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How To Cripple Sarah Davies

”What? ”

Max stared at the words on the screen in disbelief.

He wasn actually expecting anything when he clicked on the How To button.

In fact, he sort of regretted it after he pressed it.

He forgot that he had no idea what this mysterious browser window was.

What if it was the police or the government spying on what their citizens were up to?

What if this was all a set-up?

What if it was one of those What would you do? videos he saw on YouTube?

He shook his head after thinking about it for a few minutes longer.

Theres no way anyone would go to such lengths just to prank someone.

Plus, its not as if I committed a crime.

Max felt significantly better after reading through the texts several times.

His anger had been replaced by amusement.

Damage is already done, might as well keep going.

Max thought upon reading what he wrote in the search bar.

So, if its anything like Final Destination, then a chain of events should lead to her death?

No… death is a luxury. That b*tch deserves to suffer for the rest of her life.

He thought and started changing the words in the search bar.

[How to cripple Sarah Davies without leaving evidence]

[ > 3835 results returned]

Max chuckled as he read through several of them.

Some were for specific days and required hundreds of steps to be completed, while others required only a few lines of text.

”Whoever made this has far too much spare time. ”

He sifted through the results until he came across one that piqued his interest.

[ > On August 27, 2023, at exactly 11:35:23 AM, place a tennis ball that weighs 56.0-59.4 grams and has a diameter of 2.57–2.70 inches on the park bench at the entrance of King Edward Park, Carlton Road. This will set off a chain of events that will result in Sarah Davies being paralysed from the waist down.]

Huh? This is identical to the la—

”…The time is different? ”

Its only a second difference, but is that second really significant enough to distinguish death from fatal injury?

Max pondered as he returned his gaze to the lines of text.

The dimensions mentioned appeared to be the standard size for a professional tennis ball.

”August 27th… thats tomorrow. ”

But do I really want to waste money on a tennis ball?

Its not like itll work, but picking up a sport doesn sound bad.

”…Ill leave that up to the future me. ”

”Anyway how do I close this… ”

Max grumbled as he discovered that even holding down the power button did not close the browser.

After several minutes of attempting various methods to shut down his laptop, he noticed faint flashes coming from the USB drive.

It was hard to spot if not paying attention, but on closer inspection he could see small flashes of light, similar to stars in the night sky.

He removed the USB drive from the port to investigate further.

In order to avoid corrupting a drive, he would normally eject it before removing it from its port.

His entire screen, however, was filled with a search engi

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