amed in frustration, and a slap whipped my face to the side, her eyes darkening. Gabrielle pulled me to face her by the collar of my shirt.

I smirked. ”You just can except the truth, can you, Gabrielle? ” I raised a brow.

”Youll love me, Alessandro. Youll love me or Ill kill her! ”

I laughed, shaking my head. My hands ran through her blonde locks. Watching as she easily showed me how I affected her with a touch. My lips landed on her forehead.

e insane. ” She gasped, not expecting me to tighten my hold on her hair and waist.

Grabbing her by the neck, I went to whisper in her ears. ”Loving you is impossible, Gabrielle. You know someone else has my heart. Someone who deserves it, not a whore like you are. ”

”Watch me kill- ” I shushed her, tightening my hold on her neck. She gaged, her eyes scanning my face in fright.

I tsked, crunching up my nose. ”Even though I love someone else. Im planning on marrying you. A **ing slut will be my wife in two weeks. You know, you
e lucky to even get to look at me every single day, when Im watching the love of my **ing life from a far distance. It isn fair don you think. ”

Gabrielle tried to push me off her but only got my hand yanking her face to look in my eyes. ”I can **ing touch her, but you can touch me. I can hug her, love her. Show her just how **ing much she means to me. ” My breathing shortened, and all I can see is red. ”I watched her cry for me. She begged me. She **ing begged me on her **ing knees. Me! Can you believe it? ”

The look on her face when I roughly yanked her off me and muttered the words we
e done hunts me till this day. With that look, the one that wakes me up every morning with sweat crawling down my back is the dreams I have of our beautiful moments, now they just seem…dark.

”I left her. My everything, for… you. ” I spat my last word like poison. Gabrielle was shaking completely. I knew clearly I shouldn be talking like this in front of her because this woman was pure evil but this was it, I had enough of her bullshit.

Looking in her brown eyes. ”So listen carefully, Ms Capitalia, Im getting married to you. Weve been engaged for two years and this is the time youve been waiting for haven you. ” She nodded.

”Then shut up. Leave her the ** alone and lets focus on this….us. okay? Be a good bitch and don be in my **ing business. ”

And I let her go, pushing her roughly off me. The strong smell of her expensive perfume bothering me. She stumbles back, her eyes darkening in slits.

Patting down on my suite, I smiled sweetly at her, walking calmly and sitting on my chair. I looked up, with the most fakest sweet voice, I said. ”Would you be a sweetheart and pick up the papers? ”

Gabrielle sharply started collecting the papers on the floor, her nails crunching them up in the ends.

Once she had them all, she slammed them on my desk, making me smirk. ”Here it is, darling. ” She played along, narrowing her eyes.

Already moving towards the door. Gabrielle froze and turned to look at me to my disappointment. She smiled, not looking the least convincing, she looked straight away fake. ”Baby? ” She called and I winced, but smiled in response to her call.

”Would you please be early. Daddy is coming for dinner tonight. I wouldn want you to look bad in his eyes. ”

”I thought he already hated my gut, love. ”

”Only when you do the shitiest things to his daughter, love. ”

I chuckled. ”Oh my, I wonder why. ”

”Don be late. ”

I groaned, nodding and watched her leave. She purposefully slammed the door shut behind her.

And I smiled, grabbing my personal phone. I dialed Jimmy. ”Get Davis and Kyle ready along with you. We
e going to meet someone. ”

”Yes, boss. ”

Soon enough, I was sited in my Limo, with Jimmy, Davis and Kyle. Kyle as the driver. ”Where to boss? ”

”Fiona. My sisters apartment. ”

Maybe Ill get to touch her today, feel her skin on mine. Bianca Halsall.

My Bianca.



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