceful life. Just take care of your body and fate will lead your way. ”

Nekomi then was quite confused and then asked, ”I heard from Pierre that before we met, a crash led you to losing your memory then your entire personality changed for no reason. Is that true? ”

Seb then replied, ”Its quite a long story that only she may know the truth behind myself, but I do start to be quite fond of rally nowadays. I think its your turn now. ”

As Katerina starts reading Nekomis mind she closes her eyes for a while before opening it in shock. ”So do you happen to forget something that happened in your life which led to confusion or being lost. ”

Nekomi was confused by what she said, but then she said, ”Well do you sometimes think of a particular person that you want to find answers from but have no idea who it is? ”

Nekomi then suddenly remembers his dream last night and a sudden pain struck his head, and fell into the ground

”Ah yes, just as I thought. You are now embarking on a long journey where you are still confused by what has led up to this exact moment, but as fate shows, it will often show the answers during the journey. It may be tomorrow, it may be next week, or maybe even at the end of this journey, but more often than not, it will show itself in places where you least expect. Keep your heads up and let fate lead you to your destination. ”

Then Katerina then kneeled down to check on his condition as he spoke and lifted him up from where he fell. She then puts her hand on his shoulder reassuring that he will one day find what he has been looking for. An answer, a reason, a purpose in the form of a girl with blue hair driving a blue car.

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