My Lover is a Demon

Lust \'n\' Love

”Fuck Eva ” I cursed at Eva within myself. I thought I could win her because Leighton is mine. I thought she will be jealous and angry, but no, I was wrong. ”To hell with her ” I cried within myself.

I went back to the living room, where I had left my boyfriend. My only boyfriend, the most handsome guy Eva has ever see, the one that will always seduce a girl with his looks. My only boyfriend,one and only lover. ah ha ha ha ha ha I laughed at my childishness.

” Who was it? ” Leighton asked immediately I came into the living room. He was still the way I had left him. Good boyfriend, not like some stubborn guys that will never listen to their lovers.

”Who else do you think it will be if its not that annoying Eva ” I replied and he chuckled. Damnit! He looks sexy the way he laughs, or is he trying to seduce me? If hes trying to seduce me, then I have fallen for it. I surrender to the man of my life.

”Are you trying to seduce me? ” I asked and walked slowly over to him. if he wants to seduce me, then we are going to seduce each other.

”I don get ” he said grinned playfully.

”You know what I mean Leighton ” I said and pouted. I won make it easy for him.

”No babe ” he quickly defended himself. ” I Know nothing about what you are saying right now, Im not your mind, so Im not the one that listens to your thoughts. Im not the one that gives you a second thought ” he explained and she smirked wickedly.

”How did you know that you are not in my mind? ” I asked him and he frowned.

”What are you trying to do, young lady? ” he asked and looked at me in amazement.

”What do you think? I asked him and sticked out my tongue in a playful manner.

”Don let me think ” he replied and looked away. I found his behavior funny. Gonna teach this boyfriend of mine a sweet, but painful lesson.

”Why do you say so? ”

”Stop this childish attitude of yours ” he replied in a pleading tone. I wanted to give in, but at a second thought, decided not to.

”is that an insult, Leighton? ” I asked him and pretended to be angry. He quickly looked at me, when he saw my angry face he stood up and walked over to me.

”Whats wrong? ”.

”What do you mean by whats wrong? ”

”Why do you look angry? ” he asked and I hissed. Seems he has fallen for my prank.

”Cause you insulted me ”.

”Me? When? ” he asked looking confused.

”Just now ”.

”Now? ” He asked and I nodded. ”But what did I say? What exactly was the insultive word that I had said? ”

”Didn you call me a child, you said I act childishly ” I snapped. He shook his head and went back to his seat. I looked suprised at his action.

”Mary? ” he called.

”What is it? ” I asked and frowned at him.

”You really don know what to say. Im i right? ” he asked and I looked confused. Im looking angry, but he looks calm. I was beginning to get angry. To be sincere, its so crazy, Im angry and hes sitting calm telling me that I don know what to say.Who does that?.

”What are you saying Leighton? ” I asked him with an angry tone.

”What did you tell Eva? ” he suddenly asked, I got filled with rage. How could he ask of Eva when Im angry with him? What nonsense is he doing right now?

”What do you mean by that? ” I asked and folded my arms.

”WHAT. DID. YOU. TELL. EVA? ” he yelled and I flinched. Whats wrong with him now.

”I told her what she wanted to hear from me, anything bad with that? ” I replied looking confident. I haven done anything wrong, so Im not at fault. Like Im really scared of how he looks right now.

”Are you crazy? ” he asked with irritation in his voice.

”You are crazy Leighton, infact you are stupid. You are angry because I told Eva what shes supposed to hear? Or what? is she the one you are dating or I am? Is she even your girlfriend? ” I yelled back. If he wants to fight, then Im ready for it.

”Whats wrong with you. Why do you behave in such a stupid way. Grow up, will you? ” he asked and I burned with anger. I slapped him hard on his right cheek which left a mark.

”Fuck you Leighton. Fuck Eva. Fuck the both of you ” I cried out.

”Fuck you too Mary ” he yelled and I punched his chest.

”You are a pervert Leighton, You really are. How could you fight with me because of Eva? How could you? ” I asked and continuously punched his hard chest.

”Do you know why Eva was here? No you don . Do you even know what she came here to say to me? No you don . All you do is walk shamelessly to insult her. Don you have any shame? ” He shouted. I looked at him in shock. So many bad words I want to say, but my mouth can say it.

”Pervert, idiot,fool ” I cursed and walked with my back heading towards my room, ”You are a cheater, a bad guy, all bad words belong to you ” I said and ran into my room.

Im so angry with him, how could he talk to me like that. Does he not know that Im his girlfriend? Just what is wrong with him. Maybe Eva has done something to him, I won forgive het. I will never forgive a lady like her.And as for Leighton, I won talk to him. He must come and apologize to me. He must apologize for shouting at me.

I yawned loudly and went to my bed, my only comfort now. I even feel tired, Im so weak. I feel sleepy. I yawned again ad slept soundly.

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