he started opening the envelope.

Suddenly, all I felt was nerves. I don know why, but my limbs started getting tense. My hands sweaty and my breathing heavy.

Fiona then got the envelope open, she shared a glance at everyone before looking down at whatever this invitation was about.

The whole room was quiet. I could hear my own heart beating wildly in my chest, like any time soon it would burst out.

My head was running wild, I felt uneasy. Like whatever was in there would be something we both probably wouldn like.

Fiona then realised a soft gasp, her hands started shaking before she shoved the golden paper violently on Blondeys chest. ”What the ** is this!? ” She snapped.

I jumped in fright, moving to stand next Fiona. ”Do you think this is a joke? ”

e only doing what we were told to, and that was to personally hand it to you and your friend. ” Blondey says without emotion.

”Fi? ” I grabbed on her arm, looking at her angered face.

”I won except this bullshit! Go tell him to leave us alone! ” She ignored me, addressing them.

My brows furrowed and I looked at Blondey. ”What was written on it? ”

Fiona froze, shaking her head.

”Mr Al- ”

”Its nothing, B. Its all nonsense. ” Blondey seemed annoyed that Fiona spoke him off, he looked at both of us and sighed.

”What was in the damn paper, Fi? ”

”Nothing important. Its bullshit. ” She dismissed.

”No, Fi. ” I held on her shoulders. ”Tell me. ”

”Ive already said, its all nonsense. ”

”What was written on the freaking paper, Fi?! ” Snapping was something I never did towards Fiona, but when she wouldn just give in and was being too stubborn, I couldn take it.

Fionas lips trembled, she pulled me in for a hug that confused me. ”Like I said. Bullshit…. ” Her inhale was shaky. ”Its a freaking wedding invitation, B. ”

”And so? ”

”You don get it do you? ”

e not making any sense. ” Fiona sighed sadly, she realised a broken sound in her throat and my heart dropped.

”I-Im so sorry…Bianca, I-I- ”

”We have to take our leave now. ” Blondey interrupted our mini-show. He looked amused. ”We can be long, Mr Esposito is in the car waiting. ”

”H-hes here! ” Fiona gasped, moving to look at me. ”Fuck hes here! ”

My heart started beating, I was so lost and confused. What the hell was going on here? Who the hell was this Mr Esposito. Sure, I knew it was one of Fionas brothers, but…which one.

”Yes, miss. He is here, downstairs in his Limo. ” Fiona looked like she was going to faint any time soon.

”You know what?! Thats it, Ill read the damn thing. ” And I did, even though Fiona shouted in protest.

I walked to Blondey, took the paper in my hands and starred down at it.

Fiona froze up and when I started reading it on the second round, my body went cold.

~Dear, Fiona and Bianca~

Ive truly missed my little sister terribly. It wouldn feel right if a family wasn here on such a special occasion.

I thought maybe it would be kind enough for me to invite your friend, Bianca Halsall.

So I personally wrote you this letter along with an invitation attached with it. I want you both there. No excuses, I won take any.

Your brother.

Alessandro Pedro El padrino Esposito La Romania.

I lost it. My whole body dripped to the ground. Fiona by my side immediately. The paper shaking along with my hands.

”Bianca! Fuck, Bianca? ” Fiona spoke desperately. Eyeing me carefully with her hands on my cheeks.

My eyes blurred, and the next thing I knew. I was crying, I was punched over, clutching the paper on my chest and heaving heavily.

Hes getting married.

Hed forgotten about me…about us.

He didn … he didn come back for me.

He…Alessandro, hes getting married.

Oh my god, no. No. No. No. No!

”Oh my god! ” I gasped, covering my mouth with a hand, my whole body was shaking and everything was a blur.

I felt torn once again. It hurts even more. I don understand. Why? Why was he…?

”Look at me, Bianca? ” Fiona begged, moving to sit in front of me. ”Please don … Bianca? ”

”H-hes marrying s-someone else- ” I cried, tasting the saltiness of my own tears. My head throbbing furiously. ”He isn - ”

”Shh, look at me, Fiona. ” She cursed. ”Breath, breath…please breath. ” She chanted but …I couldn .

My nose just wouldn let me inhale the air I needed. ”I-I really- ” I heaved and gasped, scaring Fiona.

”No! Breath, breath. ” She repeated.

”We have to go. I hope your …Um, friend is okay, but Mr Esposito is waiting outside and we can keep him waiting any longer. ”

”I want to see him. ”

”No. ” Fiona snapped as soon as my words left my mouth. ”You will not do this to yours- ”

”I have to, Fi. What if theres a misund- ”

”You can . I won let you. ” Fiona huffed, grabbing me in for a tight hug. ”He left you, Bianca. He isn here for you. You can show him any signs of- ”

”Please… ” I whispered. ”I want to see Alessandro…please, please just let me- ”

”Bianca- ”

I was up before she could stop me. All three men froze when I ran pass them and out of my apartment door.

And I was running down the hallway. Fiona shouted for me but I was too gone to listen. The three men chased after me, but I skillfully ran faster down the stairs.

They cursed loudly when I was a good distance away. All I had in my head was one thing only. Alessandro.

I have to see him.

I had questions he left me with. Questions he refused to answer when he left me out… on the front door of our apartment, crying and begging for him not to leave me.

That was the first time he was so cold an closed off around me. He pushed me away and I didn recognise him. He didn even turn to give me one last glance before he disappeared in his car and off our neighbourhood and my life.

He ignored my texts even though I knew he reads each and everyone of them. He declined my calls, and refused to even answer his own **ing sisters calls.

He just…vanished.

….and I won let him leave me without answers again.



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