It was dark, and Mary wasn out of her room. Leighton was feeling worried about her, ”Was I too harsh on her? ” he asked himself. He stood up from the couch and head towards Marys room. He wanted to knock on her door, but was scared of what her response might be, so he stood there waiting for her to open the door by herself.

An hour had passed, and she was still not out of her room. His whole system was screaming at him in accusation. He then decided to call her. He knocked on the door, but no response.

”Mary? ” he whispered and knocked on her door again. But there was still no response from her. ”Damnit ” he cursed.

”Mary? Im sorry for what happened this afternoon. You just don understand what Eva came here to do thats why I was angry ” he said, but she still didn open the door. He knocked harder. ”Mary please ” he said with a pleading tone and knocked loud and hard on the door.

”Move away from the door ” he heard her say. He realized that he was resting on the door knob, which was making it hard for her to open the door. She opened the door, he stepped aside for her to come out. When she came out of her room, he hugged her tightly.

”Im sorry for being an idiot ” he said.

”And Im also sorry for acting childish ” she apologized and hugged him back. He broke the hug and slammed his lips hard on her lips. They kissed for a while, then he broke the kids and hugged her again.

”I was scared, for a while I thought I had lost you ” he said.

”You can never lose me ” she said.

”I love you Mary ”

”I love you more Leighton ” she said and she kissed him hard, he pinned her against her room door, then he moved her closer to him, and she placed her hands on his chest. He hugged her waist and brought her closer to him. He broke the kiss and traced her face with his, his hot breathe almost made her faint, he rested his lips on hers, but shortly,he parted her lips and kissed her deeply playing with her tongue. She squirmed under his touch and hugged his neck. In between the gentle kiss,he would lick her lips lewdly. He kissed her lips harder and sucked it deeply, stealing away her breathes.

She broke the kiss, panting heavily trying to catch her breathe. He then hugged her and laughed.

”Whats funny? ” she asked and frowned lightly. He didn reply but instead pat her in the head.

”Nothing dear ” he said and pecked her lips. ” I have to sleep, I feel tired ” he said, he was about to walk away when she dragged his shirt. She bit her lips hard in embarrassment.

”Sleep in my room instead ” she blurted, he looked at her in surprise.

”You mean I should sleep in your room? ” he asked, but she nodded in response. ”Do you know what that means? ” he asked and and grinned.

”It means nothing, for you to sleep in my room means nothing Leighton ” she said innocently but he only laughed.

”It might mean nothing to you, but once we both get into that room trying to sleep, you will understand what Im trying to say ” he said and smirked mischievously.

”I don care about anything, all I care about is for you to sleep in my room ” she said and dragged him into her room.

”Arrggh don have any idea of what I might do to you ” he grumbled.

”Maybe you could tell me ” she said and pushed him on her bed. ”Now sleep ” she ordered and slumped on the bed, beside him.

”I can stay ” he grumbled.

”But why? ” she asked and frowned.

”I just can stay ” he said and stood up from the bed.

”Leighton? ” she whispered he clenched his fist and looked at her charming face. This was why he couldn stay, he might do something crazy to her that he might later regret.

”Yes? Is there anything troubling you? ”

”Please stay ” she begged and held his wrist, he shut his eyes tightly.

”I can control myself when Im this close to you. You don know what I might do to you Mary, you have no idea on the bad things I want to do to you. So please let me go to my room Mary, or you might hate me for what I might do to you ”. he explained but she held his wrist tighter.

”What in this world will you do to me that will make me hate you? Just tell me what is it that youve always been thinking about, please Leighton ” she pleaded. He sat on the bed and looked at her lustfully, he shook his head wildly and shut his eyes tightly.

”I feel hot in here, you know what it means? ” he asked and scoffed. ”I bet you can know it ” he challenged.

” You are hot….its something like you are horny? ” she asked and frowned.

”Correct ” he said and clapped his hands.

”But why will you feel horny when you are with me, has this been happening for a long time? ” she asked and he kept silent. ”I asked you a question Leighton ” she hissed in frustration.

”Cause you are beautiful, and also a male and a female can not stay in a room together without the male feeling horny. Though its not all male, only to those that are able to control themselves. Im exceptional because I can control myself when Im with you ” he confessed, she looked at him with wide eyes.

”So you think about such things when you are with me huh? ” she asked and smiled widely.

”Yes. You don look angry ” he asked and frowned.

”Why would I get angry just because you said your mind? ” she asked and smirked.

”Nothing, but I still can stay ” he said.

”Why? Because you can stand my charm? ” she asked and bit her lower lips seductively. She stood up from the bed and eyed him seductively.

”Stop this please ” he said tried to look away but she clapped her hands on his cheek and chuckled.

”Can believe this is…. ” she trailed off as she looked at his mouth. His crannies had grown longer and she looked in shock. ”Your…. teeth…. ” she swallowed her saliva with force.

”What happened to them? ” he asked and touched his teeth, he cursed silently as he felt his sharp fangs.

”But you said you are a demon, how come you have vampires teeth? ” she asked and grinned.

”These are fangs ” he corrected.

”I don want to know what it is, but will you drink my blood? ” she asked, he laughed and patted her head.

”No. Im not a vampire, Im a demon and its also Normal for a demons to grow fangs. Seems like you are not scared of how I look right now, you are really bold ” he said but she rolled her eyes.

”Im not scared of anything, why do demons grow fangs? ” she asked again.

”Whenever they are angry or….. ”

”So you are angry with me because I asked you to sleep in my room? ” she interrupted,with sadness in her voice.

”No dear, you interrupted me that was why I couldn finish my statement ” he explained.

”Oh, you can finish now I won interrupt you ” she said and smiled.

”Like I was saying, the fangs grow whenever we are angry or when we feel the urge to satisfy our sexual desires ” he said.

”So its because you are in the mood for sex and not because you are angry thats why the fangs grew? ” she asked, he nodded. ”Can I touch them? ” he looked at her in astonishment.

”Okay ” he said and opened his mouth, he bent forward so she could touch them. She slowly touched them and laughed as she felt them with the tip of her finger.

”Its as sharp as a blade ” she said and smirked. Suddenly, she leaned forward and traced his fangs with her tongue. He stiffed and she smiled.

”So confident ” he muttered. ”Well since you long for it, Ill give it to you till you are satisfied ” he smirked wickedly, suddenly they were on a bed.

”Weve waited for too long ” she said with shaky breaths.

”That means youve been thinking about having me inside you? ” he frowned lightly.

”Its not what you think ” she said and blushed hard in embarrassment.

”Tell me then ”

”Okay Ill tell you. Ive been thinking about this ever since I saw you with Eva. ” she confessed.

”Bad girl ” he whispered, and started kissing her. He kissed her hard and trailed her body with hot kisses. Soon they were out of their clothes, and that moment, he marked her as his mate.

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