My Lover is a Demon

Lust \'n\' Love

The next morning,

Trrrrrrrr, the alarm clock in Marys room screamed seven oclock. Leighton was the first to be awaken by the loud noise, he quickly switched it off because he didn want Mary to wake up.

”Whyd you switch it off? ” He hears Marys drowsy voice and froze at his spot. She raise her head and frowned at him.

”Good morning my love ” He greets and pecks her on the lips.

”Good morning ” she replied.

”How was your night? ” he asks and scratches the back of his head.

”My night was crazy ” she whispered and stood up from the bed, laughing as she heads into the bathroom. Leighton laughed within himself.

”Do you have anything to do today? ” he asks as he arranges the bed.

”Going to school ” she replies from the bathroom.

”School? ” he repeated.

”Yes. Are you surprised? ”

”No. Since when did you sign the admission requirements? ” he asks again.

”Thats my purpose of going to school today ” she explains.

”Thats what you should have said instead of making me look surprise ” he said and slapped his forehead.

”Dad and the rest of the family will be back today ” she announced in an excited tone.

”At last, theyll be back ” he said and laughed.

”Im happy what about you? ” she asks as she walked out of the bathroom.

”You say? ” he asks and made an ugly face.

”Whats with that look you are giving me this morning? ” she asks and folded her arms.

”What look? ” he asked and grinned.

”Like you don want them to come back home ” she replies and grinned back at him

”Uhhh ” he shrugs.

”What? ”

”Nothing ”

”You still haven given me a reply ” she reminded.

”Reply on what? ” he asks and furrowed his eyebrows.

”Why you are not happy the family will be back ” she replies and walks up to him.

”Who says Im not happy theyll be back soon? ” she asks and leans closer to him.

”The way you act tells it all ” she replies.

”No dear. Im happy theyll be back, the look was just a normal thing. Ive missed them so much ” he says and hugs her.

”Ive also miss them ” she says and hugs him back.

”You have to prepare and go to school, Ill go prepare lunch ” he says and brakes the hug.

”Okay sure Ill be out in a few minutes ” she says and winks at him. He walks out of the room with a nod.

Few minutes later, she was out of the bedroom into the kitchen.

”Leighton?! ”.She called hurriedly as she searches for him in the kitchen. He was there, standing in front of the gas cooker.

”You looking for me? ” he asks as he looks at her.

”Yes. I think Ill be late for the registration if I should stay for breakfast, so maybe when I come back Ill eat mine ” she explains.

”Ok then, don be long ” he said and they kissed passionately.

”I have to go now ” she says and breaks the kiss, then walks out of the room.

Minutes later,

Leighton was sitting in the living room when he hears a knock. He quickly stands up and hurries to open it, there he found Eva smiling at him.

”Good morning handsome, I hope I didn disturb your sleep? ” she asks in her tiny voice.

”No you didn ” he replies and opens the door wider. ”Please come in ” he says.

”Are you sure? Cause I don want into a fight withthat little girlfriend of yours ”

”She went to school ” he replies and ushers her into the apartment. She walks in with a sigh, then sat on a couch.

”We have to be fast cause there are other people that will be coming for the registration, you know the school is not a a small school. So please sign these forms ” Eva said and gave hi the forms she was holding.

He collects them one after the other and signs them, when he was done he gave her back the form. She stood up to leave but he stopped her.

”Join me for breakfast, theres no better way I can appreciate you for your help, so please join me for breakfast ” he pleaded and she laughed.

”I have not taken breakfast, and its so nice of you. Ill join you for breakfast, so lets go ” she replies. They both headed towards the dining room.

Few minutes later,

”Thank you for the food Leighton, your are such a great cook ” she said and smiles at him.

”Ive always been and would always be ” he boasted and they both laughed.

”Wheres the restroom I need to urinate ” Eva suddenly asked.

”Youll have to use my room, I hope you don mind? ” he asked.

”I don mind, please take me to your room Else Ill pee on my body ” she said. He took her to his room and she quickly went into his bathroom. She was out of the bathroom seconds later.

”Are you okay now? ” he asks as she comes out of the bathroom.

”Yes I am ” she replies and smiles at him.

”So lets go ” he says, she was about to pick her bag up from the bed when her heels suddenly broke. She fell on Leighton making him fall on the bed.

”Im sorry my heel broke ” she said and was about to stand up when the door opened.

”Leighton? ” Mary called and came inside the room, seeing Eva on top of Leighton broke her heart, she looks at them with tears in her eyes.

”Its not what you think Mary ” Eva said and quickly stood up.

”Don get the wrong idea ” Leighton said and tried to reach out to her but she walked backwards.

”Don you dare come closer to me Leighton ” she replies and cleaned her tears.

”Mary please let me explain ” he said.

”Its over between us Leighton, whatever we shared together…… please forget about it. Youve always wanted Eva from the start, so now you are free to have her. It won pain me because Im leaving home tomorrow. ” she said and walked out of the room.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Teaching Hospital of the university,

Mary cleans her tears as she remembers the times she shared with Leighton. She looks at his face for a long time and sighs. She hears a knock from the door.

”Come in, the door is opened ” she says and the door opened she didn turn to look at the person that had entered.

”Hello, good morning ” She hears a familiar voice and was filled with rage. She stood up from her seat and turned sharply , facing Eva. Mary glared at her angrily and Eva glared back at her.

”Eva, you again ” Mary says and eyes Eva scornfully. Eva folded her arms and rolled her eyes.

”Yes its me ”. Eva replied with a smirk on her face.

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