”Mom Im leaving for the race ”I shouted and opened the enormous glass door, holding my shoes, while I Walk barefooted to my personal car with my driver already inside waiting for me.I started putting on my red socks then my red shoes,then I brought out my mirror to see how I look.

Having being satisfied with my appearance I asked Anthony my personal driver that I was ready and that he should start driving. I relaxed on the cars seat and drifted to my thoughts. well just thinking about my personalities,my childhood stage to teenager then to the lady I am.

Well, Im Cynthia Morgan,was born 21years ago,so Im 20 isn it.Done with secondary School which Im also happy about because it was a really annoying period.But now Im a big girl, a real big girl.

20years and also in 200 level in the university of Harvard, studying management.I wanna be a business lady, whos gonna be known worldwide.

My best colour is red, which is what Im putting on right now, everythings red (even my panties and bra). My best food is rice and anything that comes with it.

Best movie is Titanic-my heart will go in it was acted in 1970 I wasn even born by then. My best song is My heart will go on. Don be surprised that its got the same title. Don be surprised because the movies album and the album were both sang by the same person whos also my best artist. Her names Celine Dion. I really really love her.

When you talk about my hobbies music is one of them, then dance, then the greatest of all is seduction. I really love it.and also Im one of those girls that dance for winners in my schools athletic match. Ive been doing it ever since I got to the school and I love it.

Well Im also headed to one of those matches,and Im really happy to go. This particular one Im headed to is going to be one of the most memorable experience. Should I tell you why?, because Im gonna dance and raise my flowers up in the sky for my crush.

Well his name is Mike Taylor,the best runner, basketball player,and dancer,I really can stop myself from blushing right now.

The most interesting part about it is that hes also studying management though hes my senior, hes in 400level I didn tell you that Harvard University, management course, 400level has the most handsome and most beautiful and sexiest girls and thats where Mike found his recent girlfriend Chloe.

Shes a model and shes also a bully, always bullying weaker students,and if she finds any girl crushing on her guy she deals with them, though,she hasn caught me,but if she tries nonsense with me Im going to deal with her should I tell you why.

Well, when Mikes mother gave birth to him did she say that hes made for Chloe?so if she comes to confront me Im gonna teach her some of my karate.

Didn tell you I could fight karate but now you know. Sometimes I wonder why Im not in 400level because if I was there Id also be popular.

After all Im also the beauty of my class,and Im not proud unlike most girls Im average in height,I have a very long black straight hair thats almost reaching my waist, unlike most girls that have short hair. Ive got natural pink lips most guys call it the right lips to kiss and suck,. though Ive not kissed before. And Im also golden skinned in complexion, Ive got a straight nose like that of celebrities,

And lastly my eyes, theyve got real weird lenses, like golden smoke why I call it weird because the colors shift and you could only notice it if you get closer to me,when I mean closer,there should be just one inch of space,then youll see it clearly.

My roommates were at first scared of me during our first year. They thought I was something dangerous, like a demoness. But now,ah ah ah they love it so…much Im good at singing and dancing and Im also the best seductress youll find on planet Earth. Also good at whining, twisting and twerking. No ones ever beat me down on it.

Ive got this flexible body that makes most of my peers hate me,but I don care. Ive also got a very long eyelashes and a long tongue that helps me in seducing guys and I also….. Arrrrgh… ”What was that? ” I asked Anthony because all of a sudden the car felt like it almost had an accident.

”I Don know maam ”Anthony said with shock written all over his face. He opened the door to the car. ”but Im going to check right now ”. He added and got out of the car. I was relieved and rested on the cars seat. But deep within me I felt a ting of pain in my heart. What if Anthony had hit someone, I opened the car door shivering with fear . I summoned courage and went outside. I went towards Anthony still shivering, on getting there, I got welcomed with a shocking scene. Anthony was being held by the neck by a strange person,dress or black from the head to the tpe. I couldn see the strangers face . I stood studying the stranger ,I wasn sure if it was a male or female.

The strangers got a very…long thick black hair. I think the strangers hair might be longer than mine,for a while I was filled with jealousy,but I quickly brushed the feeling off. Well the strangers face can be seen because the person is also on a black hood that covers the face,.

I walked closer to them,I couldn let Anthony die, not now,and not when hes my drover.it seems the strangers trying to kill anthAnt, does he know Anthony? ”Excuse me? ” I bent my head to see if I might get an opportunity to save Anthony.

Now we are already the attention of people. I am really embarrassed,but I can just leave Anthony here. ”Excuse me? ”I repeated not looking scared. Well….it seems like the stranger didn hear me so I moved a little bit closer to him and that was when I saw a little bit of the strangers face, and also why Anthony looked like a dead person with wide eye. The strangers eye was more than weird, I thought I was the only person with weird eyes in planet Earth. Looking at his eyes ,my body froze, because the strangers eye looks like it was made from the furnace of hell,it looks like flames.

I pushed my fear aside because Anthony must not die and Im the only one that can save him . I touched the strangers palm,I felt the stranger stiffened then I smiled within myself. I was starting to get control of the strangers mind. My courage kept on boosting,. then I started caressing the back of the strangers palm. This made the stranger lose his composure for a few seconds. I heard Anthony groan, that was when I became angry. ”Plus all my efforts,he had still not let Anthony free? ” Mph….i grinned m

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